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Xbox One Can’t Find Any Wireless Networks: How to Fix?

Xbox One Can’t Find Any Wireless Networks: How to Fix?

Want to know what to do if your Xbox One can’t find any wireless networks? Here are the reasons why this might be happening and how to fix it.

The Xbox One and its successors, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, were the latest Xbox consoles from Microsoft. That is, until recently, getting overthrown by the Xbox Series X and Series S. Of course, many amongst us can’t yet afford to buy either of these two new consoles.

However, if you’re still stuck with an older Xbox One console, we can say that there is nothing wrong with that! Except, maybe, experiencing the occasional glitch here and there—such as when the Xbox One can’t find any wireless networks!

If your Xbox One can’t find any wireless networks, here are some reasons why this might be happening. Plus, how to fix that!

Why Is It That My Xbox One Can’t Find Any Wireless Networks?

If your Xbox One can't find any wireless networks, try switching off nearby wireless devices.

The most obvious reason why your Xbox One can’t find any wireless networks is that there aren’t any! Ensure that your router or the WiFi is in a close enough range and working correctly. Additionally, switch off any nearby devices that could be interfering with the connection. Things like headsets, speakers, and phones can all disrupt your internet connection.

That’s not to say your internet is the only reason why your Xbox can’t find or connect a network. If there’s nothing wrong with your internet service, then there may be other mysterious issues at play. For example, fluctuating internet speeds, Xbox technical problems, and some of the other issues listed below.

How Can I Fix an Xbox One That Can’t Find Any Wireless Networks?

I wish I could play games but my Xbox One can't find any wireless networks.

We know the feeling; you’ve had a hard day, and you’re ready to play. But, no matter how many times you switch your router on and off, your Xbox One just can’t find any wireless networks! Let’s try and sort this frustrating problem out with some of these solutions.

Check Your Internet Speed

When you sign up for an internet package, you are usually guaranteed a certain download and upload speed. Small fluctuations in both internet download and upload speeds are normal. In unusual but not impossible circumstances, your internet speed may fluctuate drastically.

In this case, you may still appear to have connectivity. Yet, get errors when trying to connect or load pages. To ensure that you are not experiencing slow internet speeds, you should check your internet speed. You can do so using an internet speed checker, such as

Turn Off Conflicting Devices Nearby

Maybe your Xbox One can't find any wireless networks because of nearby devices.

Do you use a lot of wireless devices? You may be surprised to know that these other devices could be disrupting your Xbox One’s internet connection. If your Xbox One can’t find any wireless networks, it is advisable to switch any nearby devices off while playing.

For example, turn off any wireless:

  • Headsets
  • Speakers
  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Soundbars
  • Baby monitors
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Air conditioners
  • Microwaves
  • Other electronic devices & appliances

Ensure Your Xbox One Has the Best Signal & Connectivity

Do you have a perfectly fine, fast, and operating internet or WiFi signal? Regardless, if your Xbox One isn’t positioned in the best spot, it may not be getting adequate signal to connect. 

Try some of these steps to improve or boost your Xbox One’s access to your internet signal:

  • Move any large objects between your Xbox One and your WiFi router, modem, or extender out of the way.
  • Position your Xbox One closer to your WiFi router, modem, adapter, or extender.
  • Reposition your WiFi adapter or extender closer to your modem or router to ensure the best signal boost.
  • Switch off any other nearby devices and apps using the internet, such as your TV and phone applications.
  • Hardwire your Xbox One console to the internet using an ethernet cable.
  • Troubleshoot your WiFi connection in your Xbox Console Settings menu.
  • Check to see if Microsoft or Xbox Live servers are down on a server down detector site.
  • If nothing else works, also try these fixes if your Xbox keeps disconnecting from the internet.

Fix the UPnP Not Successful Xbox One Error

Are you getting the “UPnP not successful” error in your Xbox One network settings? This unique network error can cause issues with your Xbox Live connection. UPnP stands for Universal Plug and Play, which automatically directs your router traffic and assigns ports.

If you believe a UPnP error may be to blame for your Xbox connectivity problems, try this:

  • Log into your router.
  • Look for your UPnP settings.
  • Check that UPnP is enabled.
  • Then, disable UPnP and save your settings.
  • Switch your Xbox console off and back on.
  • Go back to your router UPnP settings.
  • Enable UPnP again and save your settings.
  • Restart your Xbox console again.
  • See if this solved the issue.

Power off & Reset Your Console to Fix the Your Xbox Can’t Find Any Wireless Networks Issue

What if your Xbox One can’t find or see any wireless networks? The age-old question, “have you switched it off and on again, still stands.” Except, how you do so matters. 

Follow these steps to restart your Xbox One console correctly and hopefully fix the issue:

  • Switch off your Xbox One console.
  • Pull out your Xbox One console power cable.
  • Before you do anything, leave the power cable out for a minute or two.
  • Then, plug it back in.
  • Power up your console.
  • Now, check the network connections list to see if your wireless network is visible.
  • You can also try long-pressing the Xbox One power button for around ten seconds until it switches off.
  • Then, switch it back on.
  • Restarting your console like this may automatically check and update your console on restart.
  • You can also try checking for updates manually in your Xbox One settings menu.
  • Alternatively, you may need to soft or hard reset on your Xbox One console.


All these games to play, but my Xbox One can't find any wireless networks.

It’s annoying if Xbox One can’t find any wireless networks, especially if your internet is working fine. We hope that some of these unique solutions helped you fix the issue and get back to gaming!


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