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Are TikTok Following In Order? And Other Common Tiktok Questions

Are TikTok Following In Order? And Other Common Tiktok Questions

If you’re confused about the TikTok following order, this guide will demonstrate how the list algorithm on TikTok functions.

Although there have been times when it hasn’t been in order, it seems more recently that the latest version of the Tik Tok app, has your following in order. When viewing who you’ve followed, you will see the most recent follow first.

As well as explaining the order of followers, in this post, I’ll also take a look at sharing some strategies on how to hide your following list to keep them private, why the following page isn’t working, and other frequently asked questions.

Who am I following on TikTok?

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We often look at our own followers, but how do we find out who we follow? You can find out this information on your profile page, if you’re unsure where to access this, here’s how:

  1. Tap your profile image in the bottom right hand corner
  2. You then will be taken to your profile and tap the ‘following’ option
  3. Next, you will see a list of your followers (and how many people you follow)
  4. Click on that and it will tell you who you follow

If you are wanting to unfollow users, be sure not to do this all at once as it may be flagged as a spam action, similarly to if you are following a bulk of users in a short period of time.

Does TikTok give you fake followers?

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Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

TikTok does not give its users fake followers.

Nor does it recommend purchasing them. If TikTok notices a large influx of followers in a short period of time for no significant reason, it may gain the attention of the anti-spam system.

Fake followers are usually obvious with empty profiles and no information. By using these bots your audience is less likely to trust you in the future.

As you are paying for these features as opposed to earning them.

How does following work on TikTok?

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If you are new to TikTok you may feel overwhelmed at first, especially considering the platform is unique. However, if you want to follow a user on TikTok but don’t know how here are the steps to follow someone on TikTok:

  1. Open TikTok
  2. Next, find the profile of the user you are looking to follow
  3. If you know their user name or they come up on your ‘for you page’, all you need to tap their profile along with a ‘+’ symbol
  4. Then click follow.

If you are looking to follow someone whilst watching their video, all you need to do is click the small plus on their icon on the right. Meaning you don’t have to leave your feed to follow them.

However, if you’re looking to unfollow at a later date, all you need to do is go back on to their profile, under their follower amount, you should see a person with a tick on it, click that and then click unfollow.

TikTok chronological order

Unlike most social media platforms, TikTok isn’t based on time. The social media giant works on an algorithm.

Which presents users with ‘endless’ streams of chosen videos, which you swipe through. This is what makes the app so addictive compared to its competitors.

If the content that you enjoy is in an endless stream, it is hard to stop watching it.

With the following page based on your followed accounts and a for you page based on previous videos.

You can also scroll through TikTok live videos if you’re looking to catch up on real-time content, e.g. drama and Q&As.

How to turn off following on TikTok

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

It’s understandable that not everybody feels comfortable sharing who they are friends with or follow on social media.

Therefore, if you’re looking to hide your following list on TikTok, so only you can see who you follow here’s how:

  • Navigate to the TikTok menu via the ‘me’ section at the bottom right
  • Following on from this, click ‘settings’ followed by ‘privacy’
  • Then choose the following list, it automatically will be set to everyone.
  • Finally, change the option to ‘only me’

If somebody then tries to click on your following list when this setting is enabled, they will get an error.

How many TikTok accounts can I follow?

Although TikTok has never specified how many accounts you can follow, it is believed that your account will be ok as long as you follow no more than 30 users per hour.

However, if you follow more than this, TikTok may ban you due to suspicious activity.

If you’ve followed too many people, TikTok will advise you have reached your limit and cannot follow anymore at this time.


Whether you’re a new TikTok user or a long-time one, we understand the importance of being able to understand how the platform works. Especially when it comes to privacy.

Therefore we hope this has helped you with understanding how TikTok followers work and whether your TikTok following is in order.


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