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Are Tiktok Favorites Private? Revealed!

Are Tiktok Favorites Private? Revealed!

You may have wondered are your TikTok favorites private? Or can they be seen by others?

Your TikTok favorites are private and cannot be seen by other people. However, your likes can be.

In this post, I’ll take a look at:

  • How your Tiktok favorites are private (and that all means)
  • Can you likes be private?
  • How to save something to TikTok favorites
  • TikTok favorites collection – how do you organize it
  • What to do if you lose your favorites folder
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Your TikTok Favorites Are Private

TikTok values privacy in many of its settings, and favorites are one of these.

Favorites are private, and no-one can view them other than you – including followers.

Adding things to your TikTok likes is a way to come back to watch something later, enjoy it more than once or use it as inspiration.

Can Your Likes Be Private?

Although, as standard, your TikTok likes are public, TikTok has advised they understand that some people do not want this.

Therefore they have implemented a privacy settings feature that allows your TikTok likes to be private. To enable this with ease, we have the steps right here:

  1. Access privacy and settings by clicking the three dots in the corner
  2. Then choose tap who can see what I’ve liked
  3. Choose between ‘all’ or ‘me.’
  4. Suppose you’re looking for everyone to be able to see your favorites click all. You can change this at any time.

If you are unsure whether your likes can be seen, you can head to the above settings to find out.

How to save something to TikTok favorites

Users prefer to use favorite instead of TikTok as it keeps them separate, making it easy to locate the video you’re looking for.

After all, sifting through your favorites every time would be a lot, especially if you like a lot of videos. Add a video to your TikTok favorites, and you need to do the following:

Tap the share icon when you’re watching the video, then tap add to favorites icon, which will appear under social.

Where are TikTok favorites?

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The favorites feature can be found easily by:

  • Clicking on the ‘me’ section in the bottom right corner
  • Then next to the edit profile button, there is a little icon that looks similar to a bookmark
  • Here are where your TikTok favorites are saved to.

TikTok favorites collection: How do I organize it?

This process is fairly straightforward, although it can time consuming.

Especially if you have a large number of favorites to add, you can choose the name of your playlist, and it will be shown on your profile. You can include your own content on there, which of course, increases views.

Unfortunately, you cannot add private videos to a playlist as this is supposed to be used to make your profile more engaging. However, if you have a personal profile, only those who follow you will see these favorites.

The feature is excellent for those who make series’ such as makeup tutorials, collaborations with brands, or even pet videos.

The idea behind the playlist encourages users to stay on your profile for longer. Not only do they get to know you but also what you might like.

Where has my favorites folder gone?

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On Reddit, various threads are advising of the issue of their TikTok favorites folder disappearing.

As avid TikTok users will know, taking the time to organize your favorites into folders can be time consuming. So when they disappear, users are finding it annoying. After all, many users spend hours organizing their favorites.

TikTok doesn’t appear to have released a fix for this yet.

One user advised that deleting the app and redownloading it again fixes the issue for them.

However, they do also recommend you sometimes need to do this repeatedly, with users claiming they’ve done up to 30 times before they had success with this method.

Another user advised clicking create a new account, following the steps to create an account, then the new account had folders. They signed out of this account, went on to their normal one, and the folders were back.

Although this isn’t an ideal fix, TikTok users do seem to have some success with the above methods.


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