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Fortnite Tracker Unblocked

Fortnite Tracker Unblocked

Fortnite tracker, both in-game and through external resources, allows players to monitor their performance and progress, but sometimes, you need to get these stats unblocked to reveal them on these platforms. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why your account is not on a Fortnite tracker website or app and how you can get it unlock your stats with easy step-by-step instructions. 

Does Fortnite have a tracker?

Fortnite, like many online games, has various tracking systems in place to monitor player progress, statistics, and achievements.

In-Game Tracking Features:

  • Stats Tracking: Fortnite tracks various statistics such as wins, kills, deaths, accuracy, and more.
  • Leaderboards: There are leaderboards where players can see where they rank compared to others in different metrics.
  • Challenges: The game provides challenges for players to complete, with progress tracked and rewards given upon completion.

External Tracker Websites and Apps:

Several external websites, such as Fortnite Tracker and Fortnite Scout, and mobile apps offer detailed tracking services for Fortnite players, allowing them to delve deeper into their stats and compare them with others.

All you need to do is type in your Epic username or the username of the player you are interested in, and you’ll get the stats instantly. However, this is only possible if you or the player have unblocked the Fortnite tracker on the respective account. 

Why is my account not on Fortnite tracker?

If you cannot find yourself on any Fortnite tracker or your stats aren’t showing up on them, you may not have set the privacy settings for your public game stats to ON. 

How do I enable Fortnite tracker?

To enable a Fortnite tracker for your account and make your stats public, here are the two ways you can do that quickly. 

Public Match Stats

You can configure your Fortnite account settings to make your Gameplay data public. This will let the tracker monitor your performance and display your stats. Here’s how: 

  • Press “Options” on your controller or select the “Social Menu” icon on the screen, and select “Settings.”
  • If you are playing Fortnite on a PC, open the game’s “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Account and Privacy.”
  • Go to “Gameplay Privacy.”
  • Select “ON.”
enabling the plublic game stats on Fortnite

That’s all! You’ve enabled the Fortnite tracker, and you and others will now be able to see your gameplay stats.


To show your gameplay data on the career leaderboard as well, follow these steps:

  • Open Fortnite “Settings.”
  • Choose “Account and Privacy.”
  • Head to “Gameplay Privacy.”
  • Select “Show on Career Leaderboard.”
  • Select “ON.”

Now, the Fortnite Tracker will have access to your stats, and it will appear on the website so you can keep a check on your progress. 

INFO: If you uninstall Fortnite, you won’t lose your profile data and game stats on the tracker as long as you have an Epic Game account.

Is Fortnite tracker safe?

Although most Fortnite trackers are available on gaming platforms, like PC and PlayStation, almost all of the websites or mobile app trackers are generally considered safe to use.

Why is that so? This is because they primarily rely on publicly available data from the game’s API (Application Programming Interface) to display player statistics and match history. 

What stats does the Fortnite tracker reveal?

Fortnite trackers typically reveal a wide range of statistics related to your performance and progress within the game.

Let’s discuss some of the important stats below that are worthy of note to improve your gameplay further.  

Total Win and Kills

The total wins statistics on Fortnite trackers indicate the total number of games you’ve won. On the other hand, the total kills show how many players you’ve killed during the battles.

Average Win Rate

The average win rate represents the percentage of pulling off a Victory Royale out of the total matches played. It provides insight into your overall success rate on Fortnite. 

Matches Played:

The match played metric shows the total number of matches you have participated in since you began playing Fortnite.

Score Per Match

Score per match statistic reflects the average score you achieve per game. It takes into account different factors, such as total kills in a match, placement of each round, and other in-game actions. This metric has a direct link to your K/D and the average match time, making it an enjoyable metric to monitor.

Total Score and Time Played

The total score shows the cumulative score you’ve earned in all the Fortnite matches, while the total time played reflects the amount of time you have playing the game.

Kills Per Minute and Match

Kills per minute calculate the average number of eliminations you achieve in a minute of gameplay. While the kill per match gives details into your total kills in a battle. This provides insight into your efficiency in eliminating other players during the game.

Kills Per Death Ratio

The kills-per-death ratio compares the number of eliminations you have secured to the number of times you have been eliminated in a Fortnite match. If your K/D is good, it indicates your better survival skills and how effectively you play the game. 

Average Match Time:

The average match time metrics help you understand the typical length of your gameplay sessions on Fortnite. This shows your effectiveness in evading elimination by other players and quickly rejoining the action when required. It helps you outlast the competition and place higher on the leaderboard.


In this article, we’ve discussed why your game stats are not showing up on any Fortnite tracker source and how you can get them unblocked fairly quickly. We’ve also discussed whether these game trackers are safe and what kind of stats you can see on them for better analysis. 

We hope that you and your Fortnite game buddies can now easily see your progress, resulting in fostering competition and engagement within the game’s community.


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