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Fortnite Error Code 22: Fix In 7 Simple Steps

Running into Fortnite error code 22 is probably the worst thing that can happen to you on game night.

This article lists seven of the most common reasons you may run into this problem and how you can fix it. 

What is Error Code 22 Fortnite? 

Whether you are in the middle of the game or trying to launch the game, a pop-up displaying “Fortnite error code 22” can put a damper on your plans. There are some common errors almost every Fortnite player comes across, be it failure to launch, inability to connect to the server, only hearing the audio, no visual, or inability to join a team. Follow some of our fixes and get yourself back online in no time. 

In Fortnite error code 22, players report that the game crashes. When they are in the middle of the game, error 22 pops up quite suddenly. Sometimes, this happens even before the game is launched.

The most probable causes are outdated Windows, or in the case of Smart TV, there are system updates that need to be installed. Keep reading for more details on why you’re encountering this error and what you can do to fix it. 

Why is Fortnite Giving Me an Error Message?

Fortnite Error code 22 occurs when there is an issue in launching the game. There can be various possible reasons for this scenario:

  • The Epic Games server is down
  • Windows not updated
  • Graphic card drivers not updated
  • Corrupted game files
  • Not running as administrator
  • Antivirus software interferes with game’s software
  • Stored cache and app data

How Do I Fix Error Code 22 in Fortnite?

Fortunately, Fortnite error code 22 is a common issue and can be solved quickly. By now, you must have already checked your network connection and restarted your device. However, if the issues still exist, then keep reading. 

Epic Games Server is Down

You have checked whether your internet server is down or not. And it’s not down yet. The error exists, so now check Fortnite’s server status. It can be that due to traffic Fortnite might be temporarily down

Windows Not Updated

If your Windows is not updated to the latest version available, it can explain why your app failed to launch. Here’s how you fix that:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Update & Security”.
  • Select “Look for Updates” if updates are available, then select “Install Now”.

After installation, try relaunching Fortnite.

Alternatively, after updating windows, the DirectX11 changes to DirectX 12. This might be the reason for Fortnite error code 22 as the DirectX 11 runs smoother for regular PCs, and it can be why the app continues to crash.

To manually change DirectX1 2 to DirectX 11:

  • Open the Fortnite game
  • Go to settings
  • Go to Video Settings and look for DirectX 
  • Here, you can either change DirectX 12 to DirectX 11 or disable DirectX12

Now confirm your choices and relaunch the app.

Graphic Drivers Not Updated

If this error pops up when you are playing on a PC, ensure that you have installed the latest graphics card drivers. If not, Fortnite will continue to crash. The kind of driver you require depends on your PC’s operating system, so choose accordingly.

Your Game’s Files Are Corrupted

To check whether this is the case or not, you need to verify the integrity of game files. To do this:

  • Go to Epic Games Launcher
  • Select the “gear” icon
  • From here, check Fortnite’s files

If Epic Games launcher detects any corrupted or missing files, download the required files and continue playing. However, if the issue persists, it’s better to reinstall the launcher.

Not Running as Administrator

The Epic Games Launcher is what runs Fortnite. But if Fortnite error code 22 persists, then try running Fortnite directly. For this:

  • In the game files, select “Fortnite files”.
  • Select “Run as administrator”.
  • Now launch the game through the launcher.

This will most probably solve the issue; however, try the next fix if the issue still exists.

Antivirus Software Interferes With Game’s Software

Sometimes antivirus limits game files access to make changes to the computer. This is not a popular reason still:

  • Go to installed antivirus’s settings
  • Select “Temporarily Disable”
  • Try launching the app again

Stored Cache and App Data

Over time, stored cache and app data cause problems while using the app. Often clearing the app data and cache is a pretty easy solution.

Depending on the operating system of your device, follow the following steps:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on the “Apps menu”.
  • Select the “Fortnite app”.
  • Click “clear app cache”.

This will clear the unnecessary cache, and if the issue continues, you might need to delete all the stored app data. This will clear all your account details, and you will need to Sign In again after the app starts running.


Fortnite is a fantastic game to play. It’s fun, engaging, and a multiplayer game. But if your game crashes right when the thrill begins, then this might not be very pleasant. However, troubleshooting the above processes will detect the problem and ensure you are back on track in time.

If none of the solutions above work, then it’s safe to say the fault lies with Fortnite’s server. Either it is temporarily down, or there is some other issue. In either case, you should try contacting Fortnite’s help center.


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