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Snapchat Won’t Record Video: 5 Reasons & Fixes

Snapchat Won’t Record Video: 5 Reasons & Fixes

Are you trying to make use of your Snapchat, but it won’t record your video? This will be for one of the following 5 reasons:

  1. Your device is on silent mode
  2. The Snapchat server might be down
  3. Bugs and glitches
  4. Low storage space
  5. Outstanding update
  6. Wi-Fi connectivity issue

In this post, I’ll take a look at the 5 most common reasons why your Snapchat won’t record video, so you can troubleshoot what is happening on your app. There is a simple fix for each problem.

Why is Snapchat not letting me record a video? 5 Reasons

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Reason 1 – Your Device is on Silent Mode

The first thing to check on your Snapchat application is that you aren’t trying to record with your mobile device set on silent mode. If your app does not have access to the microphone, this will cause the video to record without any sound.

With your video settings checked, Snapchat may be experiencing recording issues due to the following reasons.

Reason 2 – Snapchat server is down

The Snapchat server being down is not a direct cause for the video recording feature to not work on the app.

However, if Snapchat is unable to get a clear connection to its server from your device, issues can occur, eg, Snapchat won’t record a video, or your video may not have sound even though your mobile is not on silent mode.

You can check the server status for Snapchat by clicking on this link.

Reason 3 – Bugs and Glitches

If your Snapchat software is corrupt or has a bug within its software, this will initiate coding errors which can result in your Snapchat experiencing issues with recording successfully.

If your Snapchat app is experiencing irregularity, this can cause data to become corrupted, hence why the app will not operate the way it should.

Snapchat has a support page where you can fill in a form and state you think you have a bug. You can report this here. 

You can also report a bug issue directly from the Snapchat app, under Settings > Feedback > I spotted a bug

Reason 3 – Low storage space

If your mobile is running with a lack of storage space, this is another potential reason for Snapchat to not record a video.

You may need to clear some space off of your phone by deleting unnecessary videos and pictures.

In your Snapchat app, if your memories section is full of pictures and videos, you will need to get rid of some of the content to free up some space on your app.

Tip: if your phone’s storage is not congested, but your Snapchat memories are, save the images/videos onto your phone and then delete them off Snapchat.

Reason 4 – Outstanding Update

If there is an update available for the Snapchat app, it is recommended that you complete this update.

Apps are continuously being improved to eradicate defects that transpire from previous versions.

Keeping Snapchat on an outdated version will only cause issues when you are trying to make use of the app.

Note: you should have your apps set to update automatically, so you do not need to worry about this.

You can check if Snapchat is due an upgrade by going onto your app store. If there is an ‘Update’ option, select this so it can override your current version.

Reason 5 – Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

If you’re Wi-Fi is weak or not connecting properly, this can cause this issue with CapCut.

Check the power of your Wi-Fi connection in your internet access settings. If it is weak, then this could be the issue.

The easiest way to sort this is to get a Wi-Fi booster. You can just plug in these simple boxes in your house, and have improved Wi-Fi immediately.

The one that I recommend is the Wifi Extender Signal Booster by Netfun.

snapchat not recording video

How to fix the Snapchat video glitch

Fix 1. Clear Cache

What happens when you clear cache on the Snapchat app?

Clearing the cache off of Snapchat gets rid of unnecessary data that has been stored, freeing up space so the app can perform better.

Will clearing cache delete pictures? No, removing the built-up cache will only free up space, and has nothing to do with your saved pictures, memories, and videos.

To clear the cache off of Snapchat:

Open Snapchat > Profile > Settings > Account Actions > Clear Cache > Clear

Fix 2. Delete and Reinstall the app

Removing the app off of your device and reinstalling it can help eradicate any issues that have appeared in Snapchats software.

‘Delete’ or ‘Uninstall’ the app off of your device (depending on if you are on iOS or Android)

Go back onto your app store and install Snapchat. You can now log back into Snapchat.

Fix 3. Change connection type

Recording a video on Snapchat may not be working due to your internet connection. If you are on WiFi, the connection may be experiencing issues with its connection.

If you are using your mobile data, your network service provider may be down.

You should change how you are accessing the Snapchat app. If you are on WiFi, try recording a video on your mobile data and vice versa.

This will show you if you need to reboot your internet connection. You can do this by restarting your WiFi router, or mobile data.

Your internet speed may also be too slow for Snapchat to connect successfully as it will time out before it can reach its server.

Use can make use of this link to test your internet speed.

If you are concerned your Snapchat is using too much data, you can enable ‘Data Saver’ mode;

Snapchat > Profile > Settings > Additional Services > Manage > Enable Data Saver

Note: Enabling the saver mode will cause your Snapchat to take longer to load content (filters and received snaps)

Why is my Snapchat just a white screen?

If you are experiencing a white screen when you are trying to access your Snapchat app to record videos, you may have forgotten to verify your account.

You will need to verify your account on Snapchat, and then restart the app to refresh its connection so it can open successfully.

When you verify your account, you are confirming that you have a justifiable mobile number and email address.

This is vital to complete as it will help you recover your account in the future if you forget your login credentials.

recording a video on snapchat app


The main function of Snapchat is recording videos and taking pictures that last for only a short amount of time that you can send to your friends.

With your Snapchat app not being able to record videos, it defeats the whole point of the application.

We hope this guide has assisted you in being able to fix this issue, and that you have been able to get back to recording videos on your Snapchat app without any further hindrances.


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