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4 Reasons Why Your Vodafone Router Keeps Disconnecting

4 Reasons Why Your Vodafone Router Keeps Disconnecting

If you are wondering why your Vodafone router keeps disconnecting, we have a range of advice to connect you to the world quickly.

If the power light on your router is steadily shining red, you will soon notice your Vodafone router keeps disconnecting from the internet (it never takes anyone too long to be aware, nowadays).

Although, if the Vodafone router keeps disconnecting, and the power light on the Vodafone Wi-Fi hub is slowly blinking red, the system is in the process of an update that could automatically fix the connection error – patience is a virtue.

Why Does My Vodafone Router Keep Disconnecting?

Vodafone Router Keeps Disconnecting

The steady red power light on the Vodafone Wi-Fi hub can cause disconnection issues for numerous reasons. Although, the error most commonly occurs when the router’s set up for the first time.

It’s essential to know the red power light always shines when turning the router on. So, the issue regards the amount of time it shines and whether or not it’s lit a steady red or blinks red.

If you have recently moved house or are new to Vodafone, patience is essential; the new internet device can take up to three days to adjust into a steady connection. The system will likely keep disconnecting during this time, taking a while to update itself with the new line and connect to the best speed.

Follow these straightforward steps if the power light shows solid red for more than three days, or if in dire need of an internet connection sooner rather than later:

Ensure Vodafone Wi-Fi is Set Up Correctly

If your Vodafone router keeps disconnecting, perhaps you didn’t set up your router properly. Here are 10 tips to quickly and efficiently set up your router:

  • Find your master socket, likely positioned at the front of your home. 
  • Place your Wi-Fi hub near the master socket and a mains power socket.
  • If your master socket has one port, plug the micro-filter into the master socket.
  • However, if your master socket has two ports, directly plug your internet cable into the master socket. 
  • Attach the end of your internet cable to the red internet port found on the back of the Vodafone Wi-Fi hub. 
  • Connect the power by putting the black cord into the power hole on the back of the device. 
  • Switch on your Wi-Fi hub by pressing the on/off button and on the device’s back. 
  • Keep your hub running throughout the day and connect on the day of activation. 
  • Wait until at least midnight to attempt to use the internet device before panicking. 
  • If your Wi-Fi devices power light and Wi-Fi light shines bright white – hurrah – you are connected to the internet.

Check Your User Information

Nevertheless, if your Vodafone router keeps disconnecting, you may be typing the wrong information into the device wanting to connect. Assuming you haven’t changed the hub’s security details, you can find the username and password at the bottom of the device.

To change your security details to something more memorable and secure, open your Vodafone Broadband app and click Wi-Fi > Settings > Network Name > Password.

If your Vodafone app isn’t working properly, click here for extra support.

Vodafone Router Keeps Disconnecting

Restart Your Device

If connection issues are ongoing, it’s time to unplug your router. First, unplug the power cable from the electricity socket and leave it unplugged for at least 5 minutes to eliminate any residual static electricity. Then, wait until the router boots up before checking whether or not the red light is still showing.

The issue is likely to be fixed; however, the router is ready for a factory reset if it is not.

Factory Reset Your Hub

Factory resetting your Vodafone Wi-Fi hub is the last option you want to take. The time-consuming process will put the device back into its default settings. Therefore, you will need to change the network name, wireless password, guest network, and parental controls for the second time.

However, if your Vodafone router keeps disconnecting, follow these simple steps:

  • First, poke a paper clip or the back of an earring in the RESET hole (a hidden button found at the back of the router).
  • Hold your chosen object in the hole for a few seconds and wait for the device’s lights to turn on and off.
  • Release the button for the device to automatically reset itself into factory settings.
  • Check the device for a steady internet signal. If the power and Wi-Fi lights show a steady white light, you finally have a stable connection!
Vodafone Router Keeps Disconnecting


Various reasons can cause your Vodafone Wi-Fi hub not to work efficiently. Issues typically occur when setting up the device wrongly, inputting the wrong security details, the Wi-Fi box needs to reboot, or a factory reset is in demand.

If the above advice doesn’t help, it’s time to contact Vodafone support services. The team members can guide you through all troubleshooting issues and may send a technician to your home address for further support.


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