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Why Can’t I Get Freeview Channel 64 (FreeSports)? Troubleshooting Guide

Why Can’t I Get Freeview Channel 64 (FreeSports)? Troubleshooting Guide

Is FreeSports missing from your subscription and you’re wondering “why can’t I get Freeview channel 64 on my TV?”. Here’s everything you need to know about the missing sports channel and how you can get it back.

Over the years, as the media industry has been able to connect globally, the ability to enjoy entertaining content has become far easier. From watching the latest movies in high-definition right on the big screen to getting a viewpoint of the outside world with news telecast is just the click of a button away.

For sports fanatics, the ability to catch the latest game live on TV is a godsend, but it can turn ugly really quickly if you don’t have access to the right channel. This is one issue that Freeview users seem to face in large numbers, with channel 64, being the FreeSports channel seems to be missing from the bunch.

How to Get Freeview Channel 64 (FreeSports) on the TV

Check the channels’ coverage

Unlike wireless on-demand TV that is available over the internet 24/7, cable TV is still restricted by region all across the UK. Whether or not you are able to view the FreeSports channel entirely depends on the fact that it is actually being televised in your region. The cable company offers a simple way to check the status of Freeview in the region where you live directly from the company website.

check freeview coverage
  • Head over to the Freeview Checker website from a web browser.
  • Enter the postcode or house number of where you live and press the Check
  • A list will appear, where you can view all the channels available in your region for watching.

Retune the Freeview TV

Freeview suggests that you retune the TV at least once a month so that you receive all the shows available and are able to view them in high definition.

autotuning channel
  • Find the menu button on the remote control and open it.
  • Look for an option such as Settings or Channels on the menu screen.
  • Find the Auto Scan or DVB Tuning Menu from the list of options on the menu.
  • Press OK to confirm the option and wait as the TV resets and retunes the channels.

Watch FreeSports Channel 64 Online

If you’re unable to enjoy the best of FreeSports on your Freeview box or TV, it can be quite disappointing. But thanks to the power of the World Wide Web, FreeSports is now brought to you as a live and on-demand service for free online.

sky subscription
  • Head over to the FreeSports Player website from a web browser.
  • Sign up for a new account for free or a premium account if you are looking for on-demand content.
  • Drop-in your personal details and postcode to create the account and start watching FreeSports online.

Final Words

The above methods, one way or another, should be able to help you get the best of sporting action back on the TV screen and solve the question of “why can’t I get Freeview channel 64 on my TV?” once and for all. Do share your experience with Freeview in the comments section down below.


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