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Why Does TikTok Zoom In My Videos? 5 Reasons + 8 Fixes

Why Does TikTok Zoom In My Videos? 5 Reasons + 8 Fixes

Many users think that TikTok app automatically zooms in on their videos on an Android or iOS device. Understandably, this can leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed. Luckily, though, this is not strictly the case.

If TikTok is zooming in on your videos, this happens when you upload content not adherent to TikTok specifications. To avoid this, open any third-party video editing app to set the video resolution to 1080 with a 30fps frame rate before uploading on TikTok. If the problem persists, disable the “Allow High-Quality Uploads” settings in the TikTok app. 

There are actually 5 main reasons why Tiktok zooms into your videos, and 8 simple fixes.

In this article, I’ll go through these one at a time, so you can troubleshoot what is causing your issue, and most importantly – fix it!

Why does TikTok zoom in on my videos?

Why does TikTok zoom in on my videos?

Below are some reasons why TikTok is zooming in on your videos and reducing their quality while posting them on the app.

1. Unsupported Video Specifications

TikTok has specific requirements for video size and resolution, such as:

  • The aspect ratio should be 9:16 or 1:1.
  • Use of 1080 x 1920 pixels video resolution with 30fps format.
  • The video should be in MP4 or MP4 format. 
  • The clip size should not exceed 287.6MB for iOS and 72MB for Android devices.

If your content does not follow these requirements and has a higher or lower aspect ratio and resolution, TikTok will crop your videos or zoom them to match its standard specifications. 

2. Zoom In Effect

TikTok offers different templates and effects to help you edit the video without using any third-party apps or tools.

For instance, you can use the “zoom in” effect to create a sense of suspense or the “zoom out” to show a wider view of your surroundings.

Therefore, you might have unintentionally applied a zoom-in effect on your videos while editing them.

3. Technical Glitches

Another possibility is that the TikTok app is experiencing minor technical glitches or issues. Due to this, the app is not working optimally, resulting in zooming in your videos. 

4. HD Option is Enabled on TikTok

If you’ve enabled the HD option in TikTok, the app tries to process the content to improve quality and adjust its resolution to its standard specifications.

When this happens, it sometimes causes the app to zoom in on your videos. 

5. Outdated App

An outdated version of the TikTok app may not be compatible with the latest video specifications or features. In such cases, the app might zoom in on your videos to adjust them to its default settings. 

How do I stop TikTok from zooming in?

How do I stop TikTok from zooming in

To stop TikTok from zooming in on your videos and ruining the viewing experience for your followers, try the following 8 solutions.

1. Restart the Device

The first solution is to restart your iOS or Android device to remove any minor technical glitches causing TikTok to zoom in on your videos. Here’s how:


  • Press “Power” and “Volume Down” and wait for the slider to appear.
  • Drag the power off slider until your iOS device’s screen turns black.
  • Wait a few seconds to refresh the settings and processes.
  • Press the “Power” button to restart your device and see if this resolves the issue.


  • Press “Power.”
  • Tap “Restart.”
  • Once your device restarts, try uploading a video on TikTok to check if it still zooms in.  

2. Upload Video in Supported TikTok Specifications

Before uploading the video to TikTok, change its resolution to 1080 x 1920 pixels with a 9:16 aspect ratio using any third-party app to prevent auto zoom-in. To do this:

  • Install and open “CapCut.”
  • Tap “New Project.”
  • Select the video clip and tap “Add.”
  • After editing the video, tap “1080.”
  • Set the resolution to 1080 and the frame rate to 30fps.
  • Tap “Export” and try posting the video to TikTok to verify the fix.

Disable the Zoom In Effect 

If you’ve applied Zoom in effect on your video while editing it on TikTok, try changing it with these steps:

  • Open TikTok.”
  • Tap “Me/Profile.”
  • Select the drafted video.
  • Tap “Effect.”
  • Tap “Delete.”
disabling zooming effect in TikTok
  • Select “Save” and see if your video is still zooming in.

NOTE: This method only works for the drafted videos on TikTok. If you’ve already uploaded the video, the only solution is to delete and re-upload it without adding the zoom-in effect. 

Disable HD Settings

Some users have reported that when they disable the HD settings on their video, TikTok no longer zooms it in. To do this:

  • Open TikTok.”
  • Tap the “Plus” icon.
  • Tap “Upload.” 
  • Choose the video to upload and tap “Next.”
  • Tap “Next” again.
  • Tap “More Options.”
  • Toggle off “Allow High-Quality Uploads” and verify the fix.

Upload Video Through PC

You can also try uploading your content through the TikTok web version to avoid getting your videos zoomed in. For this:

  • Open a browser and head to the TikTok website.
  • Sign in and click “Upload.”
  • Drag and drop your video or click “Select Files.”
  • Choose the video and click “Open.”
  • Add the details and click “Post.”

Update the App

Another solution is to update TikTok on your device to resolve compatibility issues and install the latest features and patches to address the video zooming problem. To do this:

  • Open Play Store/ App Store.
  • Search for “TikTok.”
  • Tap “Update.”
  • Launch the Tiktok app and see if the zoom-in issue is resolved now.

Reinstall the TikTok App

If TikTok is still zooming in your videos after uploading them, reinstall the app to remove all the corrupt data files, causing it to glitch. 

  • Tap and hold the “TikTok” app.
  • Select “Uninstall.”
  • Tap “OK/Uninstall.”
  • Open “Play Store/App Store.”
  • Search for “TikTok.”
  • Tap “Install” or “Get.”

Launch the app, sign in, and TikTok won’t reduce the quality of your videos or zoom them in now.

Report the Issue to TikTok Support

If all else fails, contact the TikTok Support team through the app and report the issue to them for a conclusive fix.

  • Open “TikTok.”
  • Tap “Profile/Me.”
  • Go to “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Tap “Report a Problem.”
  • Tap “Submit a Report.”
  • Add the details of your issue on the given field, upload media, and tap “Submit.”
reporting issue to TikTok support


In this article, we’ve discussed why does TikTok zoom in on your video and how you can quickly resolve this frustrating issue. 

Hopefully, with these fixes, you can now create and share your content on TikTok without any unwanted effects. 


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