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Why Am I Banned From TikTok Live? A Guide To Lifting The Ban

Why Am I Banned From TikTok Live? A Guide To Lifting The Ban

If you have been banned on TikTok from doing live broadcasting, you may have overstepped their guidelines.

The platform has very firm regulations regarding going live on the app, which can sometimes result in banning creators for no apparent reason.

As long as you are over 16 and have the minimum number of followers (1000), you should be able to go live without any interference.

Depending on what was in your live video, there can be other reasons for the ban, such as:

  • Your live streaming contained underage content and did not comply with the minimum age limit.
  • There were threatening practices in your broadcasts (e.g., illegal substances).
  • You involved arguable topics that could create animosity between viewers.
  • Plagiarised content.
  • Excessive profanity during a live stream.
  • A viewer reported your broadcast maliciously for breaching the guidelines
  • TikTok staff have moderated incorrectly
  • A young child entered your livestream
  • TikTok’s algorithm incorrectly flagged your content

Being able to broadcast as a creator is vital, as this is how you engage with your followers. That is why we’ll assist you in getting your TikTok account back as quickly as possible.

Is TikTok ban temporary or permanent?

There are two types of bans you can encounter when creating live content on TikTok.

Temporary ban:

This ban is not indefinite and can range from one day to two weeks.

The app will show a ‘Livestream Restrictions’ part that will confirm how many days you have been banned. Once this ban lifts, you will be able to carry on as normal.

Permanent ban:

A permanent ban won’t lift after a couple of days, and you will not be able to go back to live broadcasting unless you appeal it and get the approval.

In the ‘Livestream Restrictions,’ it will state ‘Permanently banned from live streaming’

How can I recover my banned TikTok?

In case of a temporary ban,

  • You can wait for the set amount of days
  • Email TikTok
  • Submit a feedback form
  • Advise there was a problem by sending a report through the app

For a permanent ban,

  • Send an email
  • Send through a feedback form
  • Use the app to report an issue

Keep in mind that if you contact TikTok, you will need to plead your case and provide as much information as possible.

TikTok email addresses:


TIP: Email both the legal and info addresses first before proceeding to the remaining email addresses.

You can also submit the feedback form. Alternatively, you can report your problem via the TikTok app with these steps:

  • Go onto the TikTok app
  • Select the ‘Profile’ option and click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top
  • Under ‘Support’ click on ‘Report a problem’
  • Find ‘LIVE’ under ‘Topics’
  • Below ‘Hosting LIVE,’ click on ‘LIVE is suspended’
  • Once this has loaded, select ‘No’ and then ‘Need more help’
  • You can now explain your ban issue fully and then submit it by clicking on ‘Report’

Note: It can take a few days to a couple of weeks for the reply due to the number of cases Tiktok receives on a daily basis.

What is shadowbanned on Tiktok?

Being ‘Shadowbanned’ on TikTok means that a creator’s content will not appear on the ‘For You’ page of TikTok, and the number of views on your video will drop drastically.

The reasons for this kind of ban are as follows:

Your account is coming across as robot-like

If you are following a lot of accounts on TikTok in a short space of time to try and gain more followers, the platform will see this as ‘spam behavior. Anything that is not original can hinder your content from showing on TikTok’s main page.

You are posting ill-suited material

If you post videos or do live broadcasts that may go against TikTok’s company guidelines, they will minimize the number of viewers your content can reach. TikTok does not want others to see your content if it attracts negative feedback.

How long does shadowbanning last on Tiktok?

Being shadowbanned on TikTok is a temporary mishap and does not last longer than two weeks.

It is vital, however, to remove any content you may have that may come across as unsuitable, and if you are attempting to follow a high number of creators a day, to cut this down so as to not come across as a spam account.


With content creators using TikTok as their full-time career, it is vital that they are able to broadcast live. This is how creators receive gifts from their viewers, which they can later turn into funds.

TikTok is available worldwide, and with users of all ages, you can expect It will have some serious rules and regulations in place.

We hope this guide has helped you understand why you are banned from TikTok live and provided you with the necessary information to plead your case if necessary.


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