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HBO Keeps Logging Me Out: Here’s How To Stay Online

HBO Keeps Logging Me Out: Here’s How To Stay Online

If HBO keeps logging you out, the app may not recognize your IP address if it has recently been changed. A change in IP address can occur if you have recently rebooted your Wifi router.

Have you perhaps given your HBO account details to more than two additional people? There is a maximum of three different devices that can stream online simultaneously. HBO may have signed you out if this cap has been exceeded.

Is your HBO app up to date? If you upgrade HBO to its latest version, this can help fix the HBO sign-in issue.

We have generated this simple directory to help you understand why HBO keeps logging you out, and provide you with easy fixes you can execute so you can stay signed in to your account without having to log back in every time you launch the service.

Why does my HBO Max keep logging me out?

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HBO will keep logging you out if you have completed a reboot on your Wifi router and have been allocated a new IP address. The HBO app will still be set to your previous IP address, so when it changes, it will automatically sign you out due to a change in information.

If you have not rebooted your router, HBO will keep kicking you out due to;

1. You’ve updated your password

Other subscribers have noted that once they changed their password (specifically through Now), their HBO would keep logging them out.

2. Full HBO cache files

Over time your HBO cache files will become too full and potentially become corrupt. This will interfere with your HBO account, and the server keeps you signed in.

3. HBO update required

If you use an outdated version of the online streaming service and HBO keeps logging you out, it may be due to the app on your device receiving conflict when it tries to access the HBO database.

The data on the HBO servers will have been updated. This will result in your device becoming incompatible.

4. Unstable internet connection

HBO is an online service and therefore requires a constant, stable network to connect to stream without playback issues.

If you want to stream in HD, HBO needs at least 3.1Mbps. If this is not available, your app will underperform and this can be the reason why it keeps logging you out.

How to fix HBO keeps logging me out

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You can fix the HBO signing out issue by updating your account password. This is a requirement if your Wifi router has updated to a different IP address as HBO won’t recognize the new version. Once you change your password and confirm you want to stay logged in, HBO should not kick you out again.

Other fixes for this sign-in error include;

1. Restart your device

If you recently updated your password on HBO or the platform you use to access the app, you may need to refresh your device to process the change.

Complete a system restart and relaunch HBO. It may ask you if you want to save your password, confirm this with a yes.

2. Empty cache files

Cache files downloaded onto your device are inevitable every time you open HBO and stream online. Clear out these files to erase any corrupt data and free up storage space.

How to clear HBO cache files on chrome

Step 1. Open Chrome and paste ‘chrome://settings/clearBrowserData’ in the search bar

Step 2. Tick the tabs in the ‘Basic’ tab

Step 3. Confirm you want to erase by pressing ‘Clear Data’

The ‘Advanced’ tab should be checked automatically.

How to clear HBO cache files on Apple Mac

Step 1. Open Safari and click on ‘Preferences’ from the drop-down menu

Step 2. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and enable ‘Show Develop Menu’

Step 3. Launch the ‘Show Develop Menu’ and press ‘Empty Cache’

Confirm this step. Erase your browsing history too if it seems to be quite long.

3. Update the HBO app

Your HBO app may be due to an update which is why HBO keeps logging you out.

A smart device should automatically update HBO when a new version is available, however, this can sometimes be interrupted or fail.

Find HBO on your play store. There should be an ‘Update’ button available for you to press. Select this and allow your device complete the download.

Tip, restart your device to erase any faulty files still stored.

4. Refresh the internet connection

You can check your current internet speed. If it is not performing the way it should be, reset your Wifi router.

This will not only improve your speeds but also better your internet connection with your network service provider.

Unplug your router for a few moments before you plug it back in. Once your modem has re-established a connection, open HBO and sign in.

HBO Max keeps signing me out of PS4

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If HBO Max keeps signing you out on your PlayStation, the PS4 error CE-34878-0 may have occurred on your console. This error code means that there is an issue with the HBO Max app on your gaming device. This error can also transpire if there is a problem with your PS4 that is causing conflict with your downloaded apps.

So, how can you get rid of this error on your PS4 when you try and log in to your HBO account? You can activate the following steps;

  • Restart your console
  • Clear cache files
  • Reinstall HBO Max
  • Update software

Check that your PS4’s operating system is up to date, as well as your HBO app.

How many devices can you have on HBO Max?

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HBO allows a subscriber to sign into their account on a maximum of three different devices at the same time. If you try and go over this limit, HBO may automatically log you out. Although you’re only allowed to stream on three different platforms simultaneously, you can activate up to five different profiles.

The online streaming app also gives you the option to share your account details with a maximum of two different people.

If you want to kick other users off of your HBO Max account and sign them out, you can do so from the settings section of your account;

Profile > Settings > Manage Devices > Sign All Devices Out

Note, if you update your password, any additional users on your account will be signed out by HBO and will need to relog in with the new password.

Under this setting tab, you will be able to see all the devices that have used your HBO profile.


We hope this guide has helped you make sense of why HBO keeps logging you out, and that one of our solutions provided was able to fix this problem on your device.

If this issue carries on, we suggest you contact HBO support directly as there may be an underlying issue with your account.


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