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Verizon Keeps Losing Service: Connect with 5 Easy Steps

Verizon Keeps Losing Service: Connect with 5 Easy Steps

If Verizon keeps losing service, have you checked their coverage map to confirm if you are in an area that is out of range?

The Verizon signal will drop if the network is too congested in a certain location, or if there is an outage in a specific area.

If your mobile is trying to connect to a cell tower that is damaged, you won’t receive strong signal.

A quick reprogram on your phone, or a software update can help prevent your Verizon phone from losing signal.

We have created this easy to read guide to expand on why Verizon keeps losing service, and to provide you with simple solutions you can action so your device can stay connected to Verizon without any further disruptions.

Why does my Verizon phone keep dropping service?

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Verizon will keep dropping service if you have moved to a different location that does not receive adequate network coverage. Certain areas are out of range from the Verizon network towers which will cause your mobile device to lose its signal connection.

If your Verizon device keeps losing service while you’re in a zone that received adequate signal, it could be due to the following reasons;

1. Verizon outage

The Verizon network may be down across all regions. An outage will interfere with your mobile service because your device will not be able to reach the Verizon cell tower.

With an outage, you will not be able to complete a manual act to receive service on your phone, as you will have to wait until the Verizon technicians have restored the service.

You can, however, check the Verizon server to stay up to date with the current status.

2. Mobile not programmed to the wireless network

Sometimes, your phone’s program will not be connected to the Verizon wireless network.

This can occur after you’ve completed a phone reset, or if you have lost certain settings on your device.

3. Faulty sim card

Unfortunately, a faulty sim card can be the cause of Verizon to keep losing service on your device. If it has been inserted incorrectly, this can be another reason you will not receive any signal.

4. Network congestion

Network congestion will occur on Verizon if there is an influx of people on the network at the same time and in the same place or close proximities.

Your Verizon service will slow down and lose signal if the network cannot handle the number of users trying to connect to its cell towers.

5. Environmental changes

Bad weather conditions can cause your Verizon device to keep losing service. These conditions include severe storms, gale-force winds and even storms.

The weather can interfere with a signal successfully reaching your device.

6. Blocked cell tower

Verizon will keep losing service if the closest cell tower for your device is blocked by a large tree or a building.

Concrete buildings can also absorb signals which will stop your device from picking up the signal. You may experience the ‘call failed’ error when you try and use your voice in these locations.

How do I fix Verizon no service?

Verizon keeps losing service

If you stay in a Verizon coverage region, your device should no longer lose signal. Before you move to a different area, make sure you check the Verizon coverage map to ensure you will pick up a signal. Certain locations will have weaker signals than others, but this will depend on where the cell tower is, and how far out the area is.

Other ways in which you can fix your Verizon service from keep dropping are;

1. Reprogram your mobile device

You may need to reprogram your phone back onto the Verizon wireless network.

To do this;

Step 1. Dial * 22

Step 2. Choose option 1

Note, Make sure you complete this call in an area that receives a good signal.

2. Replace sim card

First, take your sim card out of your mobile for at least thirty seconds before you reinsert it.

Make sure you insert the sim card in the correct way.

If this does not work, you may need to replace your sim card, which Verizon should give you for free.

3. Update your mobile software

Sometimes, if your mobile device is operating on outdated system software, this can interfere with your mobile network working properly.

Check your phone if there is a system update available. If there is, complete the update and restart your mobile to refresh the data.

4. Exit building

If you are in a high rise concrete building, or in a basement when Verizon keeps losing service, try leaving your current situation and use your mobile outside or in a more open area that is not blocked.

Once you have left, attempt to send a SMS, or make a call to check that you now pick up service.

5. Restart your device and wait

Restart your device to refresh the connection, and erase any faulty software that may currently be on your phone.

If your Verizon service keeps dropping service, you will need to wait until Verizon fixes the issue. This will be specific if there is network outage, or there is too much congestion.

How to improve cell phone signal

Verizon keeps losing service

A cellphone signal booster will improve how well a mobile picks up your network service provider. This device’s purpose is to amplify the current signal you receive on your phone. The booster device will have an antenna which will pick up additional reception you can use.

If you use an amplifier, your voice calls won’t drop, with a more clear sound and your internet speeds will improve. This device will also extend your mobile’s battery life.

(Did you know; Verizon supplies over one million miles of fiber globally. This is enough to go around Earth 40 times).

You can check out a Verizon cellphone signal booster available on Amazon here.

This device is great to use if you’re going to be moving to an area that does not have a great Verizon network coverage.

How do I reset my Verizon cellphone to local towers?

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You can reset your Verizon cellphone to connect to the closest cell tower by turning your mobile off and on again. This will reset your phone to reconnect to a cell tower as soon as it is operating again. Your mobile will automatically search for the nearest, local cell tower.

If this does not work, another way you can connect to your local Verizon cell tower is to dial * 288 and choose option 2. 

Note, it can take your phone a few minutes to complete the update.

Alternatively, you can call * 22899 and press ‘send’. Your phone should then ring, followed by an automated voice that will confirm the update.

Why am I not getting 5G on my Verizon phone?

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Your Verizon phone will not get 5G if you are in an area that does not support a 5G network. Some locations do not have the capacity to support 5G. This can be due to the cell phone towers in that area, or the 5th generation network has not been rolled out in the area.

Other reasons why your Verizon phone is not picking up 5G include;

  • Your mobile network plan does not support 5G
  • The sim card you are using is not compatible
  • Updates still need to be made on your device

If you are unsure about whether or not your mobile should work on 5G, we recommend you contact Verizon directly.


We hope this guide has helped you understand why Verizon keeps losing service, and that you were able to rectify this issue with one of our six easy fixes.

Keep in mind, Verizon will drop its service if the network is under maintenance. In this case, you will need to be patient until their technicians finish their work.

If issues still persist on your device, we suggest you make use of Verizon’s online contact support feature. Here, you will be able to select how you want to speak to one of their consultants.


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