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How To Change TikTok Text to Speech Language (8 Steps)

How To Change TikTok Text to Speech Language (8 Steps)

Tiktok continues to be one of the dominant and addictive social media platforms among Gen Z, which keeps updating itself with new features and effects. Its enhanced user experience platform provides genuine content and eye-grabbing short videos. TikTok has also added value to the digital realm by introducing the TikTok text to speech feature, but sometimes users forget how to change TikTok text to speech language for their videos.

TikTok text to speech feature option was early introduced in male language. In 2021, this feature was updated with a female voice over. This new feature added innovation as well as easy readability and understanding for the general public.

TikTok text to speech-language allows creators to put their text on video and the robotic voice reads that text out loud. This feature provides the viewer with a more detailed experience and appeals to a large number of audiences. But what is the TikTok text to speech feature and how to change TikTok text-to-speech language? Let us, deep-dive, into its brief insight.

What is TikTok’s text to speech feature? 

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TikTok’s text to speech option automatically turns text into a voice message. This option provides better comprehension for short videos. The user, who is making the video, opts for the option of adding text to their video. This gives their video content a much-needed understanding by the end-user. 

The voice text is simply a Siri-sounding voice that speaks whatever is written over the video. The robotic feature discards the need for the user to speak himself. This text to speech feature benefits users in many ways:

  • The feature is useful for those who do not want others to listen to their voice.
  • Those users who want to maintain their anonymity are greatly benefiting from this feature. 
  • This feature enhances the interaction between the user and makes the video content more engaging.
  • Visually impaired people or the ones with poor eyesight purposely benefit from the text to speech option.

How to change TikTok text to speech-language?

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After setting up an account on TikTok, many users opt for the text to speech option. TikTok’s text to speech-language compilation allows the user to use only one voice at a time. Let us look into a step by step guide that will tell you how to change TikTok text to speech-language.

Step 1: Update the Tiktok app

Firstly make sure that the TikTok app has all the latest version updates including the updated text to speech option. All the users who mostly neglect the latest updates won’t be able to avail this latest feature. Users who want to avail the option of text speech must ensure that their social app has all the latest version updates.

Step 2: Record the video

Draft a rough idea about what you want to create and share through the video. Also, ensure that the time and video duration fit between the text and speech entry. Once the video recording is complete, the next step is to add the text. For this click on the checkmark option that is in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Enter text

Once the video recording is done the next step is to enter text. For this, tap on the icon of text that is placed on the bottom of the screen. After that, type the text you want to be read through voice and click on the option of Done that is placed on the upper right corner of the screen. A customized text box will appear on the screen that will enable the option of a text box over the video.

Step 4: Click on tap on the text, choose the option of text to speech 

To use the option of text to speech, one has to enter text into the video. When the user taps on the Textbox, it further displays three options: Text to speech, Set duration and Edit. Click on the option of text speech and TikTok’s built-in text to speech AI-supported option will start reading the text aloud with voice. 

Step 5: Save the video internally 

In this phase, the user finalises where he wants to put the text to speech voice. Once the video is complete from every aspect try to save the video locally on the phone. Do not directly post the video otherwise, everyone will see the video. Ensure that the video is saved on the device. For this activate the option of Save Video on Device and then post it however you want.

Step 6: Download any video editor with voice modifier options

The next step is to download a video editor that is compatible with your smartphone. Also, ensure that the software has an added feature of a voice modifier. When you add video into the search keyword by typing Voice Changer or Voice Modifier a list of different options will appear. 

Step 7: Edit and resave the video

Once the selection of the video editor is complete, it’s time to launch the video and import it into the saved TikTok video. Now import the video and edit or modify it as you like. You can edit, modify and add different effects to the video and resave it.

Step 8: Upload a new Tiktok video

Now when all the editing is complete, it is time to upload the new TikTok video as a singular video. Just open the TikTok app and upload the video directly as it does not need any more edits. 


TikTok is one of the popular social media apps with endless possibilities of innovative features. Gone are the days when the user had to speak himself while recording a video. TikTok’s new and updated feature of text to speech enables users to add text to the video and Siri-like audio will speak the text.


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