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Screen Mirroring HBO No Video: How To Fix Your Cast Display

Screen Mirroring HBO No Video: How To Fix Your Cast Display

Does screen mirroring HBO from your device display no video on your screen?

This type of performance issue can be related to a few different reasons. If your devices don’t operate on their latest software version, or there are corrupt files on your device, the cast feature from the HBO app may not work.

A quick reinstallation of HBO on your device, or a reset of your network configuration can help rectify this problem.

We have created this simple directory to help you understand why screen mirroring HBO has no video and how you can fix this display error with five easy methods.

Why can’t I screen mirror HBO?

Screen mirroring HBO no video

If the two devices you use to perform screen mirroring are set on two different Wifi networks, HBO will have no video display on your TV screen. Your mobile phone, PC or tablet from which you launch HBO on will need to be on the same internet connection that your smart TV uses.

When these platforms are on different networks, your smart TV may not appear as an available device to screen mirror to when you select the cast icon on the HBO app.

Other reasons why your screen mirroring on HBO will have no video are;

1. Device doesn’t support cast function

Most smartphones, whether Android or Apple support screen mirroring from apps such as HBO. However, depending on the model of your TV, you may incur a no video because your television does not support screen mirroring.

2. Poor internet connection

If you want to cast HBO, you need to have a stable, strong internet connection. It will need to supply enough bandwidth for the app to load without experiencing performance issues such as freezing.

3. Outdated software

If your devices are not up to date with its operating system software, this could be a reason why the screen mirroring function for HBO displays no video.

Outdated software can become incompatible, and have trouble connecting to the HBO database, or support the cast feature.

4. Corrupt files

If you have corrupt files on your device from a faulty HBO app install, this data can interfere with how well the app works. It will prevent the casting function from working.

Files can become corrupt if an update of the HBO app gets interfered with.

How to fix screen mirroring HBO no video

Couple watching TV

You need to ensure the device you launch HBO on to cast from and your smart TV connect to the same Wifi network. If they are on different networks you will need to reconfigure them to put them on the same internet connection. You might need to forget the current network before you can re-pair the device.

If your devices are already on the same Wifi network, and your screen mirroring on HBO still has no video, you can proceed with one of the following solutions;

1. Check if your device supports cast

Make sure your device supports the screen mirroring function. Most mobile phones now support the cast feature, however, some older TV models are not equipped to perform screen mirroring.

If you find your TV cannot display a screen mirroring image, you will need to change to a different smart TV.

2. Reset internet connection

Reset your network connection. This will help improve your signal strength and get rid of any internet-related issues that could interfere with your screen mirroring from working.

Turn your Wifi router off and unplug it for a few minutes. Reconnect it and allow your modem to pair with your network service provider.

You should now be able to screen mirror HBO with a successful video display.

Tip, test your internet speed to ensure your download bandwidth is adequate.

3. Update operating software

Make sure each device you use to perform the screen mirror for HBO operates on the latest firmware version that is available.

This will ensure each platform is compatible with the HBO app, and cast function. Once you complete an update on the necessary device, restart it to refresh the software information.

4. Reinstall HBO app

Uninstall the HBO app and reinstall it. This will get rid of any corrupt files that may be on your device.

Before you download HBO again, restart your device.

Screen mirroring HBO no video on laptop

woman laptop not working

Enabled extensions on your PC will cause screen mirroring on HBO to display no video on your TV when you try and use the feature. This could be an active ad blocker. This type of software program will block your HBO app from connecting to the video service’s server, and be unable to reach its database.

In order to screen mirror HBO from your laptop, you will need to disable any extensions that are currently active through your browser.

Once you deactivate these third-party applications, try and use the screen mirroring function from the HBO app.

Another reason why your laptop won’t cast HBO to your TV is if you make use of a VPN (virtual private network). Although a VPN is beneficial to keep your network private, it can sometimes interfere with your laptop reaching the HBO server, and block screen mirroring.

If you’re in a region that supports the HBO app without a VPN, disable the program and try and cast the app to your smart device.

Why does my HBO Max have sound but no picture?

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HBO Max will have sound with no picture if your network strength is too low to stream the video. The playback quality of your HBO display will depend on how good your internet connection is. If your bandwidth is too low, HBO won’t be able to stream with sound and an image without any issues.

Because HBO will automatically adjust the image quality that you’ll see on your screen, you will need to reset your Wifi router to help improve the signal you receive.

Note, in order for HBO Max to display a 4K quality image, it will need to be able to receive at least 25Mbps.

Sometimes, the HBP server will go down. When this happens, the online video app will be unable to function. If the video streaming feature of HBO is unavailable, you may experience the no picture error.

Playback errors like constant buffering can also occur. The HBO app on your device will be unable to withhold a connection to the server when it’s offline.

You’ll be able to check the service status for HBO, so you can stay aware of the performance of the online video service.


With this easy-to-follow guide, we hope you now understand why screen mirroring HBO had no video, and that you were able to fix this display error with one of the solutions included.

If the problem carries on even after you have tried all five methods, we suggest you contact HBO directly as there could be an issue with your app.

Make sure you check there is no hardware error with your device as this could be why you cannot receive a screen mirror image.


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