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Virgin Media DEF01 Error Creating Account (How To Fix)

Virgin Media DEF01 Error Creating Account (How To Fix)

Are you encountering a Virgin Media DEF01 error message when attempting to register an online account?

Error DEF01 occurs when trying to create a new account, but it can also appear when trying to reset a password. To fix the issue, you should try using a different device, changing browsers, and clearing your cache data.

Below we will run through some quick and easy troubleshooting steps.

Clear cache & browsing data

Clearing your browsing data is typically the first step to try if you are experiencing the DEF01 Virgin error

  • Launch your internet browser
  • Click the three dots in the right-hand section of the browser 
  • Select ‘More Tools‘ and ‘Clear Browsing Data
  • Tick ‘Cookies and other site data‘ from the selection boxes
  • Hit ‘Clear data

You can now restart your browser and try creating a new Virgin Media account.

Try a new device or browser

create virgin media account on chrome

Some users have solved the DEF01 issue by using a new device or internet browser. If you have been trying to log in from your phone, try accessing your account on a laptop or tablet.

You can also try swapping internet browsers. If you are using Google Chrome, try logging into your Virgin account on Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

Register with a different email address

register with a new email address

Error DEF01 commonly occurs when trying to use an email address that has been previously registered on the network.

To solve the issue, try using a new email address, or even better create a fresh email account and try using that.

Use the Virgin Media App

Another quick and easy solution is to try accessing your account using the My Virgin Media App.

Just head over to your device’s app store and install the My Virgin Media app for free. It works on both iOS and Android.

Contact Virgin Media Support

contacting virgin media

If you are still experiencing Virgin Media Error DEF01 and have exhausted all other options, then the last step is to contact Virgin Media Support. They will be quick you assist you and will have the tools to get you back up in running in no time.

You can talk to them using their online messenger service or by calling them on freephone number 0345 454 1111. 


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