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Virgin Media Error Code N27 And How To Fix It

Virgin Media Error Code N27 And How To Fix It

Error codes can be annoying, but they can also be helpful. If you’re experiencing Virgin Media Error Code N27, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to resolve the issue. We’ll also provide some tips on how to fix a few more error codes on Virgin Media.

Virgin Media Error Code N27 And How To Fix It

If the error number N27 appears on your Virgin Media TV box, it implies the box has detected a network issue. It also signifies that the ethernet cable connection is loose with the box. Follow the instructions below to resolve the problem:

  • Ensure the white coaxial wire is plugged into the Virgin Media outlet. If it isn’t, tighten it using your fingers.
  • Ensure that the white coaxial wire is secure at both the splitter’s terminals and the rear of the TV box.
  • If you’re connecting your TV box to the Virgin Media Hub, make sure the white coaxial wire is securely attached to both the Hub and the box.
  • Make sure the Ethernet cable is securely connected to the TV box and to the Hub’s back.
  • To rectify the issue, disconnect your Virgin Media TV box from the primary wall socket and reconnect it.

Fixing Virgin Media Error Code 7400

If your Virgin Media box displays a 7400 error code, it signifies it has not yet been activated. Try the methods below to resolve the error.

  • To reset the TV box, press the Standby button for approximately 10 seconds. Remove the Set-top box’s adapter cable and reattach it after several seconds. Afterward, push the Standby button to power on the television box and observe if this fixes your issue. 
  • Another way of resolving the 7400 error code is also pretty straightforward. Log in to your Virgin Media account, which is linked to your TV set-top box. Check the Tool Status page to see whether Virgin Media is experiencing connection difficulties in your location, or use a third-party web service to find out. If it is, you have two options: call the Virgin Media customer support center or wait for Virgin Media to resolve the issue on its own.
  • Following a bad connection to the VM servers, V6 and Tivo machines may not activate in 30 minutes of installation and configuration. As a result, you should call Virgin Media customer service to manually activate your box. Your Virgin account number, set-top box serial number, and area code must be provided.

Fixing Virgin Media C501 Error Code

Sometimes, when you are watching movies on your Tivo box, you’ll get the C501 code. To correct this problem, follow these steps:

  • Access Help & Settings by pressing the Home button on the Tivo box remote.
  • Choose Virgin Media service account status from System Info.
  • Check to see that the account is in proper standing.
  • Return to the Help & Settings section and pick Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • To link to the Virgin Media service, go to the Network settings and select “Connect to the Virgin Media service now.”
  • If you are unable to connect, you must call Virgin Media customer service to schedule an engineer visit.
  • If you successfully connect to the Virgin media servers, switch off the set-top box by pressing the power button on the box’s rear. 
  • Verify that the Ethernet and coaxial cables on the back of the box and the splitter are tight.
  • Wait 5 minutes after turning on your Tivo unit and see if the error code clears!

Virgin Media Error Codes C133 And C130 And How To Fix Them

Whenever the Virgin Media service and the TV box fail to connect, error codes C133 and C130 appear on the screen. To fix this problem, follow these steps:

  • Restart your Virgin Media TV set-top box.
  • On your TV box remote, click on the Home button.
  • Choose Help & Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Afterward, go to Settings and then Network.
  • “Connection in Progress: Get Status”  or “Connect to the Virgin Media Service now” are the options.
  • Allow a few minutes for the connecting process to finish.
  • Check that the error is no longer visible on your TV box.

Fixing Virgin Media Error Code W02

The W02 error number indicates issues with your Virgin Media box’s signal on particular channels. You can repair this problem by following these steps:

  • To begin, make sure the white wire connection is firm to the Virgin Media wall socket and the rear of your TV box.
  • Make sure the white cable from the wall socket is firmly tied to the splitter.
  • Ensure the box is in the vertical position if it’s linked to the Virgin Media Hub. Lastly, double-check that the white cable that connects to the Hub is securely connected.
  • To switch it off and on again, press the power button on the underside of the TV box.
  • Check whether your Virgin Media box has stopped showing the error code.

Fixing Virgin Media 604 Error Code

If you get an error code 604 on your Virgin Media TV box, it signifies the program you’re trying to watch is only accessible for a limited time. The very first step in resolving this error is to ensure that your TV box is able to link to your Ultra HD 4K television.

If the TV box is unable to connect to the HD 4K TV, contacting VM customer service should be the next step. After you’ve resolved the connection issues, move on to the next stage in the troubleshooting process.

  • Check to see if your Ultra HD 4K TV has HDCP 2.2 compatibility. If not, go over to Home, access Home & Settings, and go to Settings. Click on Video Output, select Video Output Format, and then Video Output Format.
  • Select the 2160p resolution and select the 1080p resolution.
  • To save the modified settings, click Continue and push the “Thumbs up” button thrice.
  • If the Ultra HD 4K TV enables HDCP 2.2, make sure you’re using a high-speed HDMI cable to link the set-top box to the television.

Bottom Line

Many Virgin Media customers have reported seeing various error codes on their television boxes, including the Virgin Media error code N27. We’ve included the probable fixes for the issues that the majority of users experience but are unable to resolve.

These are all quick fixes that will have you back to your regularly scheduled programming in no time. If these basic repairs fail to resolve the error codes, you can reach out to the Virgin Media help center for assistance.