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Disney Plus Won’t Play On HDMI: Fix The Streaming Service Here

Disney Plus Won’t Play On HDMI:  Fix The Streaming Service Here

Are you trying to watch Disney Plus but have found it won’t play? HDMI cables are an ideal solution for those who do not have smart TVs.

Via an HDMI cable, you can watch streaming services such as Disney Plus and Netflix via another device. If you notice you are unable to get any pictures, or your device doesn’t seem to be connecting, this could be down to the HDMI cable, or the ports in either of your devices.

Therefore updating your ports can fix the issue of Disney Plus won’t play on HDMI, but if you’re unsure how to update your ports, or you require further troubleshooting help, this comprehensive guide will provide the information you require to easily fix your Disney Plus.

Why won’t Disney Plus play via HDMI?

disney plus wont play on hdmi
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Disney Plus should not have an issue playing through HDMI, therefore if you are unable to get this to play, you may be experiencing a technical issue. This issue is usually caused by an error with one of the devices, if you are streaming from an Xbox to a TV this error can occur.

You may also find that the HDMI cable is the issue, which you can troubleshoot by testing with another HDMI cable in your home. If you are still unable to get Disney Plus to play via HDMI, here are some other reasons why you may be experiencing this error.

  • You have a faulty port
  • The HDMI cable is faulty
  • The web browser you are using may be outdated
  • Your device needs an update
  • Your internet may be having issues

Are you having issues with the black screen Disney Plus error? Here’s how to resolve this with ease.

How do I fix Disney Plus HDMI issue?

disney plus on laptop
Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

Fix 1. Your port may need cleaning

Although this may seem obvious, built-up dust in the HDMI port can cause an issue for your connection. Blow out the port to get rid of any excess dust, or alternatively use canned air. This will remove any build-up of dust which may be slowing down/preventing the device from functioning as expected. Once the port has been cleaned, retry plugging in your device.

Fix 2. Change the port

When you plug your HDMI from your TV to your device, you should expect your TV to recognize that a new source has been connected to the HDMI port. However, this may not be the case automatically. Therefore, your TV may not be set the right input source. Match HDMI port to the source number on your TV. If you are using HDMI port 1, your TV should reflect this.

If it doesn’t show up under the correct port try changing the channel on your TV to a different source and then back again.

Fix 3. Power Cycle your Device

Sometimes an issue with the device can stop your streaming from working correctly. Therefore in this case we recommend a Power-Cycle on your device. If you are unsure which device is the issue, we’d recommend doing it on both. Here’s how to Power Cycle your device to get your HDMI issue fixed-

  1. Unplug the device from the power outlet
  2. Allow 2-3 minutes for the power to go off fully
  3. Next remove any external devices such as HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, or other devices
  4. Plug the devices back in and then turn on
  5. Allow 2-3 minutes for the power to switch back on fully
  6. Put the HDMI cable back into both devices and see if you can get a picture

If this has not worked, we’d recommend you follow our next step for further info.

Fix 4. Check for updates

Whether you’re using a laptop, games console, or smartphone checking your device doesn’t need to be updated is key. If you are unsure whether any of the devices need updating you can usually find any new updates in the settings.

Here’s a quick guide to troubleshooting updates on popular devices

  • To reboot a Windows device, head on to Start > Settings then click Windows Update followed by Check for updates
  • For an Apple device choose settings followed by general and then choose software update
  • To update an Xbox head to Profile & System > Settings > System > Updates

Fix 5. Use a web browser instead of the app

If you are using the Disney Plus app from the device you are streaming from, we’d recommend switching to Disney Plus on a web browser instead of the app. Using the app can often cause its own issues. Some devices can struggle with streaming from an app, if you sign into Disney Plus on a web browser this may provide you with a streaming experience.

Fix 6. Check Firewall settings

You may run into problems when casting Disney Plus onto a Smart TV due to your Firewall settings, this is more likely to occur on an Apple Device. The Firewall will stop incoming mirroring connections for casting content to the TV. If you are stuck with Disney Plus not showing on the TV below are some steps to try:

  1. Head to System Preferences on your iPhone/Mac > Security & Privacy
  2. Next Click Firewall, followed by Firewall Options
  3. Untick the box next to Block all incoming connections
  4. Tick the box which says ‘automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections’
  5. Then reboot the device you have changed the firewall settings on.

How do I fix Disney+ Error Code 43?

If you are a regular user of Disney+, an error code you may come across is ‘Error code 43’ which is linked to a connectivity issue. Usually, this is linked to internet issues, especially if you experience frequent dropouts. Frequent connection dropouts can be a common issue, however, it is usually very easy to fix.

In order to resolve this, we recommend rebooting your router, doing this can often reset the internet connection and make it smoother.

  • To reset your router, head to the box and switch off the plug at the wall
  • Wait at least 30 seconds for it fully close down
  • Turn the plug back on, and allow 2-3 minutes for your router to reconnect to the Internet.

Can I play Disney Plus without an HDMI cable

If you have a Smart TV, you can stream Disney Plus directly from your device. This means an HDMI cable will not be required for you to watch content. On your smart TV, you will be able to download an app to play Disney Plus. Alternatively, you can use a Firestick or a Roku device.


If you are unable to fix your HDMI cable issue for Disney Plus via these troubleshooting methods it may be that you have a faulty cable. Although this may not be obvious from the inside your cable may have issues from the inside of the wire. The best way to test this error is by using an alternative cable to see if this helps to resolve the issue.


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