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Xbox One Flickering Black Screen: 4 Reasons + Fixes

Xbox One Flickering Black Screen: 4 Reasons + Fixes

Are you trying to make use of an installed streaming app but your Xbox One has a flickering Black screen?

The Xbox One flickering screen problem can be caused by four different issues, which are:

  1. The X Box One HDMI is not working (Fix – replace the cable)
  2. A faulty X Box One update (Fix – perform a power reset)
  3. A connected TV issue (Fix – check connection)
  4. Your X Box One resolution is not supported (Fix – check image display settings)

In this post, I’ll go through these four issues, so you can troubleshoot what is causing the problem for you. There are easy fixes to all these issues.

Why Does my Xbox One Keep Flickering?

man holding xbox controllers
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Your Xbox One will display a flickering black screen if the color depth setting on your console has been set incorrectly. The color depth can be configured in the video output settings section of your Xbox One. If this is set at a depth that is not compatible with your screen display, your image will flicker.

Along with the depth setting being incorrect, your Xbox One will incur a display glitch for any one of the following reasons;

Reason 1. Xbox One HDMI Not Working

If the HDMI cable that connects your Xbox One to your TV is faulty, this can cause the flickering Black screen.

A damaged port will also stop your HDMI cable from transmitting the required information needed to display a clear image.

Reason 2. Faulty Xbox One Update

If you have recently encountered a software update that was automatically completed on your console, it may have experienced interference during the download phase.

An unsuccessful download can create corrupted files stored on your Xbox One console and cause issues like the flickering Xbox Black screen of death.

Reason 3. Connected TV issue

The TV you have connected your Xbox One console to may be having issues with its display. This can be from a hardware issue or an incorrect image setting.

Your TV and Xbox One may have incurred an incompatibility error. This will transpire if there has been a software change on one of the devices, or your Xbox or TV’s operating system has malfunctioned.

Reason 4. Xbox One Resolution Not Supported

The current resolution setting on your Xbox One may be set incorrectly. This will interfere with how well the image is displayed on your TV screen.

It may be set too high for your TV to support, which is why your Xbox One is experiencing a flickering blank screen.

How to Fix Flickering Black Screen on Xbox One

Xbox One flickering Black screen

You can stop your Xbox One from showing a flickering Black screen by changing the color depth setting from 12 to 10. This can be amended by accessing the settings section on your Xbox One. Select ‘Display and Sound’ followed by ‘Video Output’. Here you should be able to choose ‘Colour Depth’ and change it to 10. 

To summarise the steps you need to take to change the color depth; Settings > Display and Sound > Video Output > Colour Depth > 10.

Other solutions you can execute to fix the Xbox One display glitch are as follows;

Fix 1. Check Xbox HDMI cable

You may need to replace your HDMI cable if it is damaged or faulty.

Check to see if the HDMI is working by testing it on a different device (if you can). Swap to a different port to make sure that’s not what is causing the flickering Black screen on your console.

Fix 2. Xbox One Power Reset

If you complete a power cycle on your Xbox One, it will eradicate any faulty files that may be downloaded onto your console from a faulty update.

Corrupted software can also transpire from any application or program you have installed onto your Xbox One.

How to perform a power reset on Xbox One:

Step 1. Switch your Xbox off by holding down on the Xbox button

Step 2. Remove the console’s power cable from its plug for a minimum of ten seconds

Step 3. Return your Xbox One to its plug point and turn it on

Relaunch a game or streaming app to see if you are still seeing the Xbox One Black screen intermittently.

Note, it has been reported by Xbox One users that they experienced a flickering Black screen specifically when they were trying to make use of one of the streaming apps installed on their Xbox. Try playing Netflix or any other online video app you may have.

Fix 3. Check connected TV

Make sure the TV that your Xbox One is connected to is configured correctly and compatible with your console.

Check to see that your TV is updated to its latest operating system to ensure it can accept your Xbox One.

The image settings on your TV should also be set to a standard level to ensure it will function effectively.

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Fix 4. Confirm Xbox One Resolution Settings

The resolution setting on your Xbox One may be set too high for your TV. This could be set at 4K when it should be changed to 1080p.

Along with the resolution settings needing to be checked, make sure the image display settings on your TV match your Xbox One to ensure the devices can work simultaneously.

Why is My Xbox Blinking White?

xbox console

Your Xbox One console will be blinking White when it is turned off because it is in the process of completing a service update or downloading an additional dashboard. If you do not want your Xbox One to complete updates after it has been switched off, you can, however, disable this feature.

How to turn off offline downloads Xbox One:

Step 1. Launch the Xbox One settings

Step 2. Choose ‘Power and Startup’

Step 3. Disable ‘Instant On Power Mode’

Please note, if this is turned off, you will have to leave your Xbox One powered on to complete any game downloads.

Xbox One Green Flickering Screen

Green Microsoft gaming console

Your Xbox One will have a green flickering screen if there has been a system issue with your console.  A system issue can occur if there was a faulty update, or your console lost power while you were active. A system issue on your Xbox One can create corrupted software that in turn, cause your Xbox One to be stuck with a Green screen.

Another reason why you may be seeing a flickering or solid green screen is if there has been a communication error with your Xbox One and Microsoft.

How do you Fix Green Screen on Xbox One?

You can get rid of the Green flickering screen on your Xbox One by actioning one, or both of the following solutions;

  • Reset your Xbox One
  • Complete an offline update

It’s also recommended to check the server status of Xbox Live. If Xbox Live is down, this may be the reason why you are experiencing the Xbox One flickering Green or Black screen.


With this straightforward guide, we hope you were able to follow through each section without any confusion, and that you now understand why your Xbox One was experiencing a display glitch when you were trying to make use of your gaming console.

If you have tried all four fixes, and your Microsoft device is still showing you a pulsing Black screen, we suggest that you contact Xbox support directly.


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