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Sky Glass Remote Won’t Connect: 7 Reasons + Fixes

Sky Glass Remote Won’t Connect: 7 Reasons + Fixes

Do you have a Sky Glass TV, but its remote won’t connect to it, causing major inconvenience when it comes to wireless navigation?

In this post, I’ll go through these 7 reasons for this problem, and outline the solution to each one.

Why won’t my remote connect to Sky Glass??

  • Your remote is unsuccessfully pairing to your TV (most common reason)
  • Bluetooth is not working
  • The voice control on your remote is not processing instructions
  • Your Sky Glass remote buttons are not working
  • Your batteries are depleted

How do I get my Sky Glass to connect to my remote?

Fix 1. Check batteries

When you initially get the remote with your Sky Glass TV, there is paper kept in the battery component to protect it. If there is still paper wedged in this section, it will interfere with the remote working. To fix this:

  • Open the back where the batteries are and make sure there is no paper
  • Cover the front of the remote and check to see if there is a light that appears in the back. If there is a light, then you know your batteries are fine
  • Remove the batteries from your remote and try them on a different device. If the device does not work, you know you need to replace your batteries

Fix 2. Power reset your Sky TV

Power resetting your Sky TV will refresh the connection between your remote and your TV, fixing the issue in the process. For this:

Step 1. Click on the ‘Standby’ button (this will be on your remote or on your TV)

Step 2. Turn your TV off by switching the main plug off

Step 3. After around 30 seconds, turn the plug back on

Your Sky Glass TV will turn itself back on. Once it has started up again, click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote and see if it connects this time.

Fix 3. Pair your remote again

Your remote may not have paired successfully, or if there is a glitch due to an internet issue, it may have disconnected it from your Sky TV. To resolve this:

Step 1. At the same time, select buttons 1 and 3 and hold down for 3 seconds

Step 2. Click on ‘Continue’ after the ‘Connected’ message comes up

Your remote will now be paired. If you see the message ‘Connect your remote,’ this will mean the pairing wasn’t successful, and you need to do it again.

An alternative step to pairing your Sky Glass remote to its TV;

Step 1. Select buttons 4 and 6 at the same time and press down for 3 seconds

Step 2. Now click on buttons 1 and 3 at the same time and hold for a further 3 seconds

Note: Only one remote can be paired to your Sky Glass at a time.

Fix 4. Troubleshoot voice control

Step 1. With the remote held in front of you, press down on the ‘microphone’ button

Step 2. Request an action, and let go of the button

If the remote’s voice control is working properly, you should get a message on your TV screen as ‘Hello, what would you like to do?’

If this does not happen, you should remove the batteries and reinsert them after a couple of seconds.


Sky Glass TV is one of the latest TV models with a few extra perks, so you can’t go wrong with this smart TV.

One of its features is the impressive remote control that gives you the option to use voice control to activate your TV, so it’s understandable not having your Sky Glass remote connecting can be stressful.

We hope this guide has assisted you in understanding why your remote was not connecting and that you are now able to fix this issue so you can get back to using it without further inconvenience.


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