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How Many Gigabytes of Data Does A PS4 Use? Bandwidth Guide

How Many Gigabytes of Data Does A PS4 Use? Bandwidth Guide

Do you know how many gigabytes of data a PS4 uses? If you don’t then you might find yourself in a situation where you may run out of internet data without any prior knowledge.

The answer depends on what you are doing on the console.

You connect your gaming console to the internet for three reasons.

  • Download new games,
  • Update already existing games
  • Play with other players.

Additionally, when playing multiplayer team games, players use voice chat to coordinate better with their teammates. This adds to data consumption, too.

Our guide will answer this question and explain how that data is consumed. Let’s dive in.

When You Download a Game

If you’re one of those people who prefer downloading games instead of buying discs, then you need to worry about data consumption a lot because it is one of the most data-intensive processes when it comes to gaming.

On average, modern-day games consume about 50GB of data if you’re downloading them. However, a game can consume as much as 150GB, too.

The better the graphics or the more elaborate the gameplay, the more data you can expect a game to consume at the time of download.

For instance, you would need about 45GB of data to download Grand Theft Auto 4 and approximately 49GB for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

On the opposite end is the Microsoft Flight Simulator which will require 150GB. This is mainly because of the ultra-realistic graphics of the game.

Most games such as Forza Horizon 5 (63GB) and Red Dead Redemption at (89GB) fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes.

One exception to this is Fortnite. Due to ground-breaking optimizations from the company, this game only takes about 10GB of space on PS4.

While Updating a Game

Games don’t stay the same always. Their developers are constantly trying to improve upon their creations not only to fix bugs and glitches but to also refresh the game for users.

They do this through patches and updates which you’ll have to download. Even if you have CDs of the games, you’ll need these patches and updates.

A patch can vary in size depending on what is being upgraded, fixed, or modified.

Typically, game patches and updates don’t require more than a single GB. However, bigger updates can go as high as 5GB.

A good example of this is Destiny 2 patches, which consistently hover around 5GB in size.

Further, you need to be particularly wary of day-one patches. These are updates that come right after you install the game on your PS4 from a CD.

Day one patches are usually large, with some achieving mammoth proportions.

The two most legendary updates in the gaming circles in terms of size have been the 1.14 Update of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the day one patch for Forza 7 at 51GB and 50GB, respectively.

While Playing Online

Playing your games online doesn’t consume a lot of data.

The data consumed by most games would fall between 40 MB and 300 MB per hour, with some exceptions.

Game’s NameAverage Data Consumed (Mb/Hour)
Diablo 316-26
Starcraft 220
Final Fantasy XIV20
Sea of Thieves30
Monster Hunter: World30
World of Warcraft40
Call of Duty: World War II40
Rocket League40
League of Legends45
Grand Theft Auto V60
Teamfight Tactics60
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout70
Rainbow Six Siege70
Team Fortress80
Call of Duty: Black Ops 480
Battlefield V100
DOTA 2120
Call of Duty: Warzone160
Counter Strike: Global Offensive250
Destiny 2300
Microsoft Flight Simulator700

For Voice Chatting

You also need to know that all this data is exclusive to the game you’ll be playing. It doesn’t include the data that your voice chat will consume.

According to rough estimates, if you only have one other person on voice chat with you, your game will eat up about 30MB of data per hour.

Every additional individual you add to this group will result in the addition of 15MB per hour.


We’ve tried our best to answer how many gigabytes of data your PS4 uses. The most important takeaway here is that playing a game online on your console, even with voice chat, doesn’t consume a lot of data.

It is the downloading and updating of games that you need to be wary of.

So, the easiest way to save data while playing PS4 online is to buy game CDs and keep the automatic update feature off.

Of course, you’ll have to manually update or patch the games that you play the most.


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