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Shared Google Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone? How To Fix

Shared Google Calendar Not Syncing With iPhone? How To Fix

You recently accepted an invitation for access to a shared Google Calendar from your family or coworkers. That’s great! Now you can keep up with important dates and stay on top of your scheduling. But now you’re having issues because your shared Google Calendar is not syncing with your iPhone.

You’ve tried everything: from quitting and reopening the app to manually ticking the app’s calendar checkboxes. But it still won’t sync!

Fortunately, we’re here to show you how you can fix this little issue.

Shared Google Calendar Not Syncing with iPhone: Why Does This Issue Occur?

Usually, your shared Google Calendar not connecting with your iPhone could be due to a problem within your Google sync settings.

New calendars, especially shared calendars, will not sync by default. That explains why you will see them online but not on your Google syncs settings page, and why they fail to appear on your Google Calendar app.

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Shared Google Calendar Not Syncing with iPhone: How to Fix

It may become a big problem for you when you realize that your shared Google Calendar is not syncing with your iPhone, especially if you depend on the app for all your appointments and meetings.

Here are a few tips that you can try out to resolve your syncing issues:

Check Your Internet Connection

Syncing your data requires an Internet connection. If you are having problems with your Internet connection, make sure you address them before syncing data onto your iPhone.

Verify that your data is working by opening a web page or browser like Google. If it fails to load, you might be having issues with your connection to the router.

If the issue persists, you’ll need to get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to check up on your connection status. They may well be able to run you through a fix over the phone, or perhaps the problem might be at their end.

Sometimes too, all it takes is a simple check to see if your mobile data or WiFi is switched on, and that your device isn’t in airplane mode. That tends to happen a lot!

Delete and Add Your Google Account Again

Sometimes, the solution might not be super complicated. One thing you can do is delete your Google Account from your iPhone and then add it back again. What this process does is that it forces the servers to sync the calendars on your iPhone.

To do this, launch the “Settings” app on your phone, select “Password and Accounts,” click on the Gmail account and select “Delete” at the bottom. When the pop-up dialogue box appears, click on “Delete from My iPhone.” Once deleted, head on back to “Passwords and Accounts” and select the “Add Account” option. Select Google and enter your login details.

Change Your Default Calendar Settings

If your iPhone has its in-built calendar app as the default calendar in your settings, try changing it to Google Calendar. Give it a shot to see if this solution will work before moving on to more complicated ones.

To do this, go to “Settings,” select “Calendar” and click on the “Default Calendar” option. In the list provided, pick Google Calendar to be your iPhone’s default calendar. That should fix your syncing issues.

Enable Google Calendar in Your iPhone’s Default Calendar App

One of your default iPhone calendar app features is that it can manage multiple calendars created by the online accounts you use on your iPhone. If your shared Google Calendar is not syncing with your iPhone or it isn’t showing up, make a quick check to ensure that it has been enabled in the app.

Launch your iPhone’s original calendar app and select the “Calendars” option at the bottom.

You will be presented with a list of all calendars, so check to see if the Google Calendar option has been ticked. If it hasn’t, toggle that service on and then click on “Done.” 

Use a Link to Sync Your Calendar Information

Sometimes, syncing issues may not have anything to do with your iPhone, but with an option that needs to be allowed before all your calendars can sync.

There is a Google Calendar link you can use if you are having issues while trying to sync your calendar information.

Automatically, calendars under the “My Calendars” folder on the Google app will sync to your iPhone. The “Shared Calendars” option, on the other hand, may need to be manually ticked. With this link, you can view all your shared calendars and select the ones you would like to share with your iPhone.

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Shared Google Calendar Not Syncing with iPhone: How to Avoid the Problem in the Future

We’ve shared how to fix your syncing issues, but you need to make sure it’s not a recurring problem. These tips will help you take precautions so that the problem does not repeat itself. 

  1. Always check your sync settings on Google Calendar. More often than not, you will find that the issue comes from there and has nothing to do with your device. 
  2. Make sure to update your iPhone’s software and Google Calendar app regularly. 
  3. Always make sure to enable your Google Calendar app on your iPhone.
  4. Always make it a point to ensure that you have logged into your Google account on your iPhone.

Shared Google Calendar: What Exactly is it?

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling application designed to inform and update its users of upcoming events and important dates. One of its unique features is that it allows users to share their calendars with other people or groups such as their family or coworkers.

Shared Google Calendar: What is it used for?

Many people use Google Calendar because it makes planning meetings and keeping up with schedules easier. The app serves as a digital personal assistant. The app is useful for home and work situations as it makes it easier to track what upcoming tasks or events your family or work team members might have.

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Shared Google Calendar: Why Would People Want to Access it via iPhone?

Smartphones such as the iPhone are designed to make life easier and convenient for the everyday person as they have many essential functions. They function as portable computers that can store important data and files.

Therefore, this will be the perfect fit for people with busy schedules and activities. One of the important roles that smartphones play is that they serve as digital personal organizers. This is because they help you track schedules, events, and meetings through time-management applications like Google Calendar. 

People often prefer to use Google Calendar with their iPhone to help them stay organized. That’s because it is handy, convenient, and much easier to carry around than an actual calendar or computer.

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