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If I Uninstall TikTok Will I Lose Everything: Easy Guide

If I Uninstall TikTok Will I Lose Everything: Easy Guide

Are you contemplating taking a break off of TikTok, and wondering, if you uninstall TikTok, will you lose everything?

You will not lose everything if you uninstall TikTok off of your device. If you uninstall TikTok, the only process that will happen is that you will remove the app from your mobile device so a shortcut onto the platform will not be available for you. Your account will stay intact.

In this guide, I’ll take a look at:

  • What happens when you uninstall Tiktok
  • How to delete your TikTok account
  • How to reinstall your Tiktok App
  • How to reinstate your TikTok account

If I Uninstall TikTok Will I Lose Everything?

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If you uninstall the TikTok app off your device, your account is still active on the TikTok server. Your videos, drafts and preferred settings will not be erased.

Even though you have uninstalled TikTok, you can still log in to your profile via your web browser, and carry on creating content.

So, what exactly happens when you uninstall TikTok from your mobile?

  • The app is removed from your device
  • Your data is still stored on the TikTok database
  • All videos and drafts stay saved on your profile
  • You can still log into your account

If you want to permanently delete your account, you will need to manually go into TikTok’s settings from your profile, on your mobile and follow the necessary steps.

How to Delete TikTok Account on Phone

If I uninstall TikTok will I lose everything

You can delete your TikTok account through the mobile app. This is done by accessing your profile and going into the settings section of your account. Once you select the option to delete your account, you will be prompted to choose a reason why you want to permanently erase your account.

Here are precise steps on how to delete your TikTok account;

Step 1. Open your TikTok app

Step 2. Access your profile and click on the three lines in the top right-hand corner

Step 3. Choose ‘Settings and Privacy’

Step 4. Under ‘Account’ click on ‘Manage Account’

Step 5. Press ‘Delete Account’

You now be asked why you are leaving TikTok. Complete this step and press continue to proceed with verifying your deletion request.

What Happens When You Delete Your TikTok Account?

If I uninstall TikTok will I lose everything

Once you have successfully deleted your TikTok account, your profile will no longer be available for you to log in to, and access. After verifying the deletion of your account, TikTok will transfer your account to a ‘Temporary Deactivation’ stage on their server.

This last for 30 days only, and gives you the option to reinstate your account during this time if you change your mind.

After 30 days your account will be permanently erased off the TikTok server and you will not be able to get it back.

Once your TikTok account is deleted, the following will happen to your profile;

  • Other TikTok users will see your account as ‘deactivated’
  • All your videos and drafts will be erased
  • Your followers will be removed
  • Previous reactions you have done will be deleted

TikTok is aware that many creators can decide to delete their account on impulse, which is why they have the 30 day grace period, where users can reinstate their account if they have changed their minds.

How to Reactivate my TikTok Account

If you are still within the 3o days after you have deleted your TikTok account, you can reactivate your profile. The first thing you need to do is reinstall the TikTok app on your device. Once it has downloaded, load up the app.

Step 1. With your current credentials, log in to your TikTok account

Step 2. Press on the ‘Profile’ button at the bottom

Step 3. Select ‘Sign up for TikTok’

Step 4. Now press ‘Log In’ and insert your previous details

Step 5. You should be able to click on ‘Cancel Deactivation’

You can log in to your account as per normal.

Why Can’t I Delete my TikTok Account?

TikTok will not allow you to delete your account if you are not logged in to your profile. This is for security measures, so your account does not get deleted without your permission, or by someone else.

As previously stated, you can only delete your account from the settings section from your profile.

Another reason why you may not be able to delete your TikTok account is if you have not verified your details during the deletion process.

(Did you know; TikTok was downloaded 656 million times in 2021. The growth of TikTok escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic, with Instagram coming in second with 545 million downloads).

The verification step is to make sure it is in fact you that has requested to delete your profile. If you cannot complete this phase, you will not be able to delete your TikTok account.

The verification detail will be sent either as a text message to your phone, or as an email, depending on how you configured your account.

Can I Reinstall my TikTok Username?

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If you have uninstalled TikTok off of your device only, you will not lose your username, as everything will stay the same when you reinstall the app onto your device. After you have reinstalled TikTok, the only step you will need to complete is logging back into your account.

The only time you will lose your username if you have deleted your account, without reinstating it within the 30 day grace period.

After the 30 days, you username will be lost and you will not be able to use it again. If you create a new account with the same email address you previously used, you will need to come up with a different TikTok username.


With this in-depth guide, we hope that you have your answer to if you uninstall TikTok, would you lose everything. Along with this confirmation, and the steps provided on how to delete your account, we hope you can make a clear decision on which option suits you best.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your TikTok app, we recommend you check out TikTok’s support page where you will have a wide variety of different topics you can take a look at.

For more serious issues with your social media application, you can utilise the ‘Report a Problem’ feature on your mobile, under the settings section. Here, you will be able to submit a descriptive explanation of the problem you are having.


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