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Apple TV Not Working On Smart TV: Fix The App With Our Guide

Apple TV Not Working On Smart TV: Fix The App With Our Guide

If Apple TV is not working on your Smart TV you may be experiencing issues such as the app freezing, buffering issues, movies not playing, or other app-related problems.

Most Apple TV issues can be solved by checking your internet connection, updating to the latest software, or by reinstalling the app.

If your Apple TV app has stopped working, we have created some quick and easy solutions to get the app back up and running.

Signs your Apple TV is not working on Smart TV

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  • Apple TV won’t launch when you try and open it
  • Movies do not play
  • Media keeps buffering
  • Apple TV app freezes
  • App does not show on your TV
  • Connectivity issues

Issues can present themselves in many different ways on your Apple TV app, however, fixing these issues can be completed without having to take complicated measures.

Why is my Apple TV not working on my Smart TV?

Your Apple TV may not be working on your Smart Television due to the following reasons;

Reason 1. Bad internet connection

A sporadic internet connection will interfere with Apple TV working on your smart TV.

If the app cannot get a clear connection, it will time out, and disconnect.

Apple TV requires the following speeds to be able to stream successfully:

  • 5Mbps for high-definition streaming
  • 25Mbps for 4K HD streaming

Reason 2. Incompatibility

Your smart TV may be incompatible with Apple TV.

This is an unlikely occurrence, however, it is a possible reason for the app to not launch on your device.

You can check here for all the compatible smart TVs.

Reason 3. Outdated Apple TV app

Your Apple TV app may be overdue for an update.

Applications are continuously being updated to get rid of any faulty software and to improve the performance of the app by eradicating any previous issues identified in previous versions.

Reason 4. Smart TV issues

If your Smart TV is malfunctioning, this will interfere with any apps installed on it.

Your TV’s software may be glitching, or it may be due to an upgrade causing it to be problematic when you are trying to watch content on it.

Firmware is your smart TV’s operating system and this controls your TV’s present features, eradicates bugs, and improves its overall performance.

Your Firmware may be needing an update, which can help solve this problem you are experiencing.

The Apple TV app may be down, if this is the case, you won’t be able to do anything on your side as you will need to wait for the problem to be fixed on the server side.

You can check here to confirm if it is experiencing server issues.

Note: please ensure you are using the correct Apple ID credentials when accessing your Apple TV app. If you have more than one ID and you are using the incorrect one, your app will not work.

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How do I get Apple TV to work on my Smart TV

Fix 1. Reinstall the app

Reinstalling your Apple TV app can help fix the problem of your Apple TV not working on your Smart TV.

This will correct any faulty software that may be in your app’s software that is interfering with the functioning of the app.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ on your smart television

Step 2. Find your Apple TV app

Step 3. Click on ‘Reinstall’

This will cause your Apple TV app to overrule the current version.

Fix 2. Check your internet connection

You need to ensure your internet connection is secure for the app to be able to load and stream successfully.

Check your network speed here to confirm you have adequate bandwidth speed.

Resetting your router will aid in rectifying this problem on your smart TV.

Step 1. Switch your router off

Step 2. Unplug it from the plug point

Step 3. Wait a couple of minutes (5 – 10)

Step 4. Plug your router back in and switch it on

Let your Smart TV reconnect to the internet and launch Apple TV.

Fix 3. Check DNS settings

Make sure the DNS settings are correct on your smart TV. The correct DNS settings can aid in making your internet connection faster and more secure.

The DNS settings will be under the ‘IP Settings’ in the TV settings section.

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Note: you may not be required to input a secondary DNS.

There are a few generic troubleshooting methods you can do on your device to help this problem, that will work for many other issues that transpire on your smart TV;

  • Log out and back into your Apple TV app
  • Restart your TV by removing its plug from the plug point for a couple of minutes
  • Update your smart TV’s firmware (operating system)


Apple TV is a popular media streaming platform, providing a vast range of content for users to choose from.

You don’t need to have a current Apple account to be able to download and make use of the Apple TV app, as you can create an Apple ID specifically for Apple TV.

With Apple TV being available on almost all platforms, one does not expect to experience it to stop working on their Smart TV.

We hope this guide has assisted you in being able to fix this problem, and that we provided you with enough information to prepare you for any further issues with your Apple TV app on your smart TV in the future.


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