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How To Fix The TikTok 0 Views Bug: 8 Simple Steps

How To Fix The TikTok 0 Views Bug: 8 Simple Steps

Learning how to fix the TikTok 0 views problem has become an issue everyone on the app seeks to resolve.

After downloading the TikTok app and hoping to begin your journey of making the videos you’ve long desired, you discover your content has zero views. This can be frustrating, you know? We know. And that’s what this article is here to help you fix.

There are a number of reasons you may have zero views on your TikTok videos despite the painstaking efforts you’ve put into making yourself and others happy. Engagement is the spice of social media and that’s what solidifies your presence. We know that too. Let’s get down to helping you fix this problem and reveal why you may have faced it.

Why does my TikTok have 0 views?

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  • Copycats – Note that TikTok doesn’t appreciate copycats in content creation. If you’re uploading a video that was created by someone else and has gone viral, Tiktok will not acknowledge your video upload and it will appear to have zero views. You may have experienced this and be wondering what? This is why. If you made the content yourself and you still have the zero views problem.
  • New account – Your TikTok account is fresh and is yet to see you watch different videos and hit the like button. Tiktok loves engagement and you have to be involved to be seen too. You should also add more details to your bio on the app.
  • Stringent Algorithms – TikTok has faced many battles in the past, notably in India and China on the types of content it allows to fly. Through the years, the company has learned to set stringent algorithms that prevent bad content from getting any views. Check your content out for quality, it may be why you have zero views. Avoid videos showing obscene images.
  • Duplication of accounts – you have zero views because you’re using more than one account on your mobile device. TikTok has more than 3 billion signups but wants to be sure it’s dealing with humans. When it’s not sure, your content may have zero views.
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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash
  • Absence of a niche to fly your account with – whatever you love on TikTok has to be clearly defined. Picking a niche is as good as the content and the engagement you get. There are loads of them to select from ranging from sports to music, animals, tech, comedy, food, beauty and style, gaming, and DIY. When TikTok is confused about what you want to achieve, you may never have the view you seek. Stick to a niche for an account.
  • Sometimes, it keeps you under review – TikTok could be checking the pros and cons of your content in order to know if approval will hurt its brand or not. There are many videos that contravene the company’s rules and regulations including some political or religious biased content. When your post is under review, you will have zero views until it’s approved to the public. That’s when it’s certain your content is safe for the public and won’t land it before panels. 
  • TikTok’s Five videos formula – TikTok is believed to generate engagement and impressions by the first five videos posted. Do you see why you need to hit the ground running if you don’t want to have a backlog of content with 0 views?
  • Absence of Storytelling – To fix TikTok 0 views problems, you need to tell good stories. Your lack of engagement and views may be a result of your inability to tell stories that will keep viewers watching, liking, and sharing. 
  • VPNs – Appearing to be where you’re not is difficult on TikTok. Watch the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as TikTok may flag your posts off and will reduce your impressions. Changing VPNs on TikTok may take you from thousands of views to 0. If you need a presence in another country, you should try to remove your sim card or try to open an account on a new phone.
  • Inadequate completion rate – when you have good completion rates, TikTok automatically puts your videos up on others’ timelines. It’s possible to have your content completed twice and that’ll give you a 200% completion rate. 

How To Fix TikTok 0 Views Problems 

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Fixing TikTok 0 views problems is pretty much a reversal of the reasons you don’t have views at all. Just stay on course and follow these guidelines;

  • Watch videos and engage on your new account before posting your content. 
  • Be sure of the kind of content you’re posting. TikTok frowns at profanity or content that promotes vulgarity. 
  • If you want to have two TikTok accounts, you’ll need two phones. Stick to one account, one phone so TikTok doesn’t cut your views or fail to put you in the sight of other users. 
  • Don’t be a copycat on TikTok, post content that is original and made by you. This helps you rack better views, and helps your engagement and reach also. 
  • TikTok doesn’t want your nudes. Nudity is frowned at on TikTok and coming from its years of battles with some governments, you’ll understand where that’s coming from. Keep your posts simple and avoid being limited in your views. 
  • Avoid posting content showing violence or graphical images that are not acceptable to all. 
  • If your TikTok 0 views issue persists, delete the app and create a new account. You’ve probably done what TikTok frowns at and need to start on a fresh note. 

When your TikTok account doesn’t come up with any view after you upload content, you can always look back at the solutions above. They can help you with how to fix TikTok 0 views problems.


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