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If I Uninstall GTA 5 Will I Lose Everything?

If I Uninstall GTA 5 Will I Lose Everything?

Do you need to uninstall GTA 5 from your console, and are worried you will lose everything when you do?

Uninstalling a game off of your device can potentially result in you losing all of the progress you have made, as well as any personalized settings you have taken the time to put in place.

You may be thinking about uninstalling your GTA 5 game because you need to get rid of your console, or, you are coming into contact with an error, and thinking reinstalling the app will fix the issue.

We have created this guide to answer all of your questions, and any steps you may be required to know in order to complete a successful reinstallation.

If I uninstall GTA 5 will I lose everything?

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You’re ready to uninstall and reinstall GTA 5, but are you now wondering; ‘If I uninstall GTA 5 will I lose everything’

The answer to this question is NO. You will not lose any of your saved data & settings when uninstalling GTA 5.

If you are playing the game online, all your saved settings and data will be stored in the Rockstar server and not on your system, so when you come to reinstall the game, you will be able to start from where you left off.

You can delete your ‘local saves’ and still have your online progress saved. You will need to purposefully delete your progress if that is something you want to do.

You are able to uninstall GTA 5 off of your device and reinstall it again, so long as you ensure all files are deleted off of your device so when you install it again, it will be a ‘clean install’.

How to perform a clean install for GTA V?

If you are playing GTA 5 on a PC, and you are wanting to complete a clean install, you can do so by following the instructions below.

A clean install is important to complete after uninstalling the game off of your device as it ensures there are no files left on your device that will interfere with the new software being downloaded.

If you have downloaded GTA from Steam:

Step 1. On Steam, find GTA and right-click on it

Step 2. Click on Uninstall and then Delete

Step 3. Now go into the folder where GTA was installed (Default C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\)

Step 4. Make sure all files are deleted in this folder

If you have not downloaded GTA from Steam:

Step 1. Use a program to uninstall the app off of your device

Step 2. Get into the folder where the files have been saved for GTA (Default C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\)

Step 3. Delete any files that are still in this folder

If you have downloaded GTA with Rockstar:

Step 1. Delete anything in this folder (C:\Users\<>\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTAV)

Step 2. Delete all files in this folder (C:\Users\<>\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTAV)

Be sure to back up your files before completing the deletion just to ensure your data is saved for any possible malfunctions that may occur.

Once this has been completed, reinstall GTA 5 as you did initially.

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What to do if GTA won’t install?

If you are trying to install GTA 5 onto your console again after you have uninstalled the app, and you are experiencing problems, we have outlined a method you can try to get your device to complete the install successfully.

If you are using the GTA 5 disc and not the online game that comes with the purchasing of GTA 5;

Restart Install

Step 1. Get rid of whatever has been downloaded

Step 2. Switch your internet off

Step 3. Put the GTA disc back into your console

Step 4. Once it has been installed completely, turn your internet back on

Step 5. Switch the game and let it complete any updates

Your GTA 5 game should now be installed successfully.

If you are making use of GTA online, you can restart your internet connection by turning it off and waiting a couple of minutes before switching it back on.

Why does GTA 5 take so long to install?

The download of GTA 5 may be taking very long to install on your device, because of the size of the game.

GTA V is an’ Open World’ game with a lot more detail than your average linear video game.

There may have also been upgrades to the GTA 5 software when you are wanting to download it, so before starting the download phase, there will be checks for any further updates that need to take place.

The GTA server may also be down, which can be checked here.

How do I delete my GTA online data?

If you are wanting to get rid of all your saved data because you are selling your console, or just want to start afresh, this can be achieved.

Step 1. Go onto your GTA 5 game

Step 2. Now ‘Pause Menu’

Step 3. Select ‘Game’ and then ‘Load Game’

Step 4. Highlight on the saved data and press ‘Delete’

Step 5. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm you want to delete it

You can do this on all your saved games if you have more than one. Once this has been completed, restart GTA to confirm all data has been removed.

Before going ahead with deleting any of your data off of GTA, it is advised to first check there are no issues with the GTA server, as this could potentially interfere with the successful completion of uninstalling, reinstalling, or deleting data altogether.

You can check the status here as well as make use of downdetector.

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With GTA being one of the most popular games available on consoles and PC, the game has over 150 thousand players.

Needing to uninstall a game off of your device can be stressful if you have built up your characters, wins, and specific settings, as there is a possibility of potentially losing all your saved data.

We hope this guide has assisted you in understanding what will happen if you uninstall your GTA 5, and that you can move forward knowing that you will not lose everything.


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