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Will I Lose My Matches If I Uninstall Tinder? 4 Consequences

Will I Lose My Matches If I Uninstall Tinder? 4 Consequences

Before uninstalling Tinder, you’re probably wondering what will happen to your matches and conversations if you uninstall the app.

Thankfully, you will not lose any matches when you delete and reinstall the Tinder app. Once you log back into the same account, your matches will still be there. However, you should back up any important information or conversations before uninstalling the app.

If you uninstall Tinder, the following things will happen:

  1. Tinder stores your account information on their server
  2. You’ll remove information from your phone’s local data memory
  3. All your matches remain intact
  4. Your account remains intact

In this post, I’ll go through these issues, so you are prepared for what happens if you unintentionally or intentionally uninstall the Tinder app.

What Happens if I Uninstall Tinder? 4 Consequences

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1. Tinder Stores Your Account And Information On Its Server

As you probably know, Tinder requires the internet to work. The internet allows Tinder to show you all its databases.

Therefore, all of the information you are viewing including your own is stored within Tinder’s online server

2. You’ll Remove Information From Your Phone’s Local Data Directory

Removing the Tinder app on your phone will simply remove the information from your phone’s local data directory.

This is helpful because of the limited space available on mobile devices.

If you don’t have an active or installed app, the phone finds this information useless and deletes it locally to save room for future apps.

3. All You Matches Remain Intact

All your matches are inside Tinder’s online server, locked behind your username and password. Having this sort of setup by Tinder also enables you to carry on your account to different or newer devices. 

4. Your Account Remains Intact

As we discussed before, Tinder stores all your information including matches within their servers. You can access your account using your username and password.

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How Do You Delete Your Matches?

So, if deleting the Tinder app won’t delete your matches, how can you permanently delete them from the server? This is an excellent question to ask yourself if you’ve decided to remove yourself from the online dating game.

The answer to this is quite simple. You need to deactivate or permanently delete your account.

After all, permanently deleting your account means completely and totally deletion with all its information, likes chats, and matches from the app server.

Permanently Uninstalling and Deleting Your Tinder Account

For protection and security measures , you’ll have to delete your Tinder account while signed in to the app on your mobile or on a PC or a laptop.

Please remember, when you delete your account you will irrevocably lose matches, messages, and other info associated with it. To remove your account: 

  1. Firstly, Sign in to the Tinder app or
  2. Secondly, Tap or click the profile icon
  3. Go to the Settings tab
  4. Find and select Delete Account

Deleting the Tinder app does not erase your account. If you have bought a Tinder subscription using your Apple ID or Google Play Store ID please note that

  1. Deleting the app and/or your account does not invalidate your membership.
  2. If you registered on Android or Tinder for web ( with your credit card, deleting your account will offset your subscription automatically.

The reason behind this is not very different from when your phone deletes Tinder’s local data. On deletion, your profile Tinder assumes you are done using their service.

Hence, there is no reason to keep sensitive personal information like matches and chats due to long-term storage and security issues.

In the end, it is better for Tinder just to delete your information. If you want to resume your matching activities, you need to create a new account and start again from scratch.

Final Thoughts on “Will I lose matches if I Uninstall Tinder?”

We now understand that simply uninstalling the Tinder app will not delete your personal data, including your matches and conversation history.

However, we do suggest backing up any important information before deleting the app.

We hope this quick guide helped out with your concern about uninstalling Tinder and losing all your matches.

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