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Telegram Not Loading Images? How To Download Images

Telegram Not Loading Images? How To Download Images

Are you trying to receive pictures or GIFs on Telegram, but the images won’t load images? This issue can occur on your instant messaging app if you are trying to access the service with a weak internet connection, or if there is a software error with your application.

Images take up more space than standard text, so if your device’s memory or cache files are too full, your Telegram app could also incur issues when trying to load images. A simple app update, or changing a few settings on your app can help fix this problem with Telegram.

We have created this easy-to-follow directory that will guide you in understanding why Telegram won’t load images, and what steps you can take to eradicate this problem so you can get back to sending messages using texts and imagery.

Why is Telegram not downloading images?

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Telegram won’t load images if the cache files are full, the app is due a software update, or your internet connection is intermittent. Downloading images on Telegram requires more bandwidth than a standard text message and therefore requires a strong internet connection. 

Your phone memory is full

Images and videos have larger file sizes when it comes to how much memory they take up on your phone when you are downloading them to your phone.

If you are continuously chatting to individuals on Telegram with pictures and texts, your phone’s memory may reach capacity and not be able to store anything else.

Your internal or external memory is probably full, so it would be best if you deleted any unnecessary files off of your phone or computer.

The cache data is Full

Along with your phone’s storage being full, the cache data for Telegram may also be saturated.

The cache data is information files from Telegram that get stored on your device to make loading times quicker, as it keeps items like images and text in your memory so it does not need to reload every time you launch the application.

Telegram app is outdated

Apps are continuously being updated to get rid of any issues that have transpired in their current versions.

If you are using your Telegram app and there is a newer version available, this may be causing your images to not load.

It is advised to always make sure your app is on the latest version.

Internet connection is unstable

Because Telegram works over the internet, if your network connection is lagging, or disconnecting sporadically, this can interfere with the loading of images.

If Telegram does not acquire the necessary bandwidth speeds to download pictures, the communication request to the Telegram server will get interrupted, or time out.

Telegram server is down

The Telegram server may be down for planned maintenance, or there was an outage that has occurred. If the server is down, standard functions on the app will not perform.

You can check if Telegram is down by using a Downdetector.

Checking Downdetector will give you a clear indication if Telegram won’t load images due to an issue with your application or device, or if it’s due to an error on Telegram’s side.

How to fix Telegram not loading images

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Update Telegram

If you are using an outdated version of Telegram, this can interfere with the successful loading of images.

Updating Telegram is an easy task, by just going into your app store and selecting ‘Update’ if it gives you the option.

Clear Telegram’s cache

Clearing the cache files in Telegram will get rid of any contaminated files, and clear out the build-up of temporary data that has been stored on your device.

Step 1. In Telegram, go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Cache Settings’

Step 3. In Clear Cache, choose ‘Delete’

You have successfully cleared the cache storage in Telegram.

Clear your phone memory

Your phone memory will become full from Telegram if you are receiving ample amounts of images and videos.

As well as all the other media and apps on your phone, if this is too full, Telegram will not be able to load images for you.

Try deleting items off your phone that you no longer need. Deleting apps will create the most space.

Note, If you have an SD card in your device, Telegram will automatically store files here and not with the internal storage.

Turn auto-download on

The auto-download feature is good if your device keeps changing between Wifi and mobile data, and can ensure that your images load properly.

Step 1. In Telegram click on the 3 lines at the top left

Step 2. Choose ‘Data and Storage’

Step 3. Make sure the switches next to ‘Automatic Media Download’ for mobile data and Wifi are on

You have now ensured your media will automatically be downloaded.

Keep Telegram open

If you are trying to load an image or video on Telegram, and it is quite a large file, you will need to keep Telegram running in the background if you do not want to stay on their page.

Minimizing Telegram during the download phase will interfere with the image downloading.

How can I download images from Telegram?

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You can save images from Telegram directly onto your mobile by selecting the image you want to keep and choosing ‘Save’ from the options list. The steps will vary depending if you are using an Android or iPhone mobile, or if you are on a PC. 

On Android

Step 1. On the Telegram app, click on the desired photo 

Step 2. Select the button with the three dots on the top right side of the screen

Step 3. Click on ‘Save’

On iPhone

Step 1. Select the image you want to save

Step 2. Choose the ‘Share’ option

Step 3. Click on the three dots at the top

Step 4. Select ‘Save Image’


Step 1. Right-click on the graphic you want to save

Step 2. Choose ‘Save Image As’

Step 3. Decide where you want to save the image on your computer

You can now successfully save images from Telegram on your desired device.

How do I automatically save photos from Telegram to the gallery?

With the Telegram app, there is a featured setting where you can enable pictures to be saved automatically into your gallery folder.

Step 1. Launch the Telegram app

Step 2. Click on the ‘Menu’ option and press ‘Settings’

Step 3. Now choose ‘Chat Settings’

Step 4. You will now be able to choose the ‘Save to Gallery’ option to be enabled

All videos and images that you receive from your chats will be found in your media files.


With this guide, we hope you were able to decipher which reason was causing your Telegram app to not load any images and that one of our five easy fixes was able to help you fix your instant messaging app.

If however, you are still experiencing issues with Telegram not downloading pictures, we suggest you contact them directly.

You can fill out their online form.


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