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Oculus Quest Turns Off By Itself: Fix Your VR Headset Here

Oculus Quest Turns Off By Itself: Fix Your VR Headset Here

If your Oculus Quest turns off by itself while you are playing a game, it could be because there is an issue with the sensors on your headset.

Are you trying to stream Netflix or any other online video app with your Oculus automatically turning off? Your Oculus will think you’re inactive if you have not moved over a long period, and put your device into ‘sleep’ mode.

With this guide, we will expand on why your Oculus Quest turns off by itself, and what steps you can take to prevent this problem from occurring so you can get back to enjoying your games and applications without being interrupted by the Oculus Black screen.

Why Does my Oculus Quest 2 Keep Turning Off?

oculus quest turns off by itself

Your Oculus Quest will turn off by itself if there is a system error on your VR headset. A faulty system can be caused by an interrupted firmware update, or a downloaded game or application containing corrupted files that have interfered with your Oculus. It has also been noted that a system error can occur after a software update has been completed.

Besides your Quest containing contaminated software, your Oculus will experience the Black screen of death for the following reasons;

1. Oculus Auto Wake Feature Enabled

It has been noted that the silicone cover that comes with the Oculus Quest has created issues with the auto-wake feature on the headset.

This causes your Oculus to go into ‘sleep’ mode if it senses it’s not in use, and can get confused when you are trying to play.

2. Lack of Power

Your Oculus Quest will turn off by itself if the batteries are almost depleted, or, your Oculus headset is not fully charged. 

The headset will lose power over time, and will automatically switch off when the charge has is completely drained.

3. Oculus Guardian Setting

The Guarding function on the Oculus is a safety feature that puts boundaries in place when you are playing. This is to assist when you get too close to an edge.

Oculus Quest users have taken to Reddit and advised that when this setting is turned on, it can sometimes interfere with the normal functioning of your VR Headset.

How to Stop Oculus Quest 2 From Turning Off

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You can stop your Oculus Quest from turning off automatically by updating the firmware to ensure all corrupted files have been replaced. Your Oculus should automatically update, however, after any type of interference, you will need to complete a manual software update. 

How to Update Oculus Quest Software

Step 1. Click on the ‘Settings’ button

Step 2. Choose ‘System’

Step 3. Select ‘Software Update’

Your Oculus will check for an available update. If there is one available, confirm you want to go ahead with the update and allow your device to complete the installation.

Additional fixes that will help prevent your Oculus from turning off automatically and showing you a Black screen include;

1. Disable Auto Wake Feature

Some Oculus Quest owners have had issues with the sensors on their headset and found that once they turned off the ‘Auto Wake’ feature, the device stopped switching off on its own.

Step 1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu and choose ‘Device’

Step 2. Click on ‘Power’

Step 3. Find ‘Auto Wake’ and turn it off

Restart your Oculus to refresh the configuration change.

2. Recharge Oculus Headset

Your AA batteries in the controllers may need to be replaced, or recharged if you make use of chargeable ones.

You will also need to make sure your Oculus headset is fully charged. The power will last for around 2-3 hours, depending on how often you are playing.

3. Disable Oculus Guardian Feature

The guardian feature is beneficial for gameplay, however, it can sometimes be the reason why your Oculus Quest turns off by itself.

Note, once you disable this setting, if your Oculus is still switching off, we recommend you re-enable the guardian as it is good for your safety when playing.

Step 1. Launch Settings and choose your headset

Step 2. Press on the ‘More Settings’ followed by the ‘Advanced Settings’

Step 3. Select ‘Enable Developer Mode’

Step 4. In the Developer Options menu, switch off ‘Guardian’

Note, you may need to sign in to your account again after you have requested to access the developer mode.

Why is My Oculus Not Charging?

oculus headset

A more serious cause for your Oculus Quest to keep turning off by itself if it is not being charged properly. If your Oculus is not charging, it could be due to a faulty charging cable or port. If one of the charging parts of your headset is damaged, it will stop your gaming device from receiving the necessary amount of power.

Other reasons include;

  • The batteries are overheating
  • You are charging your headset too often
  • A software error has occurred

There are multiple ways in which you can fix your Oculus Quest from not charging. These include;

  • Power reset your headset
  • Allow the batteries to cool down
  • Update Oculus software

This will, in turn, help stop your headset from turning off automatically, if the problem was caused by a charging error.

Oculus Quest 2 Turns Off While Watching Netflix

VR headset

Your Oculus headset will turn off automatically while you’re watching Netflix or any other online streaming app because it will assume you are inactive and put the device into ‘sleep’ mode to save battery life if you have not made any movements for a long period. 

Oculus Quest users have however, reported that it has been caused by a system bug in the Oculus software.

A few other reasons why this may be occurring while you are streaming videos through your VR headset include;

  • A poor internet connection
  • Power timing settings are set too low
  • Software update required

How to Stop Oculus Quest From Turning off During Streaming

The first step you should do to ensure your Oculus does not turn off while you are streaming online is to disable the sleep mode.

This can be done by going; Settings > See All > Power > Disable Auto Sleep Timer

Other methods include;

  • Update software
  • Refresh internet connection
  • Check timer settings

It is also important to make sure your headset is fully charged to ensure it does not switch off due to a lack of power.


We hope this guide has assisted you in understanding why your Oculus Quest will turn off by itself, and that you were able to stop this problem from re-occurring after using one of the easy solutions provided.

Keep in mind, if the Oculus server is down, this could cause issues with the normal functioning of your device. You can keep up to date with the status of the Oculus server here.

If you are still experiencing issues with your Oculus Quest, you can submit a support ticket to the Oculus team directly, either by email, online chat or WhatsApp.