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Facebook Error Saving Photo: Here’s How To Store Your Images

Facebook Error Saving Photo: Here’s How To Store Your Images

When the Facebook app displays an error saving photo message, saved images and pictures will not be stored on your device. This can prevent you from setting your Facebook profile picture, and also saving images from your account onto your smartphone.

This error can be fixed by simply logging out and then back into your Facebook account, or, it may require a deeper investigation.

Our guide takes a look at all the possible causes for the error saving photo message presented on your screen when trying to download or save an image from Facebook.

We will also provide the steps you need to take so you can save your latest memories from Facebook to your desired smart device.

Why can’t I save pictures from Facebook?

Facebook error saving photo

If you are having a Facebook error, saving photos on Android or iPhone, you may have not given Facebook permission to access your media files, or, you could be using an outdated version of the Facebook app.

Reason 1. You have not given Facebook permission

When you first set up your Facebook account, you need to give the app ‘permission’ otherwise, Facebook won’t be able to access your photos.

This enables you to upload a photo onto your profile or download an image from Facebook.

Reason 2. There is a ‘.nomedia’ file on your device

If Facebook confirms an image has been saved when you go and download it, but it does not appear in your gallery folder, this could be due to your device having a ‘.nomedia’ file.

This file will prevent the images from being downloaded from Facebook.

Reason 3. Software issue

Facebook’s software could contain corrupted data that is interfering with the app functioning properly.

Faulty software can transpire during the install phase, or from everyday use.

Reason 4. Storage files are too full

Pictures will not download from Facebook if the apps storage files are too full.

This includes cache files which are the temporary data stored onto your device to help the social media app perform better.

Reason 5. Phone memory is full

Images will not be able to get downloaded into your camera roll from Facebook if there is no space for them.

How to get Facebook to save image

Facebook error saving photo

Before you proceed with our easy fixes to get your images downloaded successfully from Facebook, have you logged out and back into your account?

Relogging in can sometimes refresh your Facebook, and get rid of any temporary malfunctions.

Tip, after logging out of Facebook, restart your phone or PC to eradicate any contaminated software on your device.

How to give Facebook access to photos –

Fix 1. Enable Privacy on iPhone

Step 1. Open your ‘Settings’

Step 2. Scroll down and click on ‘Privacy’

Step 3. Click on ‘Photos’

Step 4. Find Facebook and select it

Step 5. Make sure ‘All Photos’ has been ticked

We suggest you do this for Facebook messenger too.

Fix 2. Give Facebook permission

This needs to be done on iPhone and Android devices;

On iPhone:

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Find Facebook and click on it

Step 3. Select ‘Photos’ and make sure ‘All Photos’ has been clicked

On Android:

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps’

Step 3. Scroll down until you find Facebook and click on it

Step 4. Select ‘Permissions’

Step 5. Make sure ‘Storage’ has been enabled

Facebook will now have access to your media files.

How to clear Facebook cache –

Fix 3. Delete cache files from Facebook

You can clear the cache files for Facebook on an Android device;

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps & Notifications’

Step 3. Find Facebook and select it

Step 4. Press on ‘Storage’ and choose ‘Clear Cache’

This will remove the files off of your device, without deleting the app.

What about clearing the cache files on iPhone?

To remove these files from an iPhone, you will need to delete your Facebook app and reinstall it again. It is recommended to restart your iPhone after you have deleted the program.

Fix 4. Delete .nomedia file

It has been recognised that Android devices have an issue with a ‘.nomedia’ file that is preventing images from being saved.

To find this folder, you will need to access the ‘Facebook app’ file.

The folder could be named ‘com.Facebook’, or, there could be a Facebook file within a folder called ‘DCIM.’

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Fix 5. Update Facebook app

Your Facebook app may be due for an upgrade.

It is advised to enable automatic updates on your device to ensure you do not miss when a new version has come out.

Step 1. Access your app or play store

Step 2. Find Facebook

Step 3. Check for an ‘Update’ button available

If there is one, click on it so you can update your app.

Fix 6. Free up memory on your device

Your device’s memory could already be too full for new images to be saved.

Check how much space you have, and delete any pictures or videos you do not need anymore.

Once you have increased your storage space, try saving a photo from Facebook.

Facebook won’t download photo

There are a few reasons why Facebook won’t load photos;

  • Facebook’s server is down
  • Your device’s cache files are too full
  • Your internet connection is weak
  • If you are accessing Facebook through your browser, there could be DNS problems

Why can’t I upload photos to Facebook

man using laptop
Internet malfunction. Angry businessman talking on phone with technical support and looking at laptop screen with irritation.

There are a couple of things you need to consider when you are trying to upload images to your Facebook profile, that could cause Facebook to experience an error saving your photo onto your online account.

Reason 1. Weak internet connection

What is a good amount of bandwidth for Facebook to perform without any loading issues?

10Mbps – 25Mbps download speed is ideal for the app to run.

Your internet connection may be experiencing intermittent issues, or your network service provider is down.

Reason 2. Using an edited image

Sometimes, using an edited version of an image, and not the original can prevent Facebook from accepting the upload.

Try uploading the original picture onto your account.

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Reason 3. Picture size

Facebook advises your images to be under 15Mb when uploading them on the platform.

If your picture is too large, the app won’t be able to support it.

Reason 4. Your account is temporarily blocked

You may be unaware of your Facebook account is temporarily blocked.

Note, a temporarily blocked account will not be lost permanently, you will be able to redeem your profile.

This could be because you posted content that went against the apps community guidelines and rules.

You will need to check your ‘Support Inbox’.


With this extensive guide, we hope you now have a clear understanding of why Facebook had an error saving photos, and that you were able to fix this problem on your device with one of our 6 easy fixes.

If, however, after trying all of our solutions, you are still experiencing your Facebook account having an error when trying to download an image, you may need to contact Facebook directly.

On your app, click on ‘Menu’ and select ‘Report a Problem’. You can also email them at


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