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PS5 Transfer Data Failed: Tips for PS4 to PS5 Transfer Issue

PS5 Transfer Data Failed: Tips for PS4 to PS5 Transfer Issue

Simple steps for solving data transfer issues from PS4 to PS5

Games regularly experience issues while moving PlayStation 4 (PS4) data to PlayStation 5 (PS5). Shifting games from an old console to a new one has proven to be a frustrating procedure, regarding slow or stuck data transfers. 

Now’s the time to say goodbye to dreaded error codes and hello to quick PlayStation (PS) data transfers.

6 Strategies for Transferring PS4 Data to PS5


PS4 to PS5 transfer issues can be caused by numerous reasons. To properly prepare, it’s vital both devices are signed in to the same account. Facing PS data transfer difficulties? Follow these useful tips:

Refresh the PS

If both consoles are signed in and the data transfer error is still showing, the overused phrase “Have you turned it off and on?” can, for once, be accommodating. Before attempting to transfer data, switching the gaming device off (for at least 5 minutes) has proven valid.

The gaming console could be confused and (like the best of us) needs to refresh.

Change the Connection

If, for whatever reason, there’s no sign of a data transfer, log out of the WiFi or Local Area Network (LAN) and connect using an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are faster than WiFi and great for a solid internet connection, speeding up the transfer process.

Afterwards, gamers can continue using the cable to partake in an enjoyable gaming experience without lagging or connection interference.

Scan the Settings

If the above advice failed, it’s time to dig into the settings. Firstly, ensure Rest Mode isn’t activated to prevent wasting time over an error likely to appear before tapping Setting > System > System Software > Data Transfer.

Still no accomplishment? Reboot in Safe Mode and restore the Default Setting.

If the error continues appearing, go to Setting > Users and Accounts > Account, and sign in to the account before changing the email address and retrying. 

Solve Cloud Errors 

cloud error

Further helping towards PS4 to PS5 data issues, PlayStation Plus Subscribers have the luxury of Sony’s Microsoft Azure-powered Cloud service backing up data and safely storing it.

PS premium members can easily solve transfer issues by quickly plugging a USB into a PS4 before grabbing the Cloud’s saved data and transferring it to the new device. 

If an error still emerges, the term “Have you turned it off and on” comes into use once again. Restart your PS5 before connecting to the internet and tap Settings > Saved Data & Applications > Saved Data (PS4) > Cloud Storage > Download to Console Storage. 

Error code still showing? Reset the router to confirm connection issues. 

Update the Software

Regardless, checking the old console for missed updates could solve the data transfer difficulty. If not using the mandatory update, the network won’t work until updated. When kicked out of a network, data including digital patches, content, and games are lost.

Before updating the software of both consoles, boot the PS4 and PS5 in Safe Mode. If no sign of progress, reboot and restore the default settings. 

To check for updates on the PS5 go to Setting > Users and Accounts > Storage > Console Storage > Saved Data > PS4 Games.

After clicking the wanted data, press the Options button and select Check for Update. If an update is available, continue by following the instructions shown on the screen.

Rebuild the Database

If transfer issues are still apparent, it’s worth rebuilding the PS database. Despite sounding like a risky process, the likeliness of data being deleted is slim.

Simply go to Safe Mode > Rebuild Database > Press X to rebuild your database. 

Once rebuilt, more successful transfers can transpire. Additionally, data will be easier to transfer, and games will freeze less and perform faster.

The more frequently rebuilt, the less time the process and transfers usually take. The process should take up to 30 minutes, although can take longer depending on how much data the console holds.

ps5 controller


Data transfer issues can occur for various reasons. The most effective methods for fixing data transfer issues include refreshing the PS, changing connections, scanning the settings, solving Cloud errors, updating the software and rebuilding the database.

However, the most effective procedure depends on the situation. It’s essential to consider all the above strategies until the obstacle is solved. 

Contact PS support staff if data still isn’t successfully transferred.


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