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How to Fix Sky When The Sound is Not Working

How to Fix Sky When The Sound is Not Working

Nothing can put a damper on your evening more than sound issues.

Outdated software, incorrect digital output settings, and faulty hardware are all common causes for the sound not to work on your Sky box. Ensure that your volume is switched up, the software is up to date and the hardware is functioning correctly.

Let’s explore how to fix these common sound problems with your Sky TV.

Is the sound working on your live TV networks?

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Most importantly, it would be best to diagnose what kind of issues you are having with Sky. Let’s start by analyzing live TV network audio issues.

  • Check the volume
    • If your volume is up, then check your cable connections.
  • Ensure you are using the latest software
    • Using your Sky Q remote, press Home > Settings > System info
    • Check the Hardware Version and Software Version
    • If you need to update, complete the software download.
    • Using your Sky Q remote, press Home > Settings > System info
    • Choose the correct Software version > Setup
    • Select Software Download > you should then see Software update in progress
    • Important note: Do not turn off your Sky Q Box during this download.
    • To complete installation, press standby on your Sky Q remote.
    • Follow the instructions on your home screen.
  • Check your digital output settings
    • Using your Sky Q remote, press Home > Settings > Setup
    • Choose Audio Visual > Digital audio output HDMI and ensure it’s on Normal.
    • Try Dolby Digital first, then Dolby Digital Plus.
  • Make sure your speaker systems are working properly
    • Check the power on your soundbar or home cinema system
    • Try disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI cable from your speaker system.
  • Try using your Sky box on another TV
    • If your Sky box works with another system, it’s likely your TV.
  • Restart your Sky box
    • Using your Sky remote, press Standby, then switch off or unplug the Sky Box at the device.
    • Make sure that all lights are off on the Sky Box
    • Plug in or turn the Sky Box back on at the device.
    • Using your Sky remote, press Home.

Do your TV recordings have sound?

Unfortunately, Sky recordings that do not playback successfully you cannot fix. You will need to delete these files permanently from your hard disk drive. Do this by:

  • Using your Sky remote, press Home > Recordings
  • Choose the recording you wish to delete, then select Delete
  • Scroll down to Manage > Deleted > highlight the recording you want to delete permanently.
  • Select Delete forever

Consequently, this recording will not be recoverable. If your recordings are still suffering sound issues, you might want to reset the hard drive. This will permanently delete all recordings, downloads, and series links. You can restore your purchases from the Sky store. Follow these steps to reset the hard drive:

  • Using your Sky remote, press Home > Settings > press 0, 0, 1 and Select.
  • Press Reset > Reset hard drive
  • You should receive a warning message that all recordings will be deleted.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, then press Standby on the front of your Sky box.

As a result, your hard disk drive will be clear. You will also notice that your remote pairings and audio/visual settings will be reset. If you are still experiencing sound issues, answer these questions.

Why Does My Sky Q Box Keep Losing Internet Connection?

Is the sound out of sync?

If your sound is not working correctly with the visuals, try using a direct connection. Disconnect your sound system. Connect an HDMI cable to your Sky box. If your sound begins to work, the problem is with your good system.

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Final Words

To summarize, most Sky sound issues have an easy fix. Following the first set of steps can even help with distorted sounds or problems with your sound system. Hopefully, these tactics have you back to watching your favorite programming or recordings in no time.

However, if you are still experiencing issues with your Sky TV, read through our tutorial on fixing common Sky TV issues.


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