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If I Uninstall Call of Duty, Will I Lose Everything?

If I Uninstall Call of Duty, Will I Lose Everything?

If you need to uninstall Call of Duty, you might be worried that you will lose all of your data. Don’t fret! All of your work will be safe within your account. But if you are still concerned, let’s explore why your data should be secure.

Call of Duty, produced by Activision, is a first-person shooter gaming franchise. This electronic shooter game has broken records and won best game awards multiple years in a row. Allowing Call of Duty to expand into sequels and domains. Once available only through Xbox, you can now play on Playstation, your PC, and even your mobile device.

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If I Uninstall Call of  Duty, Will I Lose Everything?

So, what happens when you get the latest console or run into one of the slight chances of a bug. Maybe your mom kicked you off for poor grades. If you reinstall the Call of Duty application, will you lose everything? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk data.  

The most widespread, advanced gaming franchise has to have created a safety net for your accomplishments and purchases, right? Of course, they have! Activision has moved all of its platforms online with Cloud saving optimization. Yes, your account data is saved to the could. But how?

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Save Your Date with an Activision Account

To secure your progress from Call of Duty’s Vanguard, Black Ops, and Modern Warfare, you must create an Activision account. This is a seamless process that requires an email address and age verification. Yes, you must be 17 to play. Once you have created an account, you can now link platforms. This means that you can utilize your saved data from one console to the next. This is great if you have an Xbox but scored the Playstation 5.

It’s crucial to note that you can only link to one manufacturer at a time. So, you can not connect two PlayStation consoles to the same account. Your progress will not carry over if you choose to link your platform to a new Activision account. However, if you then relink your platform to the original Activision account, you’ll be able to continue your progress.

Delete a Campaign

Now let’s say you are busy playing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War day and night. Black Ops allows you to tackle a realistic zombie apocalypse by completing campaigns. Remember, the graphics are intense, making this game hold a hefty amount of storage on your Playstation or X Box.

Consequently, once you have completed a campaign, you might not have enough room to download the next one. You’re in luck. Your Activision account will allow you to delete the completed campaign without losing any data!  Your console should ask you to delete the campaign seven days after completion. This is ok; your progress is saved.

But what about Call of Duty’s free game Warzone? Does this game follow the same security features?

Restore Call of Duty (COD) Purchases

When playing Call of Duty, you rummage through areas looking for loot and better weapons. Often, you can find just the right piece needed to conquer the opponent. Other times, you might need to purchase material inside the game to help your fight.

What happens if your account crashes just after you spent hard-earned money on supplies? You don’t have to worry! Your Activision account will allow you to restore all of your purchases. You will need to reinstall the game, go to the Main Menu, and select Settings. There you will find a tab labeled, “Restore my Purchases.”

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What Happens If the App Crashes Mid Fight

There might be scenarios that demand you to uninstall and reinstall the app. Let’s say you are in your final fight, and your app crashes. This can be terribly frustrating, I know. However, you should be able to click “RESTORE CHECKPOINT” and begin where you last left off. If you did not make a checkpoint, you might have to hit “RESTART MISSION.” This will allow you to jump into the last mission.

Play Call of Duty Without Worry

In this final analysis, we found that the development of the Call of Duty franchise over the years has led to the establishment of data security.  You can uninstall or reinstall the app on different consoles and even at your friend’s house without losing your progress.

This security is brought to you through an Activision account. Don’t play without it!

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