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Mint Mobile Roaming Data Not Working: 7 Quick Fixes

Mint Mobile Roaming Data Not Working: 7 Quick Fixes

If you’re traveling abroad and need access to good connectivity, it can be really frustrating when your Mint Mobile roaming data isn’t working. You may need to make some important calls, or perhaps you require roaming data for work. Whatever the reason, we want to get you online again as soon as possible.

If your Mint Mobile roaming data is not working, this is likely due to issues with your APN or Mint is experiencing some coverage problems. To fix it, you can add a new APN in your network and internet settings, and check the Mint Mobile Coverage Map to see if they’re experiencing any downtime with their roaming data.

Keep reading to go through our quick guide on how to fix your mint mobile roaming data if it’s not working.

Add A New APN

One step we’ve found very helpful in fixing Mint Mobile roaming data is to add a new APN. This stands for Access Point Name and is the gateway to providing all information your phone needs to access mobile data.

To add a new APN, follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to Settings on your phone
  • Click Network and Internet
  • Choose Mobile Network
  • Tap Advanced
  • Click Access Point Names
  • Choose Add New APN
  • Use the following settings: 
    • Name: Mint, Access Point Name is wholesale
    • Proxy: not set
    • Username, Password, Server, MMSC, MMSC, MMS proxy MMS port, and authentication type should all be not set
    • MCC is 310, MNC is 240
    • Set the APN type to default,mms,supl,hipri,fota,ims,cbs,
    • Set the APN protocol and APN roaming protocol to IPv4
    • Enable APN with bearer set to Unspecified 
    • Set MVNO type to None

For the majority of users, this should solve issues with data roaming. If you’re still having trouble continue reading to go through our next troubleshooting steps.

Make Sure Roaming Settings Are Switched On

This point may sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how often this fixes the issue. Mint Mobile roaming data needs to be enabled manually, so make sure to access your roaming data via the settings app on your phone to check that the toggle is switched to On.

You’ll also need to check you have a roaming data plan enabled with Mint – a quick phone call to them if you’re having issues may help prevent you from wasting time figuring this out. 

Check The Mint Mobile Coverage Map

If you’re still having issues, it could be that Mint Mobile is having some outage issues in certain areas, and it’s nothing to do with your phone at all.

To double-check this, take a look at their Coverage Map on their website here. This map will tell you where Mint is experiencing coverage issues – you can even search your address to double check where you’re based is receiving good connectivity.

mint mobile data roaming not working

Make Sure Phone Software Is Up To Date

It’s worth checking that your phone is up to date if you’re having issues with data roaming. Developers frequently release software updates when they come across glitches with different features, and roaming issues could be a problem that they’ve been working to fix.

Navigate to your phone settings and find the section labeled ‘System’. You should find a section that shows whether a System Update is available and if there is one ready to be installed you should download it straight away. It could be that other users have experienced roaming data issues too and so developers have worked on a fix to solve these issues.

Switch Phone Off and On

Switching your phone off and on may help reset any roaming data issues, so if you’re still unable to connect, this step is worth a try.

When you switch off your phone, make sure to give it at least 30 seconds before switching your device back on. This will give your phone some time to reboot all settings and hopefully get your mobile roaming data working again when your phone turns back on. 

Reinsert Mint Mobile Sim Card

replace SIM card

When using SIM cards for data roaming, sometimes dust/dirt can get stuck underneath the SIM card and cause issues when trying to connect to roaming data. 

To make sure this isn’t causing you any problems, open up your phone and remove the Mint Mobile Sim Card. Give it a quick clean to remove any dust and check there’s nothing obstructing the SIM card in the SIM port on your phone. Once you’ve done this reinsert your SIM card and reload your phone to see if your roaming data has been restored.

Try Using Your Mint SIM in Different Devices

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and had no success, you may want to try using your Mint Sim card in some different devices. It may be that your phone is having issues with roaming data and it needs to be fixed, so trying your SIM card in some different devices may help narrow down whether this is the problem. 

Ask a friend/family member that you’re traveling with if you can borrow their device to check if your Mint sim card is working. If roaming data works when using their device with your SIM, you’ll know that your SIM is working correctly so it must be your phone that’s experiencing issues.


We really hope that the above steps have rectified any issues you’ve been experiencing with Mint Mobile roaming data not working.

If you’ve tried all of these tips and are still having problems, we recommend reaching out to Mint Mobile directly via their help centre. You can speak with an expert via their Fox Bot live chat service or give them a call directly.