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Spotify Error Code 50: Unable To Install The Spotify App?

Spotify Error Code 50: Unable To Install The Spotify App?

Spotify is a popular digital music streaming app that gives you instant access to a huge library of songs. Spotify errors like error code 50 can occur when installing the Spotify app on your windows computer.

The error is a result of the Spotify installer failing to install the core files to your computer. Consequently, the installation process is interrupted.

From disabling your firewall to downloading the application in a different internet browser, thankfully there are several solutions to this issue. Continue reading as we share some quick and easy methods to fix the Spotify error code 50.

What causes Spotify Error Code 50?

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The Spotify error code 50 message usually occurs when an antivirus program on your machine interferes with the download. Disable your firewall/antivirus, restart your computer, and then try redownloading the app.

If you are still encountering issues then you can try the troubleshooting methods below:

Disable your firewall

If you have an antivirus installed onto your computer, sometimes this can prevent you from downloading Spotify to your windows PC.

Instead of uninstalling the antivirus, you will first want to try and temporarily disable the security features of your antivirus software. Make sure the firewall is turned OFF and all other security settings are disabled.

Although not recommended, you could even try uninstalling the antivirus if the issue persists.

Download the installer manually

The default Spotify installer is just a basic installer that downloads the essential files it needs, which could be where the problem lies.

A great solution is to download the full installer to fix the problem.

Use a different internet browser

Internet browsers like Google Chrome are prone to numerous functionality issues such as downloading files.

If Spotify error code 50 persists, try downloading the app using a different internet browser.

For suggestions on which internet browser to use you can read a detailed guide here.

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Spotify Error Code 50: The Conclusion

Hopefully, by following the aforementioned steps you are now able to download Spotify onto your windows computer. 

In summary, here are the solutions you can try:

  • Disable your antivirus/firewall
  • Try downloading the installer manually
  • Use a different internet browser

If you are still facing issues then we recommend contacting the Spotify support team here.

The support team will aim to get back to you within 72 hours.


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