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Can’t Create Kik Group? 7 Simple Solutions

Can’t Create Kik Group? 7 Simple Solutions

Are you using the Kik messaging platform but are unable to create public groups? This is a common error in with Kik and can be frustrating if you need to collaborate with friends or set up a work group. Thankfully there are some quick fixes you can make to ensure you can create groups on Kik without any issues.

The main reason that your account cannot create groups in Kik is due to a daily limit being reached on how many groups you can create, or an error that has been cached while using the Kik app. To fix this, try clearing your cache/cookies on your browser or wait a day or two to ensure the daily limit for creating groups has been reset.

Continue reading to find out all the reasons there may be errors relating to creating groups on the Kik messaging platform, and how to fix them.

Change Device

The first step we recommend in fixing issues with creating groups on Kik is to try using a different device. It may be that there are issues with your phone/computer and this is why you’re unable to create public groups.

Try switching to a tablet or other device and see if you’re able to create groups successfully. You could also ask a friend if you can log in to your account using their device to see if this works too.

If either of these fixes is successful, you’ll know that the issue lies with your device and you may need to reset it.

Daily Limit – Wait A Day or Two

Another reason why you may be unable to create groups on Kik is that you’ve reached the daily limit that Kik implements for security reasons.

You can create up to 3 groups per day on the Kik messaging app. This limit has been put in place to prevent lots of spammy groups from being created in mass, and could explain why you’re struggling to set up more groups.

Try waiting a day or two and checking again if you can set-up new groups.

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Use Third Party Software Such As Ragebot

If you’re still having problems when using Kik to create public groups, it’s worth trying out third-party software such as Ragebot.

Ragebot is a free piece of software that makes group management easier on the Kik messaging app. It does this by removing bots that enter your groups and offers other features such as welcome messages for new users and keeping spots open in the group.

It has been known to help/fix prevent issues with creating groups on Kik, so this may fix your problem if you’re struggling to create groups. You can download Ragebot here.

Reset Password

Another quick fix if you can’t create groups on Kik is to reset your password. Sometimes security details such as these may have been flagged by mistake in Kim’s system, so resetting it can help fix these issues.

To reset your password on Kik, log out of your account and look for the ‘Forgot Password?’ link. Click this to reset your password and check to see if you can successfully set up new groups.

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Clear Cache / Cookies

It could be that the error with creating groups has been cached on your device, so we recommend clearing your cookies to remove any outstanding errors.

To clear your cache/browsing history, follow the below instructions:

  1. Find your Internet History via your Browser
  2. Click Clear Browsing Data
  3. Choose the cache files to delete (there should be a Select All button)
  4. Tap Clear Data

This should prevent any errors occurring that have been cached on your device.

Reinstall App

If the above steps haven’t proved successful, you may need to reinstall the Kik messaging app to fix any errors with creating new groups. We don’t recommend this as an initial step as you may lose important data that you’ve built up within the Kik app.

To uninstall the Kik app, navigate to the Google Play store if using an Android device or the App Store on Apple products. Find the Kik app and uninstall it, and then search for it again and reinstall it.

This should cancel out any previous errors and enable you to create Kik groups successfully once again. This will also help with other issues with Kik such as joining groups.

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Create A New Account

Our final recommendation if you still can’t create groups on Kik is to create a brand new account. It may be that your account has been blacklisted by Kik for whatever reason and you’re unable to create new groups with your current profile.

To create a new account on Kik simply follow the below instructions:

  1. Download the Kik App via the Google Play Store / App Store
  2. Click Sign Up
  3. Enter your First Name and Last Name
  4. Choose a Username
  5. Type in your Email Address
  6. Create a secure Password
  7. Input your Date of Birth
  8. Type in your Phone Number
  9. Click Sign Up
  10. Confirm your email via the activation link Kik will have sent you

You should now have a brand new Kik account. Try creating a public group and see if you are still experiencing the same error. Hopefully, this should have fixed your problem.


We hope that after following the above fixes you’ve been able to fix your issues with creating groups on Kik.

If you’re still having problems we recommend reaching out to Kik directly via their website. You can chat with them directly via their Live Chat system or take a look at their helpful support pages.