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Xfinity Not Getting Advertised Speed: 3 Quick Solutions

Xfinity Not Getting Advertised Speed: 3 Quick Solutions

Is your Xfinity connection not getting the advertised speeds? There’s nothing worse than paying extra money for a top connection and then only achieving low speeds.

If your Xfinity connection isn’t getting advertised speeds, it’s likely that you have too many devices connected to your network at one time, or your router needs resetting. To fix these issues, try running just one device from your network and carrying out a wired speed test, and switching your router off and back on again.

Here are three quick fixes for improving the speed of your Xfinity connection and making sure you’re achieving advertised rates.

Remove Some Devices From Your Network

Firstly, check how many devices are trying to connect to your network. You may think there aren’t many, but if your phone, laptop, tablet, printer, and desktop are all connected to your Xfinity connection, plus other members of your household, this is where your problem may lie.

You’ll generally get a much quicker speed the fewer devices you have connected, so try removing a few and carrying out a wired speed test to see if this improves your connection.

wifi router

Check Router Isn’t Running Traffic Analyzer 

If your router runs a traffic analyzer program, this can significantly slow down your internet speed. You may be running an analyzer program without being aware of it, so it’s worth double-checking this to help improve your internet speed.

You can check this by logging into your router settings. If you open your Xfinity app and sign into your account, router settings will be located within the Connect tab. You should be able to see if any traffic analyzer programs are running here and switch them off.

Restart Your Router

If in doubt, you may need to restart your router. It could be that your connection is okay but your router is having issues, so doing a hard reset tends to do the trick here.

Unplug your router from the wall and give it at least 30 seconds before you plug it back in. This should restore any settings that are slowing down your internet speed and get things back up and running efficiently for you. Remember to do a wired speed test when your router is switched back on again so you can see if resetting it has improved the speed.

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After carefully following each of these steps you should be achieving the advertised speeds using your Xfinity connection. If you’re still having issues, reach out to Xfinity via their online support page here. You can speak to them via their live chat system or check their Status Center here. It could be that they’ve had reported outages from other customers and it’s not just you that isn’t receiving advertised speeds. Check their status center here or speak to them directly to see if there are any speed issues with them specifically that are causing the issue.