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Oculus Blinking Red Light On The Headset: Here’s How To Fix It

Oculus Blinking Red Light On The Headset: Here’s How To Fix It

Are you using Oculus Quest, and is it showing a blinking red light on the headset? Does the issue occur with both Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets?

This guide will show you why you are facing the issue and fix it with easy troubleshooting steps.

The world is shifting to a virtual reality paradise, and you can experience it with Oculus Quest. The VR headset has features like stereo sound and head/eye-tracking sensors that change the field of vision as you turn your head.

However, many Oculus Quest users report that they see a flashing red indicator light on the headset. Although the Oculus Quest FAQ section does not clearly explain the reason for the issue, our guide will come in handy while you try to figure out the causes associated with the blinking red light on Oculus Quest.

What does flashing red mean on Quest 2?

What does flashing red mean on Quest 2?

Most of the time, Oculus blinking red light means the headset is not charging due to a problem with the AC power.

The problem also occurs if the battery is completely drained. In this case, the headset may or may not turn on.

Furthermore, a problem with the battery connection can result in a blinking red light on the headset. The issue occurs when you plug your Oculus Quest into the charger, but the headset shows no sign of charging.

You may try to hold the power button for 20 seconds, but it will only change the flashing rate rather than getting rid of the red light.

Why is my oculus light blinking red?

checking the oculus connections

If your Oculus Quest is flashing red light and won’t turn on, it could be due to any of the following reasons.

  • The headset battery is fully drained.
  • There is a problem with the headset battery connection resulting in a blinking red light.
  • Oculus Quest charger or charging cable is malfunctioning.
  • The Oculus charging port or the power socket is damaged.

How do I fix the blinking red light on Oculus Quest?

How do I fix the blinking red light on Oculus Quest?

Try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the blinking red light on Oculus Quest.

Do a forced charge

The first thing to fix the red blinking light on the Oculus headset is to charge it. Depending on the use, the headset takes around 1.5 to 2.5 hours to attain a full charge and indicates a green light.

When the Quest shows a green light, hold its power button for 30 seconds. Next, plug the charger into the headset to let it charge for another 30 minutes.

While plugged in, press the power button again to bring up the battery meter on the screen. If the battery meter shows an orange light, the headset is charging.

Now, wait for the light to turn green again. However, if the blinking red light does not turn to orange or not turning green, try the next fix.

Remove cover from the lenses

The Oculus Quest headset comes with a black cover with some instructions written on it. Some users put the cover on the lenses in the headset’s original box without unplugging it from the main wall or turning it off.

Sometimes, Oculus Quest wakes up because of the writing on the black cover as the lens tries to read and make a VR out of it.

As a result, the headset may drain out of energy and show a flashing red light. Therefore, if you are not planning to use your headset after charging it, turn it off entirely and avoid using a cover that has something written on it.

Use a different charger

You may be trying to use an incompatible or faulty charger to charge Oculus Quest. In this case, the headset batteries may never charge and show blinking red light.

So if you have another charger, try using it to charge your VR headset and see if this fixes the issue.

Use a different charging cable

A faulty or incompatible Oculus Quest USB charging cable is another cause of the red blinking light. If you have a spare cable, try that out with the charger. Afterward, confirm that the flashing red turns to orange.

Check the headset charging port

If you have tried replacing your charger and the charging cable, you may not have correctly connected the USB cable into the Oculus headset charging port.

To do this right, plug the cable into the headset firmly and slightly lift the bottom attached to it. You’ll know it as you will hear a cracking noise when the cable is plugged in. You’ll also see a little piece of the USB cable white metal popping out of the headset.

If the issue persists, apply a little pressure on the charging cable near the charging port.

If your Oculus Quest starts charging and the blinking red light turns orange, it may mean that the headset’s charging port is faulty. In this case, contact Oculus support to get the VR hardware repaired or replaced.

Check power plug

Flashing red light means that the headset is out of charge. However, the issue might not be with your charging accessories or your way of plugging the charging cable into the headset.

It’s possible that the power socket itself is faulty and not supplying the volts to Oculus Quest.

Therefore, plug in the charger to another power plug and see if you can get the orange light to show up on the headset.

Rule out Oculus overheating issues

Quite often, the Oculus headset won’t charge and keep on flashing red light if it is too hot. If this is the case, the device will eventually start charging after it cools down by itself.


Hopefully, this guide explained how to fix the Oculus blinking red light issue. The problem mainly occurs if you leave the headset on without charging it or not charging the headset after using it. Also, the battery loses charge sooner if you use a power bank to charge the headset.

Therefore, we recommend using the recommended charger with Oculus Quest. Additionally, fully charge the battery after using the headset and turn it off before storing it.

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