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Fix Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 7136: Four Easy Steps

Fix Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 7136: Four Easy Steps

If you’ve encountered the Amazon FireStick Error Code 7136 during your daily binge and can’t seem to get rid of it, don’t get worked up! Follow our quick guide on how to get rid of this frustrating problem so you can dive right back into your favorite shows.

Amazon is the leading multinational technology company in the world. With the largest eCommerce network in the world, branches dwelling in cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence, they are no strangers in inventing new technologies and pathways.

Fire Stick is Amazon’s take on branching out their ecosystem, similar to Apple and Google. Operating like Chromecast and Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick enables users to turn a regular TV into a smart TV. A revolutionary product, it saw an early surge in sales that has dominated the market ever since. However, even with a large userbase and mass production, the Fire Stick is still susceptible to many problems, one of them being Error Code 7136.

What is Amazon FireStick Error Code 7136?

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What else is there to do when you have a Fire Stick other than turn on your favorite shows on a big screen? But when you try playing the video, you might get prompted by Error Code 7136 stating,

“There is a problem with the video you selected.”

It means the content you are trying to access is not  processing, and being unable to watch anything is probably the biggest problem you could have with an Amazon Fire Stick.

Why did I get Amazon FireStick Error Code 7136?

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There can be several reasons why you got an Error Code 7136 while attempting to play a video. The problem is generally hard to locate as it can be either on your side or on  Amazon’s servers. 

A few reasons for you getting  the Error Code 7136 are:

  • A Bug in your TV
  • Cache in the Amazon Fire Stick
  • Fire OS is not updated
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Amazon Severs being unavailable
  • Physical damage to your Amazon Fire Stick

Still with us? We will guide you through the most common causes in the following section.

How to get rid of Amazon Error Code 7136? 

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Power off your TV

Restarting your TV is the simplest of troubleshooting mechanics but still one of the most useful to perform. A minor undetectable glitch can easily cause Error Code 7136, and you need to restart your TV to get rid of it. 

Power Cycle

Even if you turn off and unplug your TV, there still may be residual power left in its system. Simply powering off may not eliminate the problem you’re having as it might prevent a complete reset taking place. To completely drain your TV of power you have to perform a power cycle. A power cycle gets rid of any extra current left if your TV.

Power cycle your TV: 

  • Firstly, disconnect your TV from all sources of power, and unplug all wires from it.
  • Then hold the dedicated power button for 30 seconds. This should refresh your TV.
  • Turn your power back on now.

You have now successfully performed a power cycle. We hope this helps solve your issue.

Clear Amazon Fire Stick Cache

Stored up cache over thousands of hours of watch time can drastically stack up. When the cache is significantly large, the chances of a bug present are pretty high. Clearing off your cache will not only get rid of this bug and your problem but also increase the performance speed of the Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Use your Fire Stick remote to go to your settings.
  • Navigate over to applications.
  • Go to the manage applications tab and select Prime Video/Fire Stick TV.
  • Clear your cache and press the data button twice for this step to work. 

By following these steps correctly, you should have no issues if this was the cause behind your headache today.

Update your Amazon Fire Stick TV

Having an outdated version can cause several problems, such as Error Code 8085 and Error Code 7136. It’s best to update right away to the latest version before more problems begin to show. 

To check for an update:

  • Go to your settings and navigate to My Fire TV.
  • In the about section, select the “check for update” option.
  • If it prompts you with an update, select it.
  • After its completion, reboot your TV.

You should be good to go with an updated version.

Final Thoughts

If you are still getting the Error Code 7136 after this task, don’t hesitate to contact Amazon customer support. We hope we succeeded in guiding you to get rid of your TVs Error Code 7136 in time for all your shows.

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