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TikTok Won’t Let You Follow Anyone? 4 Reasons + Fixes

TikTok Won’t Let You Follow Anyone? 4 Reasons + Fixes

Having problems with TikTok suddenly not letting you follow anyone?

In this post, I’ll go through various reasons for this issue so you can troubleshoot why this is happening to you. Then there is a simple fix for each one – so have a go of that!

Reason 1 – You Have Exceeded The Following Limit on TikTok

You may have exceeded the minimum follow limit on TikTok, which is preventing you from following anyone new. TikTok has not exactly mentioned the following limit on their terms and conditions.

However, the general rule of thumb is that you follow no more than 30 users per hour.

You can test on your own to know the following limit on your TikTok account. To do this:

  • Keep following users until you get the “You are following too fast” error
  • Wait for one minute and then try to follow someone again
  • Repeat the above step until the error disappears
  • Now keep following more users and count them as well until you get the error again
  • That total count is your follow limit on your account

TikTok is constantly trying to reduce spam and bots on its app. Therefore, if you try to follow other users too fast, it will consider you a bot and temporarily block you from following them.

You might be implementing a strategy to get more followers in return by sending follow requests way too fast. This strategy often ends in TikTok limiting your followers.

However, if you receive the error, you can log out and then log back into your account and change your password. This method will help TikTok know that you are not a bot.

Alternatively, if you have reached your follow limit, you have to unfollow some people to be able to follow anyone again.

What To Do If You Didn’t Reach The Follow Limit And Can’t Follow Anyone

If you did not reach the limit and still can’t follow anyone, this can be due to a processing error.

This error often occurs when TikTok stores the user’s follow count on its cache and can be miscalculated by their servers.

To fix this issue, you have to clear the TikTok cache on your mobile device and from the TikTok platform as well.


  • Grab your mobile phone and open its Settings menu
  • Tap on the Apps, Apps Management, or Apps manager
  • Tap on the App list, scroll down, locate the TikTok app, and tap on it
  • Clear TikTok app cache by tapping on Clear Data and Clear Cache


  • Open the Settings menu on your iPhone
  • Locate and tap the General option 
  • Go to the Storage section and tap on it
  • Scroll down, locate, and tap on your TikTok app
  • Under the troubleshooting section, tap on “Reset cache on next launch”

TikTok App:

  • Tap on the Tiktok app to launch it
  • Tap on the “Me” icon to go to your TikTok profile
  • Hit the three-dotted menu on the top right-hand side of your mobile phone screen and tap on Privacy and Settings
  • Locate the About section and tap on the Cache Memory button that is located just above the log-out button
  • Tap on Confirm to delete the TikTok app cache

Reason 2 – You Need To Improve Your Internet Connectivity

Your caching and general app experience can be negatively impacted by poor Wi-Fi connection.

Check the strength of your Wi-Fi in your device’s internet access area. If it is weak, then this could be causing you problems (for TikTok, and also accessing other apps).

There is an easy fix! Get a Wi-Fi booster.

Reason 3 – Following Too Fast

If you are following too fast and get an error, TikTok blocks you from following users that can last from a few minutes to a few days.

For example, if you reach the follow limit and get the “You’re following too fast” error, you may have to wait only a few minutes to be able to follow again.

However, if you start following users quickly again after the error message disappears, TikTok can block you from following them for several days.

Therefore, it is best to use your TikTok following feature carefully after the first error message. Otherwise, the block duration can increase each time you abuse your TikTok limit for the following.

Reason 4 – Privacy Settings

When you click on your favorite user profile to follow it, you may receive a message “You can’t follow this account due to the user privacy settings”.

TikTok users can make their accounts Private through the App’s privacy settings. This means that they can choose who can send them direct messages and comments and follow them as well.

In this case, you have to wait until the user you want to follow unblocks you because the user does not want to show his or her videos to you.

You have to respect the user’s wish and hope that he or she will allow you to follow again in the future.


Following your favorite users on TikTok should not be a problem. However, if you follow users without watching their complete videos, TikTok considers you a bot and can apply the following limits.

We hope that this article helped you fix the error and get the following ability back on your TikTok account.


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