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Xbox Series X Controller Disconnecting On PC: How To Fix?

Xbox Series X Controller Disconnecting On PC: How To Fix?

It’s chill time; you’re all set up to play your favorite Xbox game. Unfortunately, your Xbox Series X controller keeps disconnecting from your PC. What can you do? Try these fixes, of course!

The Xbox is one of the leading gaming consoles on the market, right next to the Playstation and Nintendo. The Series X is the latest Xbox console to hit the shelves. Featuring next-generation performance and features, it’s top of every Xbox fan’s wishlist.

However, just because it’s purportedly the best (and most pricey) Xbox yet doesn’t mean that it’s without issues. As with all technology, technical issues may arise  — especially if you’re streaming or remote playing Xbox via your PC.

Your Xbox Series X controller may keep disconnecting from your PC, which can be super annoying if you’re trying to play Xbox in your limited downtime. Here are a few fixes you can try to ensure your time isn’t wasted playing technician instead of your favorite games!

Why Does My Xbox Series X Controller Keep Disconnecting From My PC?

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The Xbox Series X controller may keep disconnect from your PC because of a weak or disrupted signal or low battery when using your controller wirelessly. To fix this issue, you can try recharging your controller or sitting closer to your PC and Xbox.

When plugged in, Xbox controllers may also have connectivity issues. However, these are more likely related to the controller cable or the USB ports you’re using. Before you do anything else, be sure to check your Xbox Series X controller cable is in good condition. Then, test to see if it is working or try plugging it into another USB port. 

How to Solve: Xbox Series X Controller Keeps Disconnecting From Your PC?

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If basic fixes didn’t solve the issue of your Xbox Series X controller disconnecting from your PC, try these solutions.

Update Your Controller Firmware

Up-to-date firmware is a must to ensure an Xbox controller works properly. Usually, a device’s firmware will update automatically when connected to any computing device with internet access. However, you may need to do this yourself manually if you are experiencing connectivity issues.

To update your controller firmware:

  • Open the Microsoft Store on your PC.
  • Navigate to the search bar.
  • Search for the “Xbox Accessories” app.
  • Open the app and click “Get” to download and install it.
  • Once installed, connect your Xbox controller to your PC with its USB cable.
  • Then, click “Launch” on the Xbox Accessories App page in the Microsoft Store.
  • Once launched, navigate to the update menu by clicking the “…” button.
  • Then, click “Search for Updates” and install any if available in the new menu.
  • You can also activate Copilot mode, check your controller vibration, and calibrate it here.

Calibrate Your Controller With Steam

You can also check your Steam controller settings to see if they’re not configured correctly:

  • Open Steam on your PC.
  • If you don’t have Steam set up, install it and register your account.
  • Once open, navigate to: View > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings.
  • Make sure “Guide Button Focuses Steam,” “Xbox Configuration Support,” “Xbox Extended Feature Support,” and “Generic Gamepad Configuration Support” are all selected.
  • Close Steam

Reset Your Xbox Console to Fix the Issue of Your Xbox Series X Controller Disconnecting From Your PC.

Did updating your firmware, wiring your controller, or charging it not work? If so, a basic controller reset might do the trick.

To reset your controller:

  • In your Xbox menu, go to: Settings > System > Console Info.
  • Then, select: Reset Console > Reset And Remove Everything.
  • You can also select: Reset And Keep My Games And Apps. 
  • However, a hard reset is more likely to fix the issue.

Minimize Signal Interference

Sometimes, signal interference may be to blame if your Xbox Series X controller keeps disconnecting from your PC. Plugged-in USB devices, nearby wireless devices, and physical objects between your router, Xbox, and PC are likely the cause. 

To minimize interference:

  • Unplug all non-essential USB devices from your PC and Xbox
  • Ensure a clear line of sight between your PC, controller, Xbox, and router.
  • Hardwire your computer and Xbox to your router using an ethernet cable.
  • Remove or switch off all unnecessary wireless devices in the room.
  • Reduce the power output and range of your router.
  • If all else fails, play with your controller plugged in via USB.

Make Sure Your Xbox Controller Batteries Are Making Contact

If you’re using your controller wirelessly, a simple hardware problem may be causing the issue. The batteries inside your controller are essential for wireless play. If the controller batteries are loose, this might cause your Xbox Series X controller to keep disconnecting from your PC.

To improve battery contact:

  • Unplug your Xbox controller from all power sources.
  • Turn off your controller.
  • Open the controller battery compartment.
  • Wiggle the battery or batteries to see if they are making proper contact with the metal contacts.
  • Pop-out the battery or batteries from inside the controller battery compartment.
  • Use your fingernail to gently bend the metal battery contacts inwards.
  • Pop your battery or batteries back in.
  • Your batteries should now fit tighter, making better contact with the metal contacts.

Ensure That You’re Using a Compatible Xbox Controller

All Xbox One controllers should work with the new Xbox Series X and Series S. However, some players have had issues with certain Xbox Series X controllers disconnecting from their PC. The Elite controller model, in particular, has some connectivity issues. 

You may also experience problems playing with an aftermarket, unofficial, or older Xbox controller. Certain button inputs and functionalities may not work with these controllers, either. 

To fix controller-specific connectivity issues:

  • Unfortunately, the main fix for this issue is to buy an official, standard Xbox Series X controller. 
  • You can also try ensuring minimal interference, as mentioned earlier in the post.
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Troubleshoot Game-Specific Connectivity Issues

Does your Xbox controller work perfectly when you play most Xbox games but not when you play a specific one? Sometimes, this occurs if a player uses an old controller with a new Series X game. Xbox players have randomly experienced controller connectivity issues when playing certain Xbox games, though.

For example, buttons on your controller may not work when playing the game Forza Horizon 4 on your PC. A user fixed this issue by unplugging all his USB PC devices from his Series X console. 

If you’re experiencing connectivity issues when playing a specific game: 

  • Try playing the Series X game with a newer controller.
  • Try all of the fixes above to see if any solve the issue.
  • Troubleshoot common game-specific connectivity issues and fixes with other players.


An Xbox Series X controller that keeps disconnecting from a PC is a common issue many players experience. However, the reasons for the disconnect are varied. If none of the fixes mentioned in this post worked, you could also try contacting Microsoft to troubleshoot the issue.


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