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PUBG Sound Not Working: Here’s How To Fix The Audio

PUBG Sound Not Working: Here’s How To Fix The Audio

Enjoying Kim Chang-Han battle royale PUBG when the sound is not working is nearly enough impossible.

Not being able to hear your teammate’s voice communication, or an enemy sneaking up behind, not only hinders your performance, potentially causing you to lose your match, but it also takes all the fun out of this first-person classic.

A simple mic tweak in the application management, a driver update, or damaged headphones may be causing the loss of sound when you play Player unknown’s battlegrounds.

Either way, our quick guide will help you diagnose the lack of sound and provide you with 5 easy fixes to restore the loss of audio when you are playing PUBG.

Why is PUBG sound not working?

playing pubg on phone

The sound on your PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may not be working due to your HDMI cable being inputted incorrectly, or your audio settings having been configured inaccurately. 

Further reasons entail;

Reason 1. Muted volume mixer

The volume mixer settings on your PC will have a separate toggle for your PUBG application so long as the game has been launched.

If this setting is muted, the audio will not work when you come to play your game, even though the other settings are set to high.

Reason 2. Missing file

If you are playing PUBG on your PC via Steam, you may have a missing file that corresponds to the audio of the game.

Reason 3. Incorrect in-game settings

Besides your sound settings needing to be set correctly on your device, PUBG will have in-game settings that will need to be set to play the sound properly.

If the ‘Master’ check box is not ‘enabled’, this may be why the sound is not playing through.

Reason 3. Outdated drivers

The drivers on your PC may be needing an update to improve the audio on your computer.

Keeping outdated sound drivers will interfere with sound performance as well as create faulty software stored on your system.

Reason 4. Faulty headphones

If you are making use of headphones while trying to be the last standing individual in your match, and you can’t hear any sounds through them, they may be faulty, or, if you are using Bluetooth headphones, they have been incorrectly paired to your device.

How to fix no sound when playing PUBG

sound issues pubg

Fix 1. Check audio settings

Make sure the audio settings are set correctly for PUBG and that no audio has been muted.

Step 1. Right-click on the ‘Volume’ button at the bottom of your screen (in the taskbar)

Step 2. Click on ‘Open Volume Mixer’

Step 3. Check to see that the PUBG volume is not muted, and that the other toggles are set to your preference

Note, before you open the volume mixer, launch PUBG otherwise it will not show up.

If you have swapped between using the speaker and a headset, the playback settings may still be set to the previous option.

Step 1. After right-clicking on the volume button, select ‘Sound Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘More Sound Settings’

Step 3. In the ‘Playback’ table, ensure the correct output has been selected

Follow the steps to ensure the settings have been saved.

If you are on your mobile device, make sure your ‘Media’ sound settings are configured correctly.

Fix 2. Confirm In-game settings

The audio settings in the game itself need to be set correctly so they can correspond with your device’s settings.

Check to see that the ‘Master’ box has been set to ‘enabled’ and all volume settings have been put to high.

Fix 3. Verify game files

If you are missing a file, or a file has become corrupted, it will interfere with the audio operating properly. Verifying the game files via Steam will make sure any faulty software is removed, and all data has been updated.

Step 1. Launch your Steam app

Step 2. Find PUBG and right-click on it

Step 3. Select ‘Verify Game Files’

Allow Steam to complete this process. Once it is done, relaunch your PUBG.

Fix 4. Update driver

The sound drivers on your PC may be needing an update, or contains corrupted data that would need to be removed.

You can automatically update your drivers by using Driver Easy. Once you have installed the application, run it, and follow the easy steps.

You can manually update your drivers if you wish to;

Step 1. Get onto your ‘Device Manager’

Step 2. Drop down the ‘Audio Inputs and Outputs’ tab

Step 3. Highlight your desired output option and right-click on it

Step 4. Select ‘Update Driver’

Follow the necessary steps.

Fix 5. Check headphones

If your headphones are faulty, check to see if they work with a different device, as well as make sure you have connected them correctly.

If you are using Bluetooth headphones, make sure they have been paired successfully to your device.

How to fix mic not working

pubg audio issues

Besides hiding, and staying away from trouble in PUBG being one of the best strategies to win PUBG, you need to be able to create a good team that will help you throughout the game.

If you are unable to communicate with other players, this can interfere with the success of your match, so it is vital that your mic is in working order when making your way across the map.

Fix 1. Check permissions

Are your permissions set to enable your mic to work on PUBG?

If you are on a mobile device;

Step 1. Access your ‘Settings’ and go into ‘Installed Apps’

Step 2. Find PUBG and click on it

Step 3. Select ‘App Permissions’

Step 4. Switch the permission to ‘Off’ for microphone

Relaunch PUBG and when it asks for ‘Microphone Permission’ choose ‘Allow’

If you are on a PC

Step 1. In ‘Settings’ go into ‘Privacy’

Step 2. Choose ‘Microphone’ and ensure the Microphone access in ‘enabled’

Step 3. Check to see that the microphone is on for PUBG too

Relaunch your Battlegrounds and test the mic.

Fix 2. Check Voice Chat settings

Step 1. Access your in-game settings

Step 2. Under the ‘Audio’ tab, scroll down to ‘Voice Chat’

Step 3. Check to see that all volumes are up and ‘Voice Input Mode’ is set to ‘Push to talk’

Exit your game and relaunch it once the settings have been checked.

Why is voice chat not working PUBG?

Your voice chat may not be working when you are trying to play PUBG due to;

  • Microphone settings are set incorrectly
  • Headset is faulty
  • The microphone is not connected properly

Make sure you have checked your permission settings which we have already outlined for you.


With your sound now restored, you are ready to get to the battleground and rack up those frag counts.

If for some reason you still find that the sound is not working when playing PUBG, there could be an internal problem with your speakers or headphones.

PUBG also has a customer service page that you can make use of. Keep in mind, PUBG may be experiencing issues on their server, that could be interfering with your audio issues. You can check their server status here.


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