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How To Solve ‘Xbox One Banned From Party Chat’ Issue

How To Solve ‘Xbox One Banned From Party Chat’ Issue

Is your Xbox One banned from party chat? If so, you are probably wondering how you can fix this issue or work around the ban? Here are some ways to get back on party chat!

The Xbox One is technically the middle child in Microsofts’ Xbox console family. Released in late 2013, it had all the latest tech, including a Blu-ray disc, 8-Core CPU, AMD Radeon GPU, and 8GB of RAM. That is until it got “replaced” by both the Xbox One and X, then finally the Series X and S. 

Another feature of Xbox One consoles is party chat, which allows you to invite and accept invitations from other players in-game. If you’re still holding onto your Xbox One console, it’s likely you’ve been or almost gotten banned from party chat (at least once). 

Let’s discuss a few reasons why this happens. Plus, some ways you can get your account unbanned or work around it.

Why Is My Xbox One Banned From Party Chat?

man playing xbox game

When using party chat, there are specific rules you have to follow. It’s advisable that you read the Microsoft Code of Conduct to get a clear idea of these. It’s important to know what not to do or say when communicating with other users on the platform.

Swearing or sending inappropriate or offensive content and messages can get you reported by other users. Ultimately, also resulting in you and your Xbox One account getting banned from party chat. However, spamming, sharing links, or redirecting other users to malicious websites are some lesser-known reasons for getting banned. 

Violations may result in a temporary or permanent ban of some or all party chat features. First offenders may get banned for 24 hrs, 7 days, or 14 days, depending on the offense. Repeat offenders could get permanently banned from communications. Or even have their console and Xbox Live account banned.

How Can I Get My Xbox One Unbanned From Party Chat?

How can i fix my Xbox One being banned from party chat?

A Communication Suspension from the Xbox Enforcement Team can seem like a death sentence—especially if you’re into your multiplayer games. Not to worry, there are a few ways to get back online and chatting with friends and other players.

Submit a Case Review

If you feel you’ve done nothing wrong, you can appeal to the Xbox Enforcement team: 

  • If your enforced ban is active, longer than 24 hrs, and commenced within the last 12 months, you’re eligible. 
  • Xbox Live device bans do not fall under this rule. However, these generally shouldn’t result as part of a party chat ban or communications ban. 
  • Do bear in mind that if your account is a Microsoft child account, a legal adult on the account will have to submit the claim for you. 
  • You can submit the case online using your Microsoft account.
  • During the case review, you can ask why your Xbox One got banned from party chat. 
  • You may need to fill in a questionnaire to test your knowledge of Microsoft’s Code of Conduct during the process. So, make sure to read up on that first.

Use a Second Controller & Account to Bypass the Ban

Using two controllers to bypass my Xbox one being banned from party chat.

Did your Xbox One get banned from party chat for actions that you know are against the Code of Conduct? If so, you may not have many options open to you. That is, besides waiting for your ban to conclude after the enforced time frame. 

However, there is one sneaky way you can get back on to party chat during your live games. You can create a secondary account to bypass the ban. However, you need another controller to sign into the game and party chat. So, if you have any issues with your Xbox controller disconnecting, make sure to fix these first.

How to Bypass a Communications Ban Using a Second Xbox One Controller?

Though annoying, if you are permanently banned, this tip may just do the trick—and beat buying a new console. Do note that Microsoft is always changing its rules and terms. So, this method or these specific steps may not work at the time of reading this post.

  • Create a new Gmail or email account.
  • Launch your Xbox One console.
  • Click the Xbox One console guide button to open the login menu.
  • Select “+ Add new” from the menu.
  • You can add an unbanned Microsoft account using your email, Skype, or phone number directly.
  • Alternatively, click “get new email” to create a new Microsoft account directly using your newly created Gmail or email address.
  • If creating a new Microsoft account, enter your first name, second name, password, date of birth, and backup email and phone.
  • Then, create your new Gamertag, set up your privacy controls, and pair your second controller to your new account.
  • Sign in to your game and start your party chat using your original account and its paired controller.
  • Then, add your new account and switch to it in party chat.
  • Also, assign and plug your microphone or headset into your second controller.
  • Finally, sync your second controller and use it to access party chat during the game.
  • Make sure to follow the rules this time around! Otherwise, you could get slapped with a longer ban or a complete Xbox Live or console ban.

Top tip – worried about not being able to play online or access Xbox Live using this new Microsoft account? You don’t have to be; you can now use party chat without an Xbox Live Gold subscription as of mid-2021.

Use Another Chat Platform

Is your Xbox One banned from party chat permanently? Or, do you just want to speak freely without restrictions and censorship? Then, it might be worth your while to look into other chat platforms.

Here are a few alternatives to try out with your friends and other gamers:

  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Mumble
  • Steam Voice Chat
  • TeamSpeak
  • Tox 


xbox controller and console

If your Xbox One is banned from party chat, you can probably just wait out the ban. Then, try not to violate Microsoft’s Code of Conduct next time around. Most bans don’t last long, and you should have access to games during this time, regardless. If you don’t have the patience or have received a permanent ban, we hope these solutions can help you out.


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