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How To Stop Tiktok From Reducing Quality (Fix)

How To Stop Tiktok From Reducing Quality (Fix)

Do you want to stop TikTok from drastically reducing the quality of your videos or audio when you post them on the platform?

In this article, we’ll explore the step-by-step instructions to get this done in no time so you can post exceptional content on the app.

How to stop TikTok from reducing video quality?

Disable Data Saver or Low Data Mode

  • Open TikTok.”
  • Tap “Me/Profile”
  • Go to “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Select “Data Saver.”
  • Toggle the button next to “Data Saver” to the Off position.

You can also disable the Low Data or Data Saver Mode on your Android or iOS device to let TikTok utilize enough data to upload quality content. To do this:


  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap “Cellular.”
  • Select “Cellular Data Option.”
  • Tap “Data Mode.”
  • Select “Allow More Data on 5G” or “Standard” instead of “Low Data Mode.”


  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap “Connections.”
  • Tap “Data Usage.”
  • Toggle off “Data Saver.”

Capture Video with TikTok-Supported Specifications

TikTok has specified the clip’s size, codec type, and format to ensure it is uploaded in high resolution. But if your content is captured with unsupported specifications, the app will automatically change its quality. 

So, make sure your clip fulfills these requirements before posting it on the platform.

  • Upload clip in 250MB size for iOS and 75MB for Android.
  • Try to shoot the video in MP4 or MOV using H.264 container format.
  • Use a 9:16 or 1080 x 1920p vertical aspect ratio.
  • Use a 30FPS frame rate for standard video quality without facing blur.

Once your video is in the recommended format, size, and resolution, TikTok won’t crop your videos and cause this annoyance.

Enable HD Settings in TikTok

  • Open TikTok.
  • Tap the “Plus” icon.
  • Tap “Upload.”
  • Select the video you want to post and tap “Next.”
  • Tap “Next” again after editing the video.
  • Tap “More Options.”
  • Toggle on the switch next to “Allow High-Quality Uploads.”
  • Now, when you post the video on TikTok, hopefully, the problem won’t persist.

Troubleshoot the Internet Connection

  • Move your device closer to the router/modem.
  • Restart your router/modem to refresh the connection
  • Close all the background apps or downloads on your device to free up bandwidth for TikTok.
  • Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi connection or switch to mobile data.

NOTE: You can also reset your router to the default settings, which can resolve internet speed issues causing the reduction in the video quality.

Record Videos in 1080p Resolution

You might be recording the video in low resolution, due to which its resolution suffers after posting on the platform.

Try recording your content in 1080p resolution for better results to ensure crisp and appealing visuals.

Furthermore, use the rear camera as it typically has a higher resolution and better lens, guaranteeing the desired HD quality. 

Use TikTok in Web Browser to Upload Video 

  • Open TikTokwebsite. 
  • Click “Log In.”
  • Sign in using the QR code, email, or phone number. 
  • Click “Upload.”
  • Click “Select File” or drag and drop it.
  • Add a caption, do the rest of the settings, and click “Post.”

INFO: Limited storage space and RAM on your device can also affect the resolution of your TikTok videos.

Clear TikTok Cache Data

Sometimes, corrupt app cache data can also cause temporary glitches, affecting the video resolution after upload.

To fix this, clear the TikTok cache data with these steps:

TikTok App:

  • Open “TikTok.”
  • Tap “Me/Profile.”
  • Go to “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Tap “Free Up Space.”
  • Tap “Clear” next to Cache.

If you use TikTok Lite, tap “Clear Cache” under “Settings and Privacy.”


  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap “Apps.”
  • Tap “All Apps.”
  • Select “TikTok.”
  • Tap “Storage.”
  • Tap “Clear Cache.”


  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap “General.”
  • Tap “iPhone Storage.”
  • Select “TikTok.”
  • Tap “Offload App.”
  • Tap “Offload App” again.

NOTE: Clearing cache data won’t remove drafts or reset settings on your TikTok account.

Don’t Edit Videos on TikTok

Although you can edit videos on the app, it often changes their resolution, resulting in blurry clips. To avoid this, edit your videos with third-party apps like “CapCut” before uploading them.

  • Install and launch CapCut.
  • Tap “New Project.”
  • Select the video clip you want to edit and tap “Add.”
  • Now, edit your video to add effects, themes, or audio, and tap “1080.”
  • Adjust the video resolution to 1080, frame rate to 30fps, and code rate to “Recommended.”
  • Click “Export” to download your video, post it to your TikTok account, and see if the issue persists.

How do I stop TikTok from ruining audio quality?

  • Open “TikTok.”
  • Tap the “Plus” button.
  • Tap “Upload.”
  • Select the video you want to post.
  • Tap “Noise Reducer” to disable the settings.
  • Now, tap “Next” to post your video and see if this resolves the TikTok audio quality issues.


In this article, we’ll explore how to stop TikTok from reducing the quality of your uploaded video and audio in the background. 

Hopefully, with these fixes, you can now post high-quality content on TikTok to get more engagement and attention from your followers. 


  • Tauqeer Ahmed

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