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6 Ways To Block Nuisance Calls On Your Virgin Landline

6 Ways To Block Nuisance Calls On Your Virgin Landline

Are you getting a ot of nuisance calls on your Virgin landline number?

Frustrating, right? Many Virgin landline customers have been complaining of a surge in the amount of unknown numbers. In this guide, we will examine the source of these calls and how to block them.

Why am I receiving nuisance calls on my Virgin Landline?

  • A pre-consented marketing agreement
  • Your details are in a directory form
  • Scam/spam spoofs
  • Anonymous Caller Rejection (ACR) is not active
  • Failure to register for Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

How You Can Block Nuisance Calls on Virgin Landline?

Terminate all pre-consented marketing agreements

Note: You can immediately block annoying calls on your Virgin landline by calling 150 from your Virgin handset or 0345 454 1111* from any other phone.

Some big marketing companies can hold onto your information even after the duration of your marketing agreement. These nuisance calls can range from marketing calls to cold calls that aim to get something from you. Without your consent, these marketing companies can sell your Virgin landline number to the highest bidder.

To block these irritating calls on your Virgin landline, make sure you do not consent to let these marketing companies contact you. Any number that contacts you without your permission is a nuisance call and should be reported to Ofcom, especially calls with threats and malicious tendencies. On landlines like Virgin, Ofcom regulates cold calls to determine if any rules were broken and if the call qualifies as a nuisance call.

Register for Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

Some nuisance calls on Virgin landlines are spoofed and change constantly. Therefore, changing your number is not helpful. Instead, register your number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPF). TPF will help filter out scams and spam calls, thereby reducing stress on your end.

TPS offers free service to landline owners to choose the type of calls they can receive. Registered Virgin landline owners can be sure that sales and unconsented marketing calls will not be allowed on their phones.

You can block spam calls if you register with TPS online, enlist the numbers that can contact you, and update the list as necessary. Each year, the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) will send you a reminder about your registered number and whether you’d like to change it.

You should, however, note that TPS becomes active after 28 days of registration. Non-European numbers can still call you on your Virgin landline. Any change of number invalidates your TPS registration and you will need to repeat the TPS registration on the new number.

Turn on the Anonymous Caller Rejection (ACR) feature

Anonymous call rejection (ACR) is a feature that automatically filters out calls that have hidden caller IDs. ACR reduces the act of nuisance calls on Virgin landlines as receivers can get more information about the caller through the display callee unit. For landlines without screens or a caller display unit, dial 1472 to listen to the notification.

Depending on your location, you can activate the Anonymous caller rejection feature by dialing *77 and disable it by dialing *87. For Ireland Virgin landline users, dial *90 to activate ACR and #90 to deactivate.

Register your number on the Silent Guard Service

Some nuisance calls remain silent after you pick them up. To block them, dial 0800 954 9046 from your Virgin landline to register your number on the Silent Call Guard Service.

Get a call-blocking device

There are some devices that block nuisance calls on Virgin landlines. You can get any of them for anything between £50 and #100. The additional device allows you to set the level of blocking. Some modern landlines have this feature inbuilt. Change your landline or buy an additional call-blocking device to block misleading or spam calls.

Protect your Virgin landline number

Some marketing companies put up a tiny box on their website; ticking it can result in unwanted and nuisance calls from the company.

Therefore, never input your Virgin landline number on untrusted third-party websites. These sites may use or sell your details without your consent. Don’t put your number on a directory list that anyone can assess anytime.


Nuisance calls on your Virgin landline number can lead to scams and data leaks. Blocking them is important as cyber-attacks increase. We believe the above simple guide has helped you with this task and you can now sit and enjoy your relaxing time without having to attend these calls.


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