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Why I Have Lost BBC 1 And 2 on My Freeview TV?

Why I Have Lost BBC 1 And 2 on My Freeview TV?

Have you lost BBC 1 and 2 on Freeview? Does this happen only on your TV? Don’t worry; this article will show you why you are not able to access these channels and how you can fix the issue with easy troubleshooting methods.

Freeview is a popular British TV platform offering a variety of programs. However, the unavailability of any channel can be troublesome and cause frustration, especially when you are sitting in front of your TV and waiting for your favorite show to air.

What channel is BBC 1 and 2 on Freeview?

You can watch BBC 1 on the 101 channel and BBC 2 on the 102 channel on Freeview TV. However, if you want to enjoy the content on both of these channels, you either need a Freeview set-top box for SD quality or a Freeview HD for rich content.

For the time being, you can use the BBC iPlayer app to stream HD content on your TV, including live and on-demand shows from BBC 1, BBC2, BBC 4, BBC News, and BBC Parliament. You can easily find HD content from channel 101 in your Freeview TV guide list.

The BBC channel’s position depends on service availability in your region/postal code, type of equipment, and coverage.

Why have my BBC channels disappeared?

If you have lost BBC 1 and 2 on Freeview TV, it could be due to the following reasons.

  • You are experiencing retuning delays.
  • Your antenna is faulty or needs adjusting.
  • A temporary glitch in the TV software is causing a few channels to go missing.
  • Cables or connectors are loose.
  • You are experiencing Freeview coverage issues in your area.

How do I get my BBC channels back?

If your Freeview TV is not broadcasting BBC 1 or 2 for some reason, you can fix the problem with the following methods. 

Power cycle your TV

Whenever your Freeview TV shows any sign of malfunction, the first thing you can do is power cycle it. Luckily, the process is quite straightforward.

  • Turn off the TV, unplug all the connected cables, and pull the TC power cable out of the main outlet.
  • Wait for a few minutes and plug the power cable back into the main outlet.
  • Next, reconnect all the cables to the TV and the Freeview TV box.
  • Finally, turn on the TV and see if you can access BBC shows.

Retune Freeview Channels

Freeview service requires you to retune channels regularly so that the TV is updated with the channels available in your region. So if BBC 1 and 2 are missing, you may only need to retune your Freeview TV or set-up box. To do this,

  • Turn on your TV and press the Menu button on the supplied remote.
  • Next, use the remote navigational button to go to the aerial option and press OK.
  • Now select the Auto Store option and click OK again.
  • The TV will start the retune process, which will take a few minutes.
  • After the process is done, press the Exit or Back button on the remote.
  • Finally, go through the channels and find BBC 1 and BBC 2.

Factory reset your TV

Sometimes, a temporary glitch in the TV software causes a few channels to disappear from the channel list. To fix the issue, try resetting your TV with these steps.

  • First, press the MENU button located on the remote.
  • Select the Update, Rescan, or Reset option depending on your Freeview TV.
  • Next, enter the TV PIN if prompted.
  • Finally, choose the Reset option and let the process complete

Hopefully, BBC channels will magically appear this time. If the issue persists, delete some recording programs and try resetting again.

Check coverage

It’s possible that BBC 1 and 2 channels are not supported by your Freeview TV in your region anymore.

To confirm this, check Freeview coverage. If your region is not on the list, you may need to use an app to stream your favorite BBC programs.

Check aerial

The Freeview help center states that you may need to replace your aerial if you have lost BBC channels on the usual numbers (such as 101 for BBC One and 102 for BBC Two). You can call on Freeview Advice Line on freephone for further guidance.

The condition of the antenna on your TV is crucial, as it has to catch the signals. The antenna may undergo wear and tear with time, which impacts the picture quality and signal reception. When there comes a problem regarding channel loss, you may have to examine whether there is a need to replace or adjust the antenna.

A faulty antenna leads to channel disappearance. If you are capable of replacing the antenna, you can save a few bucks. If not, take your TV to a repair shop or call a technician to come to your residence and do the job for you. 

Troubleshoot cables and connectors

Loose cables and connectors are the most common cause of channel disappearance on Freeview TV. So to fix the issue, check if the TV power cable, HDMI, or aerial lead is loose. If this is the case, hand tight the leads to the respective connectors.

While at it, look for any visible damage to the cables attaching the Freeview set-up box to the TV. If any of them are faulty, replace those and see if you can find BBC 1 and 2 on your TV.

Note: A few Freeview set-up boxes don’t come with an HDMI cable or lead. However, you can easily find a compatible one from most electrical stores.


If you have lost BBC 1 and 2 on Freeview TV, you may think that it is a hard nut to crack. Hopefully, our step-by-step troubleshooting guide helped you explain the reasons for the disappearance of your favorite channels, and now you can find a way to watch your favorite shows using our tried and tested fixes.


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