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ESPN Casting Not Working? 10 Causes & Solutions

ESPN Casting Not Working? 10 Causes & Solutions

Are you trying to cast ESPN to your television and it’s just not working correctly? Don’t worry – we have the answers and can help you get well on your way to seamless casting in no time.

If ESPN casting isn’t working for you, this is likely because of an issue with your internet connection or you’re running a VPN which is interfering with ESPN. To fix this, try checking your internet connection and disabling any VPNs you’re running.

Continue reading to find out all the fixes for issues with ESPN casting not working correctly.

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Close Down App/Browser and Relaunch

The first step to try when correcting issues with ESPN not casting to a television is to close down the ESPN app and relaunch it. If you’re viewing ESPN in a browser, we advise closing down the browser window completely and restarting it.

Rebooting your app/browser should help to reset any issues and get the casting process working again for you.

Check Internet Connection

Another way to fix this issue is to check if your internet connection is working effectively. Try loading up a different app/browser window and see if these are loading correctly.

If these aren’t loading either it’s likely that a bad internet connection is the cause of the casting problems you’re experiencing. We recommend rebooting your Wifi router, and waiting at least 5 minutes before switching it back on. Once it’s reset, try casting ESPN again to see if the issue has been fixed.

Try Using Mobile Data

Sometimes Wifi doesn’t offer the best connection when trying to cast an app from your phone onto a television device. We recommend switching to your mobile data instead to see if this shows an improvement.

If this improves the situation it’s worth investigating your Wifi connection to see if there’s anything that can be done here to improve it.

Switch off VPN

Running a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can often cause issues with other apps, including when attempting to cast to a TV.

If you’re running a VPN we recommend disabling this to determine whether this is causing your casting issues with ESPN. Test casting when you’ve disabled the VPN – if things work correctly you may need to research alternative VPNs that don’t interfere with casting processes.

Clear Cache

It’s worth clearing your cache on the ESPN app if you’ve tried all of the solutions so far and nothing has worked.

It may be that an error has been cached within the ESPN app, and you need to clear the cache in order to view the most recent version.

To clear your cache on ESPN, follow the below instructions:

  1. Visit General Settings on your device
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Find the ESPN app
  4. Click Storage and Cache
  5. Select Clear Cache

This should enable ESPN to run without any issues affected by the cache – try recasting ESPN to see if this has solved your problem.

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Check if ESPN is Down

Another tip you can try is to see if the ESPN site is down. If the site isn’t working correctly, it’s very unlikely that you’d be able to cast ESPN onto your television.

To check if ESPN is down, try entering the ESPN website into the site Down Detector. This should give you an idea as to whether ESPN is down, and if other users have experienced the same issues. From this point you can choose to report the issue, and you should be provided with an indication as to how long the site will be down.

This may also explain other issues with the app, such as if you’re having problems with ESPN not working on Chrome.

Restart Device and TV

If things still aren’t working, it’s worth restarting your device as well as your television.

A simple reset can often solve small casting issues. When you’ve switched off your TV and device, wait a minute or so before restarting them. This should solve the problem.

Ensure the App and Device are Up To Date

If your ESPN app isn’t up to date, we strongly recommend updating it to the latest version available. This is because app updates can often solve small issues such as casting problems, as developers are constantly working to improve apps and will release updates with all the latest fixes.

You can update the ESPN app in the App Store/Google Play Store. We also recommend checking to see if your device is due a software update. This can also help with fixing casting issues.

Switch on Bluetooth and Local Settings in ESPN Settings

Another fix you can try is to ensure that your Bluetooth and local settings are switched on.

This can be done via the ESPN app settings within general settings on your phone. Simply navigate to general settings, find the ESPN app and turn on the Bluetooth and local settings.

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Uninstall ESPN App and Redownload it

The last fix we recommend if you still can’t cast ESPN to your TV is to uninstall the ESPN app and redownload it. This is very much a last resort if nothing else has worked, as you may lose data within the app such as regular TV shows you enjoy.

Once you’ve uninstalled the app, re-find it via the app store/Google play store and reinstall it. You should find that when attempting to cast the app to your TV that it should work successfully.


Hopefully, your casting issues with ESPN have been solved after reading our troubleshooting guide. If you’re still experiencing problems, we recommend contacting the manufacturer of the television you’re attempting to cast to, as well as ESPN directly. Check out the ESPN support page here – this should help you find a more specific answer to your query.