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Kik Won’t Send Video: An Easy Guide To Fix It

Kik is a famous messaging software that allows users to quickly communicate content to others. It’s a free app that works on both Apple and Android smartphones. Kik users may organize group conversations or send messages to specific individuals, but what if Kik won’t send a video?

You may send photographs and videos to your pals in addition to text. Because of the numerous conversation features, you can spend hours on this app. Furthermore, Kik is similar to iMessaging and Whatsapp in that it provides several modes of chatting.

Kik won’t send a video whenever you try to send it to your friends or family. Fortunately, we have produced a short guide to assist you to understand the problem and what measures may be taken to resolve it.

Why Kik won’t send a video?

the kik app

Despite its many capabilities, the Kik application may include technical faults. If your Kik doesn’t send a video, then it might be due to one of the following reasons:

Unstable internet connection

The initial cause that makes Kik wont send a video is a weak internet connection. It is a regular issue since any technological fault is unavoidable when sending a video via an unsteady network connection. This problem may arise on both mobile internet and Wireless network connections.

The video is too long

Sometimes, we are trying to send long videos on the Kik App. It is a most common issue besides technical ones. It is because Kik has an in-built function that prevents users to send content beyond certain limits. Therefore, it is wise to edit your video before uploading it to the application in order to send it to your friends or family. 

Accumulated cache data

The third possible cause of the video sending issue is corrupted cache files in your Kik program. Cache files began to be stored on your smartphone each time you visited the Kik App. When these files begin to take storage capacity or become damaged, they may cause network troubles and, as a result, technical faults with the application.

Outdated Application

The third cause of the problem is the out-of-date Kik App. In general, your smartphone will renew the program automatically based on the settings and release of the software update on the google play store or apple store. However, if you have not enabled auto-updates in the Google Play or Apple App Store, your Kik may not be able to upgrade instantly whenever the latest version gets available.

Corrupted Program files

If you have corrupted program files then your Kik will not send a video. The Kik program will ultimately block any defective file, causing the problem to persist. Corrupted files might arise as a result of software tampering or if you accidentally interrupt a software update. As a result, any option will result in an aggravating predicament.

Kik won’t send a video but how to overcome this issue?

You need to adopt the following solutions if your Kik won’t send a video that makes you frustrated during an interaction with your friend or family:

Create a robust network connection.

To guarantee that your device sends the video via the Kik server, restart your wifi connection. Link your app to a stable, robust network to remain connected and eliminate Kik being displayed the issue.

Unplug your Broadband device for a few seconds to let it restart. The very same procedure pertains to your mobile internet; turn it off and then back on. If the problem persists, restart your smartphone to recover a solid connection.

Delete cache files

The second approach is to go into your app settings and verify the cache files. If they’ve gathered in your phone’s storage, wipe them off by hitting the clean cache choices. Cleaning off any cache files gathered on your device is typically a good idea to clear up storage and eliminate any inaccurate data. 

Remove and reinstall the Kik App.

The next step to restoring Kik’s effectiveness is to remove and then reinstall it. If the Kik app on your phone has erroneous data, you can uninstall and reinstall it. This will erase any corrupted files that are causing Kik to remain connected. After you’ve uninstalled Kik, restart your mobile before reinstalling it.

Check for software updates

The final step is to check for software updates in your application store. If the latest version of the Kik app is available on the Google Play or Apple App Store, update the app right away.

Also guarantees that your app store is configured to auto-update so that once a new software version is issued, the application is updated automatically. If you restart your smartphone after updating the app, it will refresh the link with the recently updated application.


We hope you have enough knowledge to understand why Kik won’t send a video and also understand what are the ways to prevent it in the future. To completely address the issue, simply follow the procedures outlined in the article.


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