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How to Fix Sky Q Error MR106 Connectivity Problem

How to Fix Sky Q Error MR106 Connectivity Problem

If you’ve ever received the Sky Q MR106 error, you will know how frustrating this can be. Thankfully, there is a selection of ways this can be fixed.

Sky Q is the latest subscription-based entertainment service and the future of Sky television. This premium service includes voice control, a touchpad remote, and a huge selection of apps such as Netflix.

Like with any piece of technology, they can come with a whole range of problems and issues that can be overwhelming to the average user.

What causes the Sky Q error?

sky error

The Sky Q MR106 error usually occurs when there is an issue connecting to the Sky Q box or the mini box. You may also see the error message saying ‘You can’t watch TV right now as there is a connectivity problem’.

If either your Sky Q or Sky Mini Box loses connection to the internet, you will lose access to the majority of Sky’s features, such as downloading content, streaming movies, or accessing your account.

To check the connectivity status of your Sky Q box, you can follow the steps listed here.

How to fix the Sky Q Error MR106

The first step in fixing the Sky Q Error MR106 is by performing a hard reboot of the router. 

  • Turn off your router
  • Unplug all cables from the router
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Replug the cables 
  • Power on router

Hopefully, your connectivity issue is now fixed. If you are still having trouble connecting, you can try moving your mini boxes closer to the main box.

Alternatively, an ethernet cable can be used as a short term solution by connecting it from your Sky Q Box to your mini box. Generally, an ethernet cable provides a much faster connection than a wifi connection.

Sky Q Wireless Booster

As a last resort, the Sky WiFi booster is a product designed to help improve your box’s connection by strengthening those hard to reach areas in your home.

To take full advantage of your wifi booster and Sky Q Box, ensure that your devices are out in the open and not obstructed by other objects, and try to keep them away from other electronic devices.

You can test your wifi connection here.

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