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Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Views? Get Views With This Guide!

Why Is My TikTok Not Getting Views? Get Views With This Guide!

If your TikTok videos aren’t getting any views it means your video quality isn’t good enough, or you could have been hit with the zero views bug. This article will show you how you start attracting views to your videos.

TikTok’s algorithm is all based on engagement. It will measure how users interact with your video and look at key metrics such as watch time to determine the quality of your video. If TikTok decides users are interacting well with your video, it will be shown to more people thus increasing the view count.

However, a lot of users reported that their videos are not getting any views on TikTok. We are going to discuss this issue and provide you with a few other tips that are going to assist you in building an audience on TikTok.

Why Am I Not Getting Any Views On TikTok?

After making a creative video on TikTok, you would like to post and share it so that others can appreciate your hard work. However, it is quite frustrating if you see no views on it.

Most of you have had this happen several different times. You put your heart and soul into creating a video and you see no views or progress happening to it. Therefore, we want to share with you several different ways that you can unlock your videos from no views to complete success. Well, let’s get on with it.

There are a lot of reasons your TikTok videos are getting no views. It can be that your previous videos haven’t got enough progress or you are doing something that is not acceptable by the TikTok platform.

Distinguish Good Videos From Bad Ones

Have you noticed how many people view a video from start to end? There has to be something going on with the video that is keeping the users engaged to the end. Therefore, You have to make a video that shows something exciting in the end or something that can answer the viewer’s query at the very last second.

To achieve this, you have to tell a story with your video in a looped form that starts and ends the same way. This way, a single viewer could be watching your video multiple times from start to finish that will result in a 200% completion rate. Key points to this approach are:

  • Post well thought of and engaging videos
  • Make videos under 15 seconds with a fun ending so that people would want to see them again
  • View viral videos and implement the important elements into your videos as well
  • TikTok won’t show those videos to other users that have less competition rate

Make Videos That Mean Something

Every single one of the videos that you put on for TikTok should provide some value to anyone who sees it. The best approach is to make your TikTok video and let it sit on the TikTok draft. Go back to it later and see what more can be done to add more value to it by seeing the video multiple times from the viewer’s perspective.

For example, if you are in a good mood and you make a funny video, you may not find it funny the second time you see it. Your emotions are the best judge of your creativity.

Therefore, it is a great idea to look back at your videos and amend them accordingly before sharing them with the live TikTok audience.

How Do I Get More Views On TiKTok?

tiktok account

Video Engagement

TikTok shows your videos to more users if people are engaging with them in the form of comments, likes, and follows. For example, you can deliberately make some spelling mistakes so that people can make fun of them and comment on your mistakes.

Use TikTok As A Genuine User

If you create a new TikTok account and post a video straight away, your chances of getting any views are limited. After creating a TikTok account, watch some videos from other users and engage with them. Also, add something interesting to your TikTok Bio.

By doing that, the TikTok platform thinks of your account as a real account instead of a fake one. Therefore, you’ll have a good audience reach and viewership when you post your first video.

Pick The Best Niche

When you create a new TikTok account, the TikTok platform allows you to pick your niche from several different categories. However, it does not mean that if your one video from one niche is performing well, the same will happen to your other video from another niche.

TikTok judges your video separately against other videos in the same niche. Therefore, changing your niche every other day can negatively impact your viewership. The idea is quite simple and that is to use one niche with one TikTok account.

Your Initial Videos Matter

Let’s suppose you want to try TikTok by making the first few videos with substandard content. You might be thinking that it won’t harm your viewership for the upcoming videos. However, TikTok judges your upcoming videos to the performance of your initial videos. If your initial videos won’t perform well, TikTok will limit your impressions for future videos as well.

If you have made this mistake already, it is best to delete your TikTok app, create a fresh account, and start posting quality content-rich videos from the start.

Alternatively, if your Phone’s IMEI number is stored on TikTok, use another phone to create a new TikTok account.

It’s All About Content

TikTok won’t give impressions to your videos if your content is based on profanity, nudity, or political statements. TikTok wants its users to post and share informative and original content that is helpful and interesting to its users.

Are You Using A VPN?

If you want your content to be shown in another country, it’s a lot more difficult to do it with your local IP address. In that case, use a VPN to target your videos to the viewers of your targeted country.


Hopefully, this article answered many of your questions regarding your TikTok videos getting no or fewer views. You can get a lot of impressions with a new account. Therefore, make it count and start with quality content rather than posting a video without the creative element. Good Luck!


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