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Kik Keeps Saying Chat Limit Reached: 4 Easy Fixes

Kik Keeps Saying Chat Limit Reached: 4 Easy Fixes

Kik is an instant and free chatting application. It provides various communication benefits to its users. Kik allows you to send photos and videos to your loved ones. It also has the feature of making group chats and interacting with different people, but sometimes Kik keeps saying chat limit reached.

Kik is similar to iMessaging and Whatsapp in that it provides several modes of communication. But there is a minor difference between Kik and other messaging applications. Kik does not allow its users to send messages more than the limits defined and implemented in the software. 

If you are worried about this issue, then you don’t need to because this guide will help you in every possible way to resolve this issue.

What is a Kik chat limit error?

KIK chat new features

Kik is a wonderful app for online messaging and sending multimedia content. It has provided a new platform for technology enthusiasts. You can download this fantastic chatting app from your Google Play Store or Apple Store. Because of the numerous communication features, you may spend several hours on this app. 

Due to its limiting chat feature, one can get annoyed. Kik Chat capacity exceeds when users exceed their message limit, and an error occurs. Users will be unable to send messages after hitting the rate limit. As a result, they will obtain a 429 error message from the app. Error 429 implies that a person has surpassed the rate limit. So, your Kik keeps saying chat limit reached.

Kik audiences should also keep in mind that the Kik program does not save any of their messages. As a result, they are unable to give their users a copy of the discussion. Kik chats, on the other hand, can be kept locally on your smartphone and ultimately found in the Application data.

Why Kik keeps saying chat limit reached error?

using kik on smartphone

Every night, the limitation for these messages is reset. Texts are limited to 1000 for apple users and 600 for Android users. These restrictions are in effect for a total of 48 hours. Apart from the in-built limitation of the Kik application to restrict the number of messages in a day, there can be technical issues that might cause Kik keeps saying chat limit reached. 

The following external issues can cast problems in your chat limits:

Faulty cache files

A damaged cache file in your Kik software might be the first external cause of the conversation limit problem. Cache files began to be stored on your smartphone each time you opened the Kik App. When these files begin to take storage space or become damaged, they may cause network troubles and, as a result, technical faults with the software.

Inoperative internet connection

The inoperative internet connection is the second external issue that might cause the conversation limit problem on your Kik App. It is a typical issue since any technological fault is unavoidable when sending messages across an unsteady network connection. This problem can occur on both mobile broadband and WiFi network connections.

Old Version of Kik Application

The third external source causing the 429 error is an outdated version of the Kik App. Usually, your phone will update the application automatically based on the settings and presence of the system update on the play store or apple store. 

Nevertheless, if you have not enabled auto-updates in the Google Play or Apple App Store, your Kik may not be able to update automatically when a software update is available.

Damaged software files

If you have damaged files in your Kik software, you may see chat limit issues. The Kik software will ultimately block any faulty file, causing the problem to persist. Corrupted files might arise as a result of system interference or if you accidentally interrupt a software update. As a result, any option will result in an aggravating predicament.

How to resolve the kik keeps saying chat limit reached error?

KIK chat limit easy fix
KIK chat limit easy fix

People all over the globe are looking for an answer to the Kik Chat Limit Reached Error, but they have yet to find a lasting solution. But there are some hacks and tricks that can let you resolve this issue. 

Resolve all external causes

  • To guarantee that your device can link with the Kik server, reboot your network connection. Link your app to a stable, robust network to remain connected and prevent the 429 error. Unplug your internet gateway for a few seconds to let it restart. The same procedure pertains to your mobile internet; turn it off and then back on. If the problem persists, restart your phone to recover a solid connection.
  • The second approach is to go into your system preferences and verify the memory files. If they’ve gathered in your smartphone’s storage, wipe them off by hitting the clean cache choices. Cleaning off any cache files that have gathered on your device is typically a good idea to clear up storage and eliminate any inaccurate data.
  • The next step is to check for software updates in your app store. If the latest version of the Kik software is available on the Google Play or Apple App Store, download the update right away. Also guarantees that your app store is configured to auto-update so that once the latest software update is issued, the program is automatically updated.
  • The final step to restoring Kik functionality is to remove and then reinstall it. If the Kik application on your smartphone has erroneous data, you can uninstall and reinstall it. This will erase any corrupted files that are causing Kik to remain connected. After you’ve uninstalled Kik, restart your device before reinstalling it.

If the above-mentioned steps do not resolve the issue, then you can only wait till midnight until Kik restores the chat limit. 


Kik is an instant and wonderful application that allows you to send multimedia content to your loved ones. It has similar features to other online messaging Apps. Despite its features, you can’t send messages up to a certain limit. If you try to send beyond the limit, Kik keeps saying chat limit reached. We have tried to uncover the factors behind the chat limit reached error and provided possible solutions.